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Appticz is an online pharmacy app development company that specialising in developing on-demand pharmacy apps for pharmacists to manage their businesses.

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Pharmacy App Development Company

Appticz is a leading pharmacy app development company that helps business take their pharmacy business online through our comprehensive range of pharmacy app development services. Get our well-equipped pharmacy applications to offer complete access to prescribed drugs, OTC medicines, and other healthcare products. 

Online Pharmacy App Development 

With a huge digital transformation taking place around the globe, several industries have turned to the online market. Pharmaceutical is one such significant industry that has seen rapid growth in online pharmacy apps over the last few years. Online pharmacy app comes as web or mobile applications that help pharmacies deliver prescription and non-prescription medicines right at a customer's address. It is not only useful for pharmacies but also for patients who can order their prescribed medicine right from their place without having to wait in a long queue for hours. If you are running a pharmacy business but haven't built a medicine delivery app yet, then you are really missing out on something. 

Appticz is the best online pharmacy app development company to build your medicine delivery app for your pharmacy business. We offer a broad spectrum of pharmacy app development services following all regulatory compliances worldwide. Our professionals work closely with pharmacy chains, online medical stores, and independent pharmacies to offer custom online medicine delivery services. We transform your unique ideas into excellent on-demand pharmacy delivery apps perfect for diverse business demands and needs. 

Pharmacy App Development Services

Pharmacy app development services include a wide array of software development required to perform various pharmacy operations such as medicine delivery, inventory management, supply chain management, and sales. You can use our pharmacy application for single pharmacy stores or multi-store. Whether you are a single pharmacy store owner or a wholesale supplier, our customizable mobile app development solutions enable your customers to order medicines using both the web interface as well as the mobile interface. Based on your unique business needs, you can go with native or hybrid mobile apps.

Key Features of Online Pharmacy App

Customer App

Sign In/ Sign Up 

Customers can easily log in to the online pharmacy app following the simple process. Also, they can sign in using social media profiles or emails. 

Search Filters

Using advanced search filters, customers can easily search for their prescribed medication and sort the products into different categories.

Product Info 

Customers can get information such as price, dosage, side effects, manufacturer, expiry date, instructions to use, and more. 

GPS Feature 

Just like the GPS feature is used in food delivery apps, it is included in medicine delivery apps also. It keeps customers informed of how much distance the delivery person needs to cover. 


Once the order is delivered, customers can easily make instant payments using an integrated payment gateway. 

Push Notifications 

Users can get real-time notifications on their delivery such as medicine, order delivery status, and refill reminders. Also, they are notified about discounts, rewards, and other offers on their purchase. 

Admin Panel

Inventory Management 

This feature helps suppliers by allowing them to easily identify the expiry dates of their stock, determine the prices of various items, and check the availability of those items. 

Offers and Payments 

To maintain customer satisfaction, the app helps admins offer all available discounts and promotions in an easily accessible manner. Also, they can track payments efficiently.

Manage Orders

You can see and control all orders from the application admin panel, assign orders to pharmacists, and monitor their progress.

Report and Analytics

Generate comprehensive analytical reports that offer valuable information on the best-performing pharmacy stores, most popular products, and consumer spending trends.

Order Return/Refund

It allows for partial or full returns on orders and initiates a credit refund directly into the customers' wallets or bank accounts that were used for the original payment.

Content Management 

This feature is highly significant as it showcases your concept while assisting you in persuading potential customers. Such information includes frequently asked questions, terms and conditions, blog posts, articles, news updates, and customer testimonials.

Pharmacist Panel

Order Notification 

You can receive immediate notifications via email and push notifications for new orders and the successful delivery of previous orders in this feature.

Intuitive Dashboard 

The web console allows the pharmacist to utilize an intuitive dashboard for improved and effective inventory and order management.

Digital Prescriptions 

Switching to digital prescriptions reduces paper waste. They take up less space, are easy to save, and can be sent or shared. With digital prescriptions, you won't have to worry about losing them in a pile of papers.

Customer Support 

Pharmacists often can't fulfill customers' requests because they don't have the right support or the medicines aren't available. The support and contact feature can help them reach the provider directly and get their message across effectively.

Manage Product Catalog

Admins can easily manage product catalogs and classify products into different categories such as top-selling products and seasonal products. 

Add On Features of Online Pharmacy Application Development

Order History 

This feature lets users view the drugs they have bought before and helps track their entire treatment history based on past prescriptions. Order history can make record-keeping easier for patients and healthcare professionals.

Barcode Scanning 

The barcode scanning function in the pharmacy app helps access drug information, request refills, and make in-store payments. It consolidates all data in one location, and scanning streamlines the user experience.

Drug Comparison Tool

Drug comparison tools allow users to access all the essential details about medications, such as the manufacturer or drug composition. Additionally, it helps verify drug compatibility, as certain medications should or should not be taken together.

Chat/Video Calls 

Real-time support for customers within the application increases consumer trust and improves accessibility for patient assistance. Furthermore, customers have the option to provide telehealth consultations with physicians or pharmacists.

Social Feature

Some clients enjoy sharing their experiences with others on social platforms. Therefore, social features enable them to provide comments and reviews for various products. 

