UniSat Wallet Clone - Create Browser Extension Wallet like UniSat

Want to build your own browser extension wallet like UniSat? Our UniSat clone script helps you build your own wallet and launch it quickly.

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UniSat Clone Script

Unisat clone script is a prebuilt code replicating the core features and functionalities of the browser extension wallet like Unisat. Using Unisat clone script entrepreneurs can create a similar wallet like Unisat. Instead of developing from scratch which requires more time and cost, developing with ready made scripts can save a lot more time and cost. The script can be customised according to the needs of the entrepreneurs.

UniSat Wallet Clone 

Unisat Clone is a ready made browser extension wallet solution developed for entrepreneurs to quickly launch their own browser extension wallet like Unisat. It helps users to send, receive, store and transfer ordinal NFTs and brc-20 tokens in a secure manner. Unisat wallet clone offers similar features and functions as Unisat such as user-friendly interface, secure key management, sending and receiving NFTs, customization and much more. 

We Appticz leading Cryptocurrency wallet development company provide you the ready made Unisat clone that can help you build your own wallet like Unisat. Our ready made wallet comes with all the key features of Unisat and additional features can be added as the script is 100% customizable. 

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What is UniSat Wallet?

Unisat is a 100% open source browser extension wallet that allows users to send, receive and store Bitcoin Ordinals and brc-20 on Bitcoin blockchain. It is a non-custodial wallet and doesn’t store or track any private information of the users.

Why Invest in Browser Extension Wallet Development like Unisat?

You may wonder why to build a browser extension, so here we come up with the business benefits of building a browser extension wallet like Unisat.

Growing Crypto Investors

According to grand view research, The cryptocurrency market which is currently valued at USD 5 billion is expected to grow at the CAGR of 12.5% within 2030.

Demand for Crypto Wallets

As the crypto users are increasing every day the need for secure and efficient crypto wallets are also increasing. So building a crypto wallet that benefits users can be a huge revenue generating opportunity. 

Popularity of Browser Extension Wallets

As most of the crypto traders prefer desktop for trading crypto, Browser extension wallets are more helpful for them as they can be easily added to their browsers as an extension and start utilising it. Metamask is a well known browser extension and it has over 10 million users worldwide. 

Good Revenue Stream

Wallet owners can generate revenue through various ways such as transaction fees, advertising fees, integration fees etc.

Features of UniSat Clone

A wallet becomes successful only when its features satisfy the users. So here are the features we added in our Unisat clone script that will make your wallet more efficient, rich and unique among your competitors.

Easy to Use Interface

Making it easy and simple for users to use your wallet is the foremost thing to do. So, we have designed the Unisat clone with a user friendly interface that enables users to send and receive Bitcoin NFTs, make it easy for users to add in their browser, manage their ordinal NFTs and brc-20 effectively. 

Buy, Send, Receive BTC

Users can easily buy, send and receive Bitcoins with the help of Unisat clone by simply adding the wallet as an extension to their browsers. 

Multiple Payment Gateway

Users can buy bitcoins using different payment modes integrated on the wallet 

Such as credit, debit cards, Paypal, stripe etc.

Multi Browser Support

Our Unisat clone is compatible with all browsers such as Google chrome, Firefox, 

Safari, Brave etc. So users need not to worry about the different browsers they use as our Unisat wallet clone can be used on all versions.

Hassle Free Experience

Our wallet provides seamless experience to the users to send and receive NFTs without any hassles as they send and receive bitcoins.

Highly Secured

Security is the main thing a user sees in a wallet. So our Unisat clone is built with the best security features. The private keys of the users are never stored on wallet servers making it more secure and well protected.

Building Your Own Browser Extension Wallet with Unisat Clone

We have explored the features of the Unisat clone in detail.It's time to dive into the process of creating your own browser extension wallet like Unisat with Unisat wallet clone script.

1. Buy the ready made Unisat Wallet Clone Script

2. Customize the Unisat clone script with the help of our developers based on your business needs. Customization includes wallet’s branding, features, UI and functionalities to create a unique version that is aligned to your business requirements.  

3. Test the wallet thoroughly to ensure the customized features stability and functionality. Check whether the Unisat wallet clone is compatible on different browsers. Once the testing has been completed, deploy it into the market. 

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Browser Extension Wallet with Unisat

Development cost of browser extension wallet from scratch varies based on various factors such as features need to be included, functionalities, Third Party APIs such as Payment gateways, Location of the developers etc. The cost to build a browser extension wallet like Unisat from scratch will range between $35,000 to $85, 000 based on the above factors mentioned.

UniSat Wallet Clone Price

The cost of building the wallet with the help of a ready made solution will be much lesser when compared to building it from scratch as the script has been already built and tested. It just needs some customization for the features and can be deployed to the market. Unisat clone price will cost between $4500 to $25,000 based on the customization required by the clients. 

UniSat Wallet Clone Development

Appticz is the leading mobile app development company with a team of expert developers, we create blockchain applications powering the blockchain space. We have successfully developed 50+ blockchain applications for clients worldwide generating a huge revenue. With our vast experience in crypto wallet development we have created all types of wallets such as desktop wallet, mobile wallet, browser extension wallet, web wallet, NFT wallet etc. We can help you create your own browser extension wallet like Unisat and become successful.

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