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Discover our reliable BitPay clone script to launch a crypto payment gateway platform that empowers your business to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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In the crypto-hyping world, cryptocurrency-based payments are gaining more popularity across the world. Don’t know why? These cryptocurrencies provide users with an ample amount of advantages, entitling decentralisation, low fees, transparency, and anonymity. To make transactions using these decentralised digital currencies, a crypto payment gateway enters into this role.

With the help of this payment gateway platform, Users can easily accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin as their payment. Currently, BitPay is one of the most popularised crypto payment gateways in the crypto market world. Even many startups and entrepreneurs are getting interested in developing their crypto payment gateway like BitPay.

Are you the one who is interested in developing BitPay-like payment solutions, then Appticz can assist you with their highly proficient BitPay Clone Script. Let’s see a short glimpse of Bitpay.

BitPay - Short Overview

BitPay - the prominent cryptocurrency payment gateway platform that aids crypto users to send, and receive their desired cryptocurrencies. It assists small startups to giant business people to accept multiple cryptocurrencies and E-checks. Simply put, It is a kind of connection between E-commerce platforms and Customers. 

For entrepreneurs who want to develop a crypto payment gateway like BitPay, considering a BitPay clone is a perfect choice. 

BitPay Clone Script

BitPay Clone Script is a customizable software that includes all the functions and cutting-edge features of BitPay with added customizations. This BitPay clone is completely designed, developed, tested, and deployed and ready to venture into the crypto world. Also, our BitPay Clone is evaluated by well-established developers. For creating a perfect crypto payment gateway like BitPay, you bring the originality of your platform along with your expectations. With its proven track record and enriched architecture, BitPay Clone App helps as a strategic choice for entrepreneurs who navigate the evolving digital payment landscape.

Features of BitPay Clone Script

Multi-Currency Support

Our crypto payment gateway app like BitPay, supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Cardano, Binance Coin, and much more.

Automatic Conversion

With the integration of an automatic conversion, the feature permits users to convert their cryptocurrency payments into their preferred fiat currency easily and instantly.

Easy Payment Processing

BitPay Clone Script is designed to solve the complexities that are faced by vendors and buyers in other crypto payment gateway platforms. We have incorporated features such as invoice, checkout, and payment tracking that make the process effortless.

Request Payments

In BitPay, a crypto payment gateway platform, Users can request payments from other users who use this kind of payment gateway, businesses, or other merchants like shopping, and food payments.


We integrated our BitPay clone with multi-layer protection and all the necessary security protocols and practices that assure the satisfaction of the end users to get the maximum level of security.

Atomic Swaps

Our BitPay clone script will provide users with the flexibility of atomic swaps that permit them to exchange numerous cryptocurrencies without the necessity of intermediates.

Important Features of our BitPay Clone App

Multi-Crypto Wallet Support

Users can organise multiple cryptocurrencies together in one place with its assistance. With the multiple crypto wallet support functionality, the users can easily switch between numerous platforms and exchanges to manage crypto assets.

Endless Payment Processing

Our BitPay Clone included this feature that streamlines the process of cryptocurrency payments from multiple sources. With multiple sources, it indicates online payments via email or from the BitPay crypto wallet application and more.,

Multi-Lingual Support

Our BitPay Clone Script makes trading worldwide easier because it manages various languages. With its multi-lingual support, you can expand your platform's international audience without worrying about language differences.

Merchant Entry

It gives users access to an extensive list of merchants who accept the payments of cryptocurrency. Thereby permitting users to spend coins in the same way that they would do with their money.

Third-party Integration

With the help of this third-party integration in our BitPay-like Crypto Payment Gateway, users can easily sell products on the platform. Moreover, it's flexible to allow back-end customizations using code libraries.


By integrating this feature, it enables you to flood your account with funds from your crypto wallet. The BitPay wallet permits account settlement in Bitcoin, fiat currencies, and more.,

Benefits of our BitPay Clone

Customer Satisfaction

With our multi-currency-supported BitPay Clone, businesses can provide users with a wide range of crypto payment options. This provides the customer's flexibility in preferring payment options and improves customer satisfaction.

Minimal Transaction Expenses

By receiving payments in cryptocurrency using our BitPay Clone, Users can experience minimal transaction fees when compared to traditional payment methods.

Instant Payments

Every user wants to pay faster, that’s why our BitPay Clone App allows faster payment processing for making crypto payments, which can be transferred in nanoseconds compared to traditional payment methods.

Global Expansion

There is no restriction by borders or exchange rates by accessing cryptocurrencies, this can enable businesses to reach a worldwide audience without any additional fees when utilizing our BitPay clone script.

Brand Identity

By using a white-label BitPay-like crypto payment gateway in your business, you can improve your branding by showcasing your dedication to new and cutting-edge technologies.

E-Signature Protection

Transactions made with the help of our highly advanced BitPay clone script are secured by legitimate digitalized signatures, which adds a layer of security during the payment process.

How to Create a Crypto Payment Gateway like BitPay?

To build a crypto payment gateway like BitPay from scratch, our proficient blockchain developers follow up the systematic development process to ensure satisfactory results.

Requirement Analyze

Our proficient team gathers all the requirements of the user and also suggests some other inclusions that closely align with your crypto payment business successfully.

Design and Develop

After we move on to design our client-centric feature-enriched wireframe for their BitPay Clone. The developers will build a platform with high-end technologies as well as the additional options the user asked for.


Once the development process is complete, the platform will undergo testing. Our QA test experts will test and validate its functionality, reliability, and compatibility through precise testing.


After a series of tests, the payment gateway will be ready for deployment. The network team will set up servers and other IT infrastructure required for the deployment. After the client’s approval, the crypto payment gateway will be deployed to their server.

Support and Upgrade

As your business expands, you can approach our team to update and upgrade your payment gateway platform, and we will support and offer maintenance services.

Why Choose Appticz for BitPay Clone Script?

Appticz is a top-notch crypto payment gateway development company that provides white-label payment gateway solutions at an affordable cost. We provide a 100% customizable BitPay clone script incorporating high-end security features. We have a team of highly proficient developers to build and deliver a futuristic crypto payment gateway platform like BitPay by using the BitPay clone app at the desired time. Also, we offer post-project support and assistance to ensure your success in the crypto world.

Are you looking to create a crypto payment gateway platform like BitPay? Then Why wait? Connect with Appticz and enhance your crypto payment gateway at a feasible price in this cutting-edge sector. 


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