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Appticz is the best taxi booking app development company that specializes in developing top-notch taxi apps with advanced functionalities and features.

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Taxi App Development Company 

Are you looking to upgrade your current taxi business? Build a reliable taxi booking app with Appticz, an industry-leading taxi booking app development company with the right blend of tech talents and innovation to deliver end-to-end taxi app development services and solutions. 

Taxi Booking App Development

Taxi booking app development is the process of creating a mobile application meant to book a ride with a taxi or ride-hailing service. It involves developing the application from scratch and deploying it accordingly. Investing in mobile app development can really be a game-changer for your taxi business. It boosts your digital presence opening up ways to reach more new customers. Your potential users can get your services more easily than ever, increasing your brand visibility. 

Taxi booking app helps you have a real-time status of drivers, taxis, and rides. It is incorporated with fully-featured panels that allow customers to book a ride online. You can also provide taxi booking services like popular taxi booking apps like Uber, Ola, etc, and generate huge revenue. With the rising demand for taxi services, it has become essential for taxi businesses to deliver the ultimate ride-hailing experience while having complete control over their fleet. 

Our Taxi Booking App Development Services 

We offer top-notch taxi booking app development services that help our clients scale up their taxi business and leverage digital outreach. Here is the list of key services we offer catering to various business needs.

Custom Taxi App Development 

We build custom taxi booking apps specifically tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. It lets you add the required features and functionalities to deliver unique ride-hailing services. 

White Label Taxi App Solution 

We provide white-label taxi app solutions customized to fit your brand, meet market trends, and outshine the competition. You get all modules separately for customers, drivers, and service providers to facilitate taxi booking for users with utmost convenience.

Taxi App Integration 

If you already have a taxi booking app but want to add innovative tools to enhance its functionality, then take advantage of our taxi integration services. We integrate third-party systems for navigation, mapping, and payment, providing all the features in one place.

Taxi Booking App Consulting 

Our expert consultants offer complete guidance to help you make value-driven decisions regarding your taxi booking app. Even if you already have an app, they research, suggest, and implement improvements to achieve practical success. 

Support and Maintenance 

We offer round-the-clock support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth and seamless performance of your taxi booking app. We revamp the app's UI/UX, add new features, and fix bugs and errors to keep your app updated.

Suite of White Label Taxi App Solutions We Offer 

We provide comprehensive white-label taxi app development solutions to bring efficiency and automation to your taxi business operations. Our solutions help you fulfill the demands of a broad audience, ensuring business growth. Let's take a look at them.  

Uber Clone App 

Take your taxi business online with our Uber clone app that helps you provide the best ride-hailing services in a quick and efficient way. No more manual taxi dispatches with our readily available Uber clone app solution. 

Lyft Clone App 

Instantly launch a taxi app with our Lyft clone app that allows you to operate a profitable online taxi service. Our pre-built Lyft clone app comes with all the necessary components and innovative functionalities for streamlined business operations. 

BlaBlaCar Clone App 

Our BlaBlaCar clone app equips you with innovative features, an intuitive user interface, and robust functionalities to launch a profitable taxi business and create a connection between verified drivers and passengers. 

Standout Features for Your Taxi Booking App

If you want to build an all-inclusive taxi booking app, then it is necessary to include a wide array of features ranging from basic to advanced for customers, drivers, and admins. Here is a list of innovative features that set your app apart from others. 

Customer App Features 

Sign Up/Login 

Customers can easily sign up or log in using their email address, phone number, or social media accounts. It involves a straightforward registration process, facilitating easy sign up. 

Booking Tab 

Taxi booking app offers a simple and straightforward booking tab where users can enter their pick up and drop off location to book a ride. 

Ride Now or Later 

Customers have a ride now or later option that allows them to use "ride now" for instant booking and "ride later" to schedule their rides in advance for a specific time. 

Real-Time Tracking 

Real-time location tracking allows customers to track the location of their assigned driver to know exactly where the cab is and how much it will take to reach their destination. 

Multiple Payment Methods

Taxi booking app supports multiple payment methods including cards, cash, and wallet to ensure a secure online payment for customers. 

Ratings and Reviews 

Customers can leave their feedback about their experience with the taxi drivers and service in the form of ratings and reviews. This helps service providers improve the quality of their service. 

Driver App Features

Profile Creation 

Drivers can easily create their profiles by providing their personal details, vehicle details, licenses, and other documents. They can modify and update these details whenever required. 

Accept/Reject Ride 

Drivers have the option to accept or reject the ride request received based on their availability, customer's location, and drop point.

Live Map Navigation 

Taxi booking app is integrated with navigation tools to help drivers find the easiest route through turn-by-turn navigation. It also provides real-time traffic updates and alternative route suggestions. 

Push Notification 

Drivers receive timely updates and alerts through push notifications regarding customers’ pick-up and drop-off locations and fare estimates of the ride.  

In-App Chat  

Through the in-app chat feature, drivers can connect with customers to clarify doubts or queries related to the ride, ensuring a smooth pick-up process. 

Earnings Report 

Drivers can view their earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. They can easily track their ride history and withdraw money directly from the app.