Mobile Wallet 

Users can also establish a mobile wallet to increase their balances and enable automatic refills. This is also the place where health insurance coverage options and rewards can be integrated.

Custom Pharmacy App Development Solutions

POS Application/Software 

Our robust POS software helps manage sales and purchases at thousands of pharmacy stores all at once. Get fast billing speed, role-based data sharing with cashiers, and real-time synchronization with websites or applications. 

Inventory Management Software 

We build inventory management software to monitor and share medicine inventory status, order requests, new products, alternate brands, and shipment details. 

Supply Chain Management Software 

Get advanced pharmacy management software that streamlines supply chain operations such as demand and supply of medicines to pharmacies, tracking order deliveries, maintaining inventory, and more. 

Pharmaceutical CRM Software 

Our pharmaceutical CRM software helps manage patients, healthcare professionals, and pharmacy databases. Acquire visibility into the status of payment, ongoing orders, and inventory to streamline pharmaceutical operations. 

MR Reporting Software 

We specifically design MR reporting software for the pharma industry to manage their inventory, sales, orders, accounting, and medical representatives. It also helps automate the operations for effectively managing the pharma wholesale.

E-commerce Medical Portal 

E-commerce medical portal allows customers to purchase prescribed medicines, first aid kits, medical equipment, and OTC drugs online rather than at a medical pharmacy. 

Medicine Delivery Mobile App 

Develop a medicine delivery app that allows for quick and easy medicine ordering. Find the right medicine and its alternatives, upload prescriptions, and receive expert counseling all within a single platform.

How Does a Pharmacy App Work?

At Appticz, we develop a hospital pharmacy app with a standard result-oriented approach. Let's take a look at how our pharmacy app works.

Sign Up 

To get started, customers must sign up for their account in the pharmacy app by entering their basic credentials. If they already have an account, they can simply log in using their username and password. 

Upload Prescription 

To order medicines, they must upload their medical prescription. This helps them find the exact medicines they are looking for. If they have no prescriptions in the case of non-OTC drugs, customers need to enter the name and wait until the pharmacist reviews it. 

Search Medicines 

This app makes it easier to search medicines of different categories using advanced search filters. Also, customers get recent information about medicines they are going to place orders. 

Select Payment Mode

Once they confirm the order placement, the next step is to make payments. There are multiple payment options available in a variety of forms. Customers can choose the payment method that fits them best.

Choose the Delivery Date and Address

Next, customers must add the address where they want their order to be delivered. Also, they can select the delivery date. Once everything is confirmed, their order will be out for delivery. 

Real-Time Notifications

Customers can get real-time status of their delivery. They can keep track of the delivery person's location. Also, they will be notified when it's time for the next refill. 

Business Benefits of Pharmacy App Development

Here are the key benefits of building a custom pharmacy app for your business. 


We use advanced technologies and tools to build a highly scalable online pharmacy app that continues to perform well and give the desired results even if you scale up your business and increase sales. 

Higher Revenue 

Businesses can get higher revenue using the revenue models of online pharmacy apps. For example, they can collect fees for each product of a third-party seller and charge customers subscription fees for free delivery.   

Improved Efficiency

Implementing a custom pharmacy app helps streamline and automate operations such as order processing, inventory management, and delivery logistics, resulting in minimized error and better resource utilization. 

Go Global 

Our pharmacy app supports multiple languages and payment gateways that help reach customers from all over the globe. By switching to online pharmacy business, it is easy to reach remote areas with limited mobility. 

Reduced Overhead

By opting for an online pharmacy app, businesses can reduce the overhead costs needed to set up a pharmacy store. They can cut down costs spent on maintenance and utilities. 

Competitive Advantage 

Pharmacy apps help you provide innovative and customer-centric services that set your pharmacy apart from competitors. They help reach customers looking for modern healthcare solutions. 

Hire Pharmacy App Developers

If you are looking for a talented team of app developers to build your pharmacy app, then you are at the right place. Hire our skilled online pharmacy app developers who can help you create your application from the ground up. Our certified pharmacy app developers use innovative technologies and tools to deliver feature-rich on-demand pharmacy delivery apps. We help businesses to embrace digital transformation in their pharmacy business.

Tech Stack, We Used For Pharmacy App Development

Here is an overview of technologies and tools we use to develop online pharmacy delivery applications. 

1. Flutter

2. ReactNative 

3. Swift 

4. Java 

5. Kotlin

6. Python 

7. Node.js

8. MongoDB

9. SQL

Why Choose Us for Online Pharmacy Application Development?

Appticz is a top pharmacy application development company that delivers highly responsive and scalable online pharmacy apps for businesses of all sizes. With our primary focus on delivering custom mobile applications and software solutions, We have a team of experienced healthcare app developers who have worked on developing all types of medicine apps. 

With our ready-to-deploy app framework and customized integrations, we build well-equipped pharmacy apps to fit every small or big need. While developing online pharmacy apps, we follow all regulatory compliances for various nations across the globe. Our tailor-made engagement plans bring complete scalability and rapid project delivery. As a trusted on-demand app development company, we follow an agile development methodology and seamless interaction between clients. Contact us today to transform your pharmacy business.


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