Yescoin Clone Script

Yescoin clone script is a readymade, fully developed white label solution that lets entrepreneurs to launch a Telegram based Swipe to Earn game like Yescoin.

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Yescoin Clone Script

Yescoin clone script is a pre-written set of codes embedded with the same features and functionalities as Yescoin that can help you launch your own Telegram based Swipe to Earn Game. Our script is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution that is ready for quick launch and attracts players around the world. 

Our Yescoin clone offers an incredible level of customization for your business in each intricacy level of options and designs. Meet your exact business requirements by using our Yescoin game clone and be a part of the billion dollar industry today. 

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Overview of Yescoin Swipe-to-Earn Telegram Game

If you compete in the paced-evolving trend of swiping to earn mobile games then you have heard of the name Yescoin as it has become the fastest growing Telegram game in recent days.. It’s backed up with the TON blockchain network. This game was launched in April 2024 and got a lot of exposure from crypto enthusiasts and gamers. 

Since its launch over the past month, Yescoin has attracted more than nearly 18 million active players from every country in the world. Yescoin's success and popularity have attracted the interest of investors to build a game similar to Yescoin. Some of the notable and popular Telegram based games include Notcoin, Hamster Kombat, and TapSwap.

How Does Yescoin Clone Script Work?

This game mechanism is something a player is used to playing. You need a Telegram app and account to play this game. Firstly, if you join and start “Yescoin Bot” in the Telegram messaging app, it will guide you through the setup process, which includes creating a username and following prompts. The whole gameplay is simpler, you’ll see the yes coins surfing on your screen and the coins you tap or swipe to collect and earn them. 

Additionally, there are some other ways to earn money by completing daily tasks, quests and missions, and trading. When you collect Yescoins, you’ll see your progress stage-wise, such as bronze, silver, gold, etc.

Features of the Yescoin Clone script

Our Yescoin clone comes with splendid features that are loved by gaming communities around the world. Have a look at the some of the key features of Yescoin Clone,

Swipe-to-Earn Mechanism

The foremost gameplay of the Yescoin clone is a swipe-to-earn mechanism to collect Yescoins and earn revenue from them. This Yescoin clone revenue-generating milestone is divided into different leagues Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Contrary to popular swipe-to-earn games, they can change their game swipe patterns in different formats.

Boosts and Power-Ups

Offers subscription plans to enhance the user’s gameplay in the form of power-ups and boosters such as "YesPac,” which automatically collects Yescoins even if a player is in offline mode. Using this way gives a strategic way of gameplay to increase earnings.

Airdrops and Special Events

This Yescoin clone provides frequent airdrops and exclusive events to provide additional ways of earning opportunities for your game users.

Referral Program System

If a player has given an invitation link to their friends to play this game, the platform will give rewards to the concerned users and grow your overall game player community through a referral program. Particularly, you are inviting users who already have a Telegram premium and can earn extra bonuses in this game and enhance and engage the game experience effectively.

Multiple-Ways of Reward System

Apart from the game pattern, just swiping includes challenges, conducting tournaments, achieving swiping tournament milestones, or logging in daily.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

This Yescoin clone script widely supports a lot of devices; there are no other restrictions in software because it completely works using the Telegram messaging app. It’s one part to be worked on in a bot version. Users can easily play on their software ecosystems, like Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Ubuntu, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Business Benefits of Yescoin Game Clone 


Yescoin clone script was previously developed and came across various tests and checks that give more accessible control over your platform's new features and adapt and rid-off, give a feel-good UI and UX experience, and utterly implement your tokenomics, i.e., earning and spending digital tokens.


Our Yescoin clone script is entirely customizable, depending on the customer's needs. This customization is distinctive and makes you stand out from other competitors in your field.

Lower Development Cost

Our Yescoin clone script reduces the time spent developing coding because it’s already well-developed. Don't you create your game from scratch? Instead of focusing on other creative ways to frame out your game in the market, considerably choosing the Yescoin clone script is affordable when comparatively you want to develop from scratch. This way of leading your business is ideal for any startup or having an adequate budget for the developers.