Admin Features

Complete Dashboard 

The taxi booking app comes with a comprehensive dashboard that provides a centralized overview of the platform and helps admins manage all the necessary tasks effectively.  

Rider Management

The admin panel has all the features to manage user accounts and get an overview of ongoing, completed, and canceled rides. 

Driver Management 

Admins can manage the whole driver ecosystem such as verifying their identity, monitoring their performance, and asking for documents if needed. 

Analytics and Reports

Admins get access to analytics and various reports that help them track performance metrics, analyze trends, and strategize various activities to grow their taxi business.

Revenue Management

Admins can monitor and manage financial transactions. They can view all the transactions done on the platform. In case of issues like refunds and payment disputes, they step in and do what is needed. 

Settings and Configurations 

This is one of the most important admin panel features. Through this feature, admins can easily customize and adjust operational features and parameters to ensure a smooth ride-hailing experience. 

Benefits of Taxi App Development 

Investing in taxi booking app development can offer numerous advantages ranging from increased bookings to enhanced brand visibility. Let's discuss the key advantages that a taxi booking app can bring to your business. 

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Beyond your brand reputation, the quality of ride-hailing services you offer matters the most. Taxi booking app helps you provide services of the utmost quality and meet their expectations and demands, resulting in enhanced customer experience.

Streamlined Operations 

Taxi booking apps can streamline various operational processes ranging from dispatching to routing and tracking. This results in efficient fleet management and maximizes the productivity of your drivers and vehicles. 

Competitive Advantage

In today's digital world, everything has become online including taxi booking. Investing in taxi booking app development, you can offer ride-hailing services online, set yourself apart from others, and gain a competitive edge. 

Higher ROI 

Investing in taxi app development can help you get better ROI. This app helps remove middlemen, avoid commission, and increase profit margins, resulting in better conversion rates. It helps you grow your business as well as financial profits. 

Increased Brand Awareness

Taxi booking apps can serve as a powerful branding tool. Along with unique ride-hailing services, you can also offer reward programs and exclusive deals that help differentiate your app from generic competitors and boost your brand visibility. 

Comprehensive Ride-hailing Services

You no longer need to provide only the typical ride-sharing and taxi-booking services. Using a taxi booking app, you can add a few special options besides standard services that draw in additional customers and gain you a competitive edge over others.  

Taxi Application Development Process

We follow a structured approach and leverage advanced tools to create a taxi booking app that stays in line with market trends and evolving user needs. Here is a detailed breakdown of the process we follow to build an app.

Gathering Requirements 

Whether you already have an app idea or not, our team works closely with you to decide on the type of app you want to develop. We analyze the market and competitors before making you invest in taxi app development. We figure out the areas others lack to let you cover them through the app. 

Determine The Features and Functionalities 

Once the requirements have been gathered, we determine the features and functionalities that the app will offer. The more advanced the features are the higher probability of customers downloading your application. We choose features separately for customers, drivers, and admins. 

Select The Tools and Technologies   

Now that we know what features we are going to include in the app, it is essential to choose the technology stack needed to implement them. It includes selecting programming languages, tools, and app frameworks needed to build your taxi application.  The choice may vary depending on the desired features, targeted platforms such as iOS or Android, and also your budget. 

App UI/UX Design 

The next step is to create an intuitive and straightforward user interface and experience (UI/UX) for your app. It is considered an important step in building a taxi booking app. The more attractive the user interface is the more customers prefer your app for booking rides. 

App Development 

This step involves developing the front end and back end. Our talented developers use industry best practices and chosen technologies and tools to build the app. It involves setting up servers and databases to power the backend of the app.  

Integrate With Third-Party APIs

Once the coding part is complete, we integrate the app with third-party APIs such as GPS, payment gateway, etc to enhance the functionality of your app. This allows your customers to get all the features in one app without having to switch between different apps for various functions. 


Our quality assurance team performs rigorous testing on your app to identify bugs, errors, and glitches and fix them to ensure a smooth experience for customers and drivers. 


Once the testing phase is over, it's time to launch your app in app stores such as Apple App Store or Google Play Stire and make it available for users. We regularly monitor the app's performance and collect user feedback to make improvements.  

Hire Taxi App Developers 

Appticz provides you with certified taxi app developers who are ready to turn your app idea into reality. We have industry-leading mobile app developers proficient in numerous advanced programming languages and app development frameworks including Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift C, React Native, Flutter and much more. They are capable of using the latest development methodologies like Agile, Rapid application development, DevOps and Waterfall to achieve timely and budget-friendly outcomes. They work closely with our clients to understand their expectations and help them achieve their desired outcomes. 

What Makes Appticz The Best Taxi App Development Company? 

Appticz is the best taxi app development company with a proven track record of working on various Ondemand app development projects. We offer comprehensive taxi app development services that align with unique business needs. Our team of professional developers builds highly reliable and user-friendly taxi booking apps for multiple platforms like Android and iOS. Our insight-driven solutions coupled with business-friendly engagement models propel your taxi business toward growth and success. Change out your business flow with our advanced tech solutions. 


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