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Airbnb Clone

Airbnb Clone is a highly customizable vacation rental script that enables you to start an online rental platform like Airbnb and generate high revenue. It will include all the existing features and functionalities of Airbnb with some other additional customizable features based on your rental business requirements. We Appticz provides you the complete package that possesses both the website as well as the app for Android and iOS which helps launch your business in a short span of time and also cuts down the Platform Development costs.

What is Airbnb Clone Script?

Airbnb clone script is a fully functional vacation rental script that helps entrepreneurs to launch an online rental website like Airbnb. It is very flexible so you can customize it for any type of online rental management service. With ready-made Airbnb clone development solutions, you can instantly start an online rental marketplace for various niches such as vacation rental like lodging, homestays, tourism, vehicle rental, boat rental, equipment rental, etc.

Rental Solutions with Airbnb Clone Script

Appticz Airbnb clone script is a ready-made script that can benefit entrepreneurs who own various rental businesses. The application can be fully customized and tailored for various business ideas. 

Parking Space Rental

Finding the right parking spot is more complex these days. Imagine having an app on the go and picking the parking spot that is nearby the places you go. Isn’t it cool? The parking space rental app developed with the solution can allow people to list their unused parking spaces in the app and those who look for parking spaces and book the spot with few taps on the go.  

Hardware Rental

People looking for expensive tools like flamethrowers or forklifts can book through the mobile app in which the people list their hardware that is unused for a long time. With App both users and hardware lenders can list and rent either way. This can be a revolutionary business idea for the future.

Boat Rental

Boat rental apps can use to find available boats in your area, book them through a mobile app, and make payments through the app. It has a handy feature that lets you share information about your boat rentals on Facebook or Twitter so that people can find out about them if they're looking for something fun to do in your area!

Vehicle Rental

We make it easy for vehicle rental businesses to go online with our Airbnb Clone App. With an online vehicle booking system, customers can reserve any vehicle in advance and even pay for it right on the spot. That way, you'll never have to worry about being stranded or having to pay extra. The app is built in with features like vehicle details, last-driven ride details, luxury car locations, and so on.

What is Airbnb Clone App?

Airbnb Clone App is an online vacation rental app that allows you to launch your own online rental marketplace app like Airbnb where people can rent out their property. It can be customized based on the services you are planning to provide to your users. Whether you are launching your business as a hybrid app or as a native app specifically for Android and iOS platforms, our Airbnb clone app suits them all.

Airbnb - A Complete Overview

Airbnb is an online marketplace that lets people list accommodations for rent and people who are looking for accommodations can discover and book them. Airbnb begin its operation in 2008 with its headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Nowadays many people are opting for Airbnb as it has revolutionized the hospitality industry making people earn extra money by renting out their home space. Airbnb also helps guests to find relatively inexpensive accommodations than hotels.

Why Airbnb Clone is Best Solution for Creating Vacation Rental App?

Airbnb is an innovative business model that has a huge user base and has grown faster within a short time from its launch. It has been now seen as the world’s fastest-growing travel website. Airbnb does not own any of the properties that are listed on its website or platform. Now you may wonder how it generates revenue. In spite of not owning any property, rather it generates its revenue by getting service fees to hosts and guests.

  --> According to Enterprise-value-to-EBITDA (EV/EBITDA), Airbnb leads the list of leading online travel companies worldwide in 2022.

  --> In 2021, The total revenue of Airbnb worldwide reached $5.99 billion which increased from $3.38 billion in 2020 a 73% year-on-year increase.

  --> In 2021, A total of 300 million bookings were booked on Airbnb, which was a 55% increase compared to 2020.

  --> According to Airbnb's latest data, it has in excess of 7 million listings with four million hosts, covering more than 100,000 cities and towns across 220 countries worldwide.

These stats show the promising future of the online hospitalization industry.  Read our detailed blog on Why choose Airbnb clone over other vacation rental softwares

How does Airbnb Clone Script Work?

The concept of Airbnb is simple, Host (i.e Homeowners) list their places for rent and users rent a place for a specified period of time. 

  --> First, the host (i.e House owners) register into the platform using the Host login and list their places such as single rooms, houses, and apartments to houseboats, caravans, and even castles. with address, pricing, photos, etc. 

  --> Like host login, there will be a guest login where the users will register to create an account and save their account details such as name, country, etc.

Once the guest registers their account they will be taken to the listing dashboard where all the listings are available. Now the guests can use various filters or search options to find a place at their destination.

  --> Once the guests found the listing that meets their needs, they can continue to book either for the same day or can schedule for future dates using schedule booking.

