UberEats Clone App

UberEats Clone App is a feature-rich and fully customizable food delivery app script that assists you to build and launch your own food delivery business instantly. In other words, UberEats Clone is a turnkey on-demand food delivery app used to launch your own food delivery app like UberEats. Our UberEats clone app has similar features and functionalities to popular food delivery platforms like UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash, and Postmates.

UberEats Clone App

As it is a 100% customizable script, new features can be added based on the business requirements of the clients. We Appticz offer a complete Uber Eats clone package that consists of both an Uber Eats clone website and as well an UberEats clone app for Android and iOS.

UberEats Clone - Create a Food Delivery App like Uber Eats

UberEats Clone - Create a Food Delivery App like Uber Eats

Uber Eats - the food delivery arm of Uber was launched in 2014 and is a popular food delivery platform currently available in over 6,000 cities across 45 countries. UberEats app allows users to place orders through their website or mobile app with nearby restaurants and hotels and food is delivered directly at your door steps with a commission and delivery fee to the platform. Its competitors are Postmates, GrubHub, and Doordash. Uber Eats is the most widely used food delivery service which is active on six continents.

Numbers never lie. So, here are some of the number stats of the online food delivery industry and Uber Eats. As per the report, It is expected that the global revenue of the online food delivery industry will be around $320 billion by the end of 2029. The food delivery industry saw its largest growth in five years in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.So building an app like Uber Eats with our UberEats clone can be a great start to your food delivery business.

Top Features of Uber Eats Clone App

Appticz’s UberEats clone app comes with outstanding features that make it easy for customers to order food from restaurants around them. Here is the list of features present in our clone app.


Admin Dashboard

Our UberEats clone app comes with a powerful admin dashboard where the admin (i.e owner of the app) can manage all such as restaurants, customers and delivery personnel with ease.


Advanced Search

Users can easily search through the advanced search bar for various restaurant and food items. Our script also comes with voice search that makes it more easy for users to search through voices.


Various Filters

Using various filter options such as price, location, Restaurant etc, users can order their favourite food items at ease.


Payment Gateway

Users can order food and pay through various payment options like Debit/Credit, UPIs, PayPal, Stripe, Pay on Delivery etc.


Live Order Tracking

Once an order has been placed by the user, users can keep live tracking of their order from food processing to picking up by the delivery personnel to delivery of the food items.


Ratings & Reviews

This option allows users to give ratings to restaurants and food delivery personnels. Both restaurants and food delivery personnels can view the ratings they received through the separate section for them.


Restaurant Management

Owner of the app can manage various restaurants under one roof with this option. Admin has full control over the restaurants listed.


In-App Push Notification

Users can easily be notified about the offers and discounts offered by the restaurants once they are added with the help of this advanced option.


Schedule for Later

This advanced option allows users to order food and schedule delivery for future time and date. This order will be placed on the database and processed on the scheduled dates.


Food Items Management

This option allows restaurants to manage their food items available and keep on updating on the panel as available or not available.


Multiple Languages

Based on their region, users can select their local languages and navigate through apps or platforms to order food.


Revenue Management

This option allows the owner of the food delivery app to track the progress of the app such as number of orders placed, commission received and revenue generated for a month, year etc.

How Does Uber Eats Clone Script Works?

Here we will look into a detailed working model of the UberEats clone app,

How Does Uber Eats Clone Script Works
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    Admin Dashboard

    UberEats clone app connects Users, Restaurants, and delivery personnel all at a single place to run the process. The Admin of the platform is the owner of the app who handles all the processes that occur within the app with the help of a powerful admin dashboard provided.

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    Restaurant Registration

    At first, the Restaurants will register/login to the platform and the admin of the platform will authorise the restaurant. Once the restaurant gets approval from the admin, now they can add the food menus that they want to provide on the Food Delivery platform, which will then be visible to users to order.

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    Delivery Personnel Registration

    To deliver the food to the users there should be delivery personnel so there will be a separate column for delivery personnel to register themselves. The delivery personnel will create an account on the platform and enter their personal information such as their name, vehicle number, location, and availability. Now, the admin of the food delivery app will verify and authorise it. Once their profile has been verified they will be added to the platform.

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    User/Customer Registration

    Users are the ones who order food through the app. So they also need to create an account on the platform to use it. Users will sign up/log in to the platform using the available options such as email, mobile number, or social media logins and complete the authentication process. As said before user profiles are also verified by the admin of the platform (i.e owner of the platform).

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    Searching and Ordering Food

    If a user needs to order food, they can simply log in through their registered credentials and can search for their favourite restaurant and dishes. Now they can select their items from their restaurants' food menu, save them to a cart, and proceed to payment. The users can pay through various payment options such as debit/credit card, UPIs, or cash on delivery based on their wishes.

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    Restaurant Accepts Order

    Once the user has placed the order, the restaurants will be notified. Now it's the restaurant's decision to accept or cancel the order. Once the restaurant accepts the order the delivery personnel will be notified about the order. Now, the Delivery person will receive the order details and they can accept or reject the order based on their availability.

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    Food Delivery by Delivery Personnel

    Once they accept the order, the live location of the delivery personnel will be shared with the users so that they can track their food from their Food Delivery App using the real-time GPS tracking feature. The delivery person will collect the food from the restaurant and the Food will be delivered to the customer within the allotted time after placing the order at their doorsteps.

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    Restaurant/Admin Receives Commission

    Once the delivery personnel delivers the food successfully and completes the order, The admin of the platform will transfer the amount of the order to the respective restaurant or hotel and delivery personnel. The Commission fee of the order will be taken by the admin before transferring the amount to the restaurants and the delivery personnel.

