How to Create a Music Streaming App like Spotify in 2024?

Are you interested in music streaming app development? This article clearly explains how to create a music streaming app like Spotify in detail.

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Are you Interested in building a music streaming app? Build your own app like Spotify, the most downloaded music streaming app.  Explore more in detail how to create a music streaming service according to the day to day trend. 

The music streaming industry has seen an enormous growth in the market. The top most app such as spotify, apple music, amazon music has an easily accessible and secure way for their account is the reason for this huge growth.  Even though there are lots of  big players in particular countries.  This brings a very clear definition that a music streaming service with a new idea or a best interface can bring many users to it. 

Music Streaming Apps - Interesting Statistics & Facts

According to Statista,  music streaming service’s revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.08% between 2023 to 2027 to attain a market volume of US$33.97 billion.

In the digital music users count, 186.7 million users are only from the United States. 

Previously, In 2022, streaming revenues reached 17.5 billion U.S. dollars worldwide, the highest ever recorded and more than six times the figure given for 2015, when music streaming revenue amounted to 2.7 billion. Streaming revenues now account for over 67 percent of total global recorded music revenue.

Popular Music Streaming Apps

As there are lots of audience in this area the many giants in various industries are stepping into this as newcomers, and never felt down. By new updates and functionalities they differentiate them from the existing ones.  Some of the top online music streaming apps are:

1. YouTube Music

2. Spotify

3. Apple Music

4. Amazon Music

5. Pandora 

6. Deezer

7. Tidal

How to Build a Music Streaming App like Spotify?

Considering these steps to build a music streaming app can simplify the development process and make it more effective.

Music Streaming App Licensing Requirements

The initial step to be done while you are going to build a music streaming app is to look after the requirements for the license. As each and every country’s license requirements vary, analyze and optimize according to the country’s requirements for which you are going to apply. For example;

If you chose to apply for license in and around the United States, it’s possible with the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI).

Similarly European Stage Authors and Composers is responsible for providing license if you are applying in a European country. 

And if you go with us, in India Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL) is responsible for providing licenses.

So this it's the foremost step while you start to develop an audio streaming mobile app.

Define the Scope of the App

Moving on to the next step after gathering the legal info about license, is the existing players in the field, this brings you the entire details about what your app is going to be and about what kind of the users your app needs to be targeted. 

1. How to build a music app like spotify

2. What are the monetization models the app should have?

3. What are the features to be integrated

4. What are the needed features among the audience

5. Which platform is suitable for app development?

Monetizing the Music Streaming App

Making ROI is the one which gives a meaning for a business in that way it's important in the digital business, especially  for a mobile app a monetization brings a worthful outcome of a product. Do consider enlisting these top monetizing models to your application.


This mode of monetizing is an old method but the revenue generated by this will be a constant way for a revenue. The businesses create their own profiles in your app and make paid advertisements that make them visible to the entire users.


Users in the app are likely to listen to the content without any interruption if they choose to go for a premium account. Making various kinds of subscription plans can be easy to reach various kinds of users. Thus the premium plans are on renewal basis the subscription made by the users will be on a periodical basis which gives a period income. Making as many plans can benefit much in this.

Features of Music Streaming App Development

As there are lots of existing players in it, i.e existing giant players the competition is higher than the normal. But it doesn’t mean a negative approach, it shows that there are lots and lots of users willing to be active in it. By developing with features that doesn’t available in the existing ones can bring special attention towards the app. If you are planning to build  a music streaming platform or a music streaming website applying this method will surely make a positive impact. 

1. Account registration, signup via top social media accounts.

2. Advanced search option that lets the users find the files instantly, via search option,artists, tracks, genres and playlists.

3. Mobile first approach makes it compatible for all users. 

4. User-friendly UI that navigates users.

5. Security option that secures the files from hacking.

6. Push notification that keeps updated of new songs and albums.

7. Sharing compatible about the listenings via social media.

8. A detailed timeline chart that describes their likes and timing of their listenings(if necessary).

9. Ebility to stream on various smart home devices.

10. Provide an auto curated playlist according to the interest. 

11. Inbuilt payment gateway integration for easy payment and renewals.

12. Dedicated customer support section.

How Much Does it Cost To Create a Music Streaming App like Spotify?

While on something to develop, deeply analyzing the cost is more important, find the cost for mobile app development and cost to develop a music streaming app is explained with the factors affecting it below.

The cost for music streaming app development is determined by various factors, here they are as follows;

1. License Approval

2. App Features

3. User Experience (UX)

4. Region where you hire developers.

5. Number of Platforms the App is Developed (Android, iOS or Both)

6. Payment Gateway integration

7. Testing the App

The complexity and the features have a separate base to determine the cost.  If you are looking for a basic music streaming app it costs around $5000 to $25,000.  If you go with considering the one platform either Android or iOS the cost will drop. Adding some extra features to it  increases the application cost from the normal.


Believing that the above explanation has made some idea about how to create your own music streaming service. And looking to build an audio streaming app like spotify reachout Appticz which provides custom development service. We Appticz a best mobile app development company provide various app development and on-demand app development services in a customized form. Want to explore more in detail about the development? Feel free to get connected with our experts now.


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