Faster Deployment

Choosing our Yescoin clone is a faster way to deploy your game than developing it from scratch. It is easy to combine all front-end, and back-end databases and wallets into your platform.

TON Blockchain Integration

Yescoin clone is built on the TON blockchain (The Open Network) like other TON blockchain-supported telegram games such as  Notcoin, TapSwap, W-Coin, and Hamster Kombat. This blockchain integration is helpful for the players in terms of transparent in-game economies, safer transactions, and the potential for native tokens (Ton coin).

How to Build a Swipe-To-Earn Game like Yescoin?

Here is a step-by-step process on how to create a Swipe-To-Earn game like Yescoin in detail.

Research and Planning

Initially, thoroughly analyze the market trend in the crypto industry and figure out if this Yescoin clone is suitable for your business plan and objectives. If your choice is to pick the Yescoin clone script provider, then we are unique and stand out in the competitive market. Yescoin clone scripts combine and embed, coding a lot of features and functions that replicate the original Yescoin game.

Customize your Yescoin clone Script

Our Yescoin clone script is entirely customizable according to customer demands. That customization includes introducing new variant games and in-game assets and offering other unique things that are suitable for the game players.

Design and User Interface

Create your platform interface in a more captivating way that makes your platform more appealing and engaging. Make sure your platform surfs smoothly without any clutter and more responsively. Visualize your in-game options in an easily understandable way, including how to play, how to redeem rewards and your game progress.

Combine with the Telegram Messaging App

Incorporate your developed Yescoin clone bot into the Telegram app that checks if the integration is successful with your Ton wallet and makes a seamless transaction experience.


Before launching your platform publicly, do some proper testing to ensure it works flawlessly on your preferred platforms. Is it time you acknowledged platform glitches and security flaws? Once the security flaws are fixed, then the process moves on to the next phase.

Game Launch

Once all bugs and glitches are fixed on your platform, your game can be readily launched on the Telegram app.

Revenue Generating Models of our Yescoin Clone Script

Using the Yescoin clone script, you can get various revenue-generating models to strengthen your business. Here, we list out the money-making models

In-App purchases

Promoting your game boosts, power-ups, and additional refills for the energy bar creates extra direct revenue from your platform users without affecting the gameplay, and you go beyond the level of game limitations.

Subscription Model

To introduce your platform subscription plan, you may give it exclusive features for your users, like early adopter content or new games, ad-free experience, bonus points rewards, or else provide unique incentive features.

Sponsorship Events

Make a tie-up with brands or game companies to push their sponsored events or challenges with your game. Players can win this challenge or tournament by using this method, and the platform gives exclusive benefits or rewards in-game currency. Through this collaboration, brands will pay for you.


Offering your game experience in-between you can place ads occasionally in banner ads, Native ads, shoppable ads, GIF ads, and video ads. These ads aren’t disruptive to your gaming experience. If neither place ads for getting bonus points or rewards for watching the brand's videos or sponsored content inside your game.

Why Appticz for White Label Yescoin Clone Solution?

Appticz is the pioneering game development company for provides all types of games like swipe-to-earn, Play-to-earn, Tap-to-earn, and much more. If you plan to avail of our Yescoin clone script, We provide end-to-end support from market research on this business to deploying your Yescoin like Game to Post-deployment upgrade and maintenance. If you have any queries related to game development, then you should reach out to our business and technical team, they will provide full guidance and support for your business until the complete stage. 

Apart from that, we have a lot of other game concepts like Play to Earn, Tap to Earn whose live demos are readily available. The game's clones include Notcoin Clone, Hamster Kombat Clone, and TapSwap Clone etc. Feel free to reach our experts for a free demo as it’s perfectly matched to your business plans.


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Yescoin Clone Script

Yescoin clone script is a readymade, fully developed white label solution that lets entrepreneurs to launch a Telegram based Swipe to Earn game like Yescoin.

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