Features of Uber Eats Clone Script

Below we have listed the complete features list that makes our UberEats clone script unique from others.

User Features

Sign Up/Login

Restaurant Search Options

Food Search Options

Advanced Filter Options

Live Order Tracking

Support Chat System

Cart Management

Order History

Offers and Discounts

App Notifications

Payment Gateway

Shopping cart

Checkout Feature

Reviews and Ratings

Restaurant Features

Business Profile Management

Food Product Management

Food Pricing Management

Payment Options

Order Management

Delivery Management

Payment Tracking

Food Inventory Management

Ratings & Reviews

Chat System Management

Offers Management

Earning Report

Admin Features

Admin Dashboard

Listing Management

Category Management

Restaurant Management

Delivery Management

User Profile Management

Payment Options

Revenue Management

Analytics Report

Platform Reviews

Delivery Personnel


Vehicle Registration

Region Management

Timing Management

Seasonal Registration

Order Management

Awards Received

Personal Ranking

Total Delivery

Total Earnings

Order History

Reviews Received

UberEats Clone App Development

Apptiz is the best food delivery app development company that offers a wide range of food delivery solutions to restaurants around the world. Our expert mobile app developers create sector-dominating mobile apps and bespoke Food delivery platforms from scratch to delivery. We also provide a complete UberEats clone package that consists of an UberEats clone script to launch your own website and app for both Android and iOS.

Get our complete UberEats Clone package at an affordable price and launch your own food delivery app in a short span of time. You could be the next UberEats, Postmates. Get started now!

UberEats Clone App Development

Benefits of Uber Eats Clone Script

Cost - Effective

Instead of building a food delivery app from scratch, building an app with Uber Eats clone script reduces cost and development time.

High Quality Code

To deliver top-notch performance at every phase of the journey inside the app for the customers we have created the Uber eats clone script with high quality code that is bug free.

Expressive UI

The motive is to navigate the user to attain their purpose of using the app with stunning and user friendly interface is possible with our fully customizable User Interface.

Benefits of Uber Eats Clone Script

Multi-Platform Development

Never worry about the device your customers use as our Uber Eats clone is compatible with all operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS and also compatible on all devices such as Desktop, Tablets, Smartphones etc.

Play Store & App Store Submission

Once we have created and deployed your app we make sure it gets listed on the Google play store and Apple app store for the customers to easily download from it without any hassles.

Post-Launch Maintenance

With frequent updates of the app we provide post-launch maintenance and support. We also periodically ensure that the app performs every function which it is designed for.

Our UberEats Clone Package Offers

We offer the complete modules in our Uber Eats clone package to run your food delivery business successfully. Take a look at what we offer,

100% Source Code

Food OrderingWebsite

Customer AndroidApp

Customer iOSApp

Delivery PersonnelAndroid App

Delivery PersonneliOS App

RestaurantWeb Panel

SuperAdmin panel

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Appticz is the fastest growing mobile app development company in India with 150+ developers and designers who are ready to build and deploy your mobile application. We have created various solutions and products that changed the world and have made our client's businesses into billion-dollar companies. Hire food delivery app developers from Appticz to make a food delivery app like Uber eats and launch it into the market at ease. We help in launching online food ordering and food delivery apps for startups, and restaurant owners to speed up their restaurant business and deliver extraordinary results that in turn generates huge revenue.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the complete answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

The cost to build a food delivery app like ubereats from scratch depends on the features we add to it, the requirements in the application abilities, the entire scope of the project, and the experience of the team who handle the development of the application. By considering it the cost of developing ubereats like apps from scratch will be around $35,000 to $80,000. So going through the white label solution i.e via ubereats clone for food delivery app reduces the cost for development. Thus the clone script reduces the crew for development similarly the customization time is reduced.

Being the leader in developing mobile applications, We have developed our Uber Eats clone script in a way that benefits every aspect of the business from individuals, and startups to large restaurants. Here is the list of a few who can utilise our Uber Eats clone script to uplift their business.

  • Restaurant Chains
  • Single Restaurants and Hotels
  • Restaurant Chefs
  • Food Startups
  • Entrepreneurs Looking to Start Food Business

Thus apart from the development method, the cost depends on the features and functionalities present in the script where the app is going to be developed. Depending upon the script functionalities the price of the uber eats clone script ranges from $3,500 -$5,000. Free to contact us to know the exact price for your app development.

Once the food is delivered successfully, The admin will transfer the amount to the respective restaurant or hotel. The Commission will be taken by the administrator before transferring the amount to the restaurants.

Using an online food ordering and food delivery platform, Users can order food from their nearby local restaurants whenever and wherever they want irrespective of the time based on their needs, and have it delivered to their doorstep.

An UberEats clone is a replica of the UberEats mobile application for ordering food. The clone app has all the features that are available in the original app and you can also add or disable a feature. Whereas the food delivery app is an online food delivery platform in which users can order food. This app is developed from scratch according to the client’s requirements.

You can generate revenue from your mobile app after you are eligible for a google Adsense account. Then you can earn money from Placing Ads in the app, Refer and Earn feature, Membership plan for repeating customers, Getting an initial fee from restaurants to get listed in the app or to be featured on the top.

Yes, you can get basic white label customizations for your app with your package. You can also customise your app as per wish by paying for them.

Delivery Executive App for Android and iOS devices, User App for Android and iOS devices, Web Panel for Users and Admin Web Panel.

Yes, these days people are looking for various food services delivered to their doorstep rather than visiting the physical location. So having a food delivery app developed for your restaurant will increase the

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