  --> Once the guests have confirmed the date, now they can proceed to various payment gateway options to proceed with payment. Now the platform receives the payment and a part of the service fee goes to the platform. 

  --> Now the host gets notified about the bookings received, they can either accept the booking or reject the booking. Once the host has confirmed the booking, the platform sends the fee to the host after taking the service fee.

  --> Now the guests can check in on their booked home on the respective date and can check out on the respective end date. They can add reviews and ratings to their stayed place. 

What are the Features of Airbnb Clone? 

Here, we will discuss the features of Airbnb clone script that helps your business to gain users’ trust and make big profits. 

Admin Dashboard

Admin is the owner of the platform who gets a powerful dashboard where they can maintain both Hosts and guests, Listings on the platform, Analytics, etc.

Host Dashboard

Hosts (i.e Place owners) are able to add their properties such as House, Flat, Guest House, Apartments, etc on Indeed. Here the house owners can manage their listings, pricing, revenue, etc.

Guest Login/Signup

Users can use various signup options such as email, number, or social media logins and register their account on the site.

User Verification

Once the users register their account, the admin of the platform verifies the registered user using various options such as Id verification, email address verification, and phone number also through integrated social media.

Show Map and List Options

Guests can view the listings through the two available options such as show map and show list. In the show map option, the listings are viewed on the map with pricing options, and with the show list, the listing is viewed on the normal view such as lists.

Shared Room

This feature can be used by hosts while listing their property. Once the host use this option the listed place will not be marked booked until the capacity(i.eGuest Couts) of the rooms is filled.

iCalendar Sync

With the help of icalendar sync feature, Hosts can manage booking dates of their place. This feature also helps them to import, and export the calendar.

Advanced Search Options

Once the guest log in on the platform they can use the various search options such as Search by region, Check-in dates, Check out dates, and Who are the guests to search a home.

Various Filter Options

Once they have searched a specific location there will be various listings shown to a guest. Now the guest can use various filter options such as Price range, Type of place, Rooms and beds, Property type, Amenities, Booking Options, Accessibility features, Host language, etc.

Multiple Booking Options

Guests (i.e who are searching for accommodations) are provided with various booking options such as Booking requests, instant booking, and pre-booking.

Multi-Language Support

Airbnb clone will come with multiple language options where the hosts and guests can choose their preferred language to navigate on the platform.

In-App Push notifications

Send users and Service Providers messages and keep updated through push notifications.

Live Chat options

Guests may need instant help while using your platform, So our Airbnb clone comes with Virtual assistance, i.e. a chatbot. This option allows the guest to chat with the platform 24/7 to clarify their doubts or to get any information regarding the place or host.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

Guests should be able to make instant payments to book a place. These payments can be made using various options provided such as Credit/Debit Cards, and payment gateways such as Pay pal, Stripe, etc.

Rating & Reviews

Our Airbnb clone comes with one of the most trending features that increase the trust of the platform. Here the guests can post ratings and reviews about both the platform and the place of the host.

What is Airbnb Clone App Development?

Appticz is the leading mobile app development company that provides the perfect solution to launch your own online vacation rental platform with stellar features that brings you huge revenue and benefits. By offering inevitable on-demand app development services using advanced technologies and tools, we help you to take off your business into the market and attain huge success. 

Our developers are behind some of the most popular applications in the world. With vast experience in building web and mobile applications for both android and ios, we have the expertise to help you build your vacation rental website and app using our Airbnb Clone script. From ideation to deploying to support we do it all. 

Read Our complete guide on How to Create a Vacation Rental Website like Airbnb?

Distinctive Feature Sets of our Airbnb Clone App

Dispute Management

The admin can use the dispute management feature to settle any problems that may arise between a host and a customer.

Varying Pricing 

Based on the minimum and maximum duration of stay as well as the date of stay, the host may set different pricing. Setting pricing & offers can encourage customers to hang out in your area.

Ban Properties

If customers repeatedly report a host and his property, The admin can take action against them by giving some red flags. If the problem persists, the host and properties can be banned from the app.

Refer & Earn

The users can get exclusive perks like offers, discounts, or cashback by referring the app to their friends. 

What Does Airbnb Clone Script Package Include?

 --> 100% Customizable Script.

 --> Admin Website Panel.

 --> Airbnb Clone Website.

 --> Host Web Panel.

 --> User Native App Android and iOS.

 --> User Hybrid App.

 --> 100% Source Code.

Why Choose Appticz for Airbnb Clone Development? 

 --> On-time Delivery.

 --> Pre/Post Deployment Support.

 --> Free Server Installation.

 --> App Submission on App Store and Play Store

 --> 100% Bug-Free Source Code.

 --> Less Cost, High Quality.

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