CoinPayments Clone Script to Start a Crypto Payment Gateway

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It has been more than a decade since the modern era of cryptocurrencies began with the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. Back then, only a few people who were familiar with their positive outcomes could benefit from them. With the emergence of many crypto exchange and payment gateway platforms, digital assets became accessible and feasible for many users. Platforms like CoinPayments have a big hand in the growth of cryptocurrencies. 

In order to extend the growth of this innovation and make it simple for everyone, we need many crypto payment platforms that allow users to accept multiple crypto coins and transfer their funds in a go. There is an increasing demand for crypto payment gateway platforms like CoinPayments and now is a great time to launch your own crypto payment gateway platform. It also helps you generate a lot of revenue. 

CoinPayments Clone Script? 

CoinPayments clone script is a pre-built software equipped with features and functionalities exactly like that of CoinPayments. Using this clone software, businesses can build a crypto payment gateway like CoinPayments. This ready-to-use crypto payment gateway clone software comes with customization options along with easy-to-use plug-ins, APIs, and POS interfaces of CoinPayments. But to set your platform apart from others, you can add some unique features that provide numerous benefits to your users. 

CoinPayments is a popular crypto payment gateway founded back in 2013. Being a secure and trusted platform, it provides instant, secure, and borderless crypto payments with over 100 coins supported. With nearly three million user accounts and traders across 182 countries, it is the most comprehensive digital currency payment solution that allows users to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other altcoins in their store. 

If you are looking for a successful business idea, then opt for crypto payment gateway development using the CoinPayments clone script. But this could be done well only if you have a crypto payment gateway development company like Appticz by your side that can provide a robust platform. Your business will definitely be an instrumental success in the ever-evolving crypto landscape if you use this opportunity and launch your cryptocurrency payment gateway.

CoinPayments Clone App 

CoinPayments clone app is a ready-to-deploy cryptocurrency payment gateway replicating the features and functionalities of the original CoinPayments platform. This clone app contains all the existing modules, APIs, and Plugins of CoinPayments. But you can customize the app as per your specific business requirements to make yours unique from other platforms available in the market. Also, it will require less technical assistance since it is already encrypted and programmed. 

If you go for building a payment platform from scratch, it will not only take a long time to launch in the market but also cost you more. Developing the CoinPayments clone app is an easy and cost-effective solution for those seeking a better crypto business scope. Following the successful footsteps of CoinPayment, you can also accelerate your cryptocurrency business. It opens up numerous revenue-generating options apart from offering users an easy and convenient way to send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies.  

How Does CoinPayment Clone Script Work? 

CoinPayments clone script works similarly to the popular cryptocurrency payment gateway platform CoinPayments. In the crypto payment gateways, transactions are made through addresses. Each cryptocurrency has a specific address for making payments. Here is a breakdown of how the CoinPayments clone script works. 

User Registration 

To get started, users need to register on the platform by providing basic information like name, email, and password. They also need to verify their identity and complete authentication procedures like Know Your Customer (KYC).

Create Wallet 

After successfully opening a verified account on the CoinPayments clone platform, they need to create a wallet. It serves as a safe haven for storing a variety of digital currencies. Using this wallet, they can easily store, deposit, and withdraw digital assets securely. 

Fund Wallet 

Users must add their cryptocurrencies to their wallets to make sure that their accounts have enough funds to make transactions. Once they fund their wallets with digital currencies, the clone platform generates specific deposit addresses or scanning QR codes through which the transaction is identified on the blockchain network. 

Payment Processing 

When users initiate transactions, they need to enter the recipient's wallet address, payment amount, and other necessary information. The platform uses advanced cryptographic protocols to encrypt and protect the data during transactions.  

Payment Conversion 

Then the users must choose the cryptocurrency or fiat currency on which they want to pay. Once they have selected it, they can view the market conversion rate of the cryptocurrency they want to pay in the fiat currency of their choice. 

Facilitated through cryptocurrency exchanges or liquidity providers, the crypto payment gateway platform converts the cryptocurrency into a fiat currency equivalent. 

Confirmation and Settlement 

Once the conversion is done successfully, the payment will be processed and verified. Within a specified time frame, the converted fiat currency amount is directly sent to the merchant's account which can be withdrawn later. 

Real-Time Tracking 

In the CoinPayments clone platform, users can track the real-time status of the transactions till they get confirmed. Even after the settlement, the platform sends alerts and confirmation to both the users and the merchant. 

Manage Account

With an intuitive user interface, this crypto payment gateway platform allows users to access account settings, enable security features, view transaction history, and change preferences with just a few clicks. 

Features Of CoinPayments Clone Script 

The success of any cryptocurrency payment gateway lies in the features it offers. The more features they offer the more successful their platform will be. Also, it should be unique from the ones other platforms offer. Here are some of the unique and advanced features that come with the CoinPayments clone script. 

Common Features 

Multi Coin Wallet 

CoinPayments clone script supports more than 2300 digital currencies and tokens for traders to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency payments.  

Auto Coin Conversion 

This feature offers automatic conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat currency that helps users avoid market volatility. 

Global Payments 

By replicating the multi-crypto payment systems, the CoinPayments clone script allows users to accept transactions from anywhere and also at a low cost.

Cryptocurrency Vault 

The cryptocurrency vault feature adds an extra layer of security to user accounts. It locks all your coins as long as you want by placing a time-release lock. 

Point of Sale (PoS)

Using the PoS interface of the clone app, users can accept crypto payments in-store or in person.  

Auto Forward 

The auto-forward feature enables users to forward any received coins or tokens automatically to a preferred main deposit address. 

History Of Transaction 

One of the most essential features that should be present in every crypto payment gateway. Users can view and access the transactions they have made at any time. 

Admin Features 

Admin Dashboard 

CoinPayments clone script offers a comprehensive dashboard for admins that allows them to access user details, history of transactions, security settings, and others.

User Management 

Admins can easily keep track of existing users as well as those who newly set up accounts in their crypto payment gateway. 

Security Settings 

In the CoinPayments clone script, admins have access to security settings in order to ensure the security and protection of the payment platform. 

KYC/AML Compliance 

Admins can obtain information about users and verify their identity using Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering procedures to protect their platforms from misuse.  

Token Management 

Admins can manage which tokens and cryptocurrencies users can transact against each other using their platform. 

Risk Management 

The risk management feature of this clone script allows admins to manage any risks or problems that arise between users during transactions.  

Liquidity Management

Admins can address liquidity challenges and make sure there are enough cryptocurrencies available for users to trade. 

User Features 

User Profile

CoinPayments clone script offers an intuitive dashboard that allows users to know about their account details, current balance, and transaction history. 

Wallet Creation 

Users can create crypto wallets and store as many cryptocurrencies as they want once finish setting up their accounts. 

Send/Receive Crypto 

Users can easily send and receive cryptocurrencies using a specific address or scanning QR code generated by the crypto payment gateway. 

Address Book 

The address book feature provides a list of crypto addresses users have more frequently used in the past which they can copy and paste in future transactions instead of entering it frequently. 


Both the sender and receiver get real-time notifications and alerts on the status of their transactions whether they are processed or pending. 

Auto Sweep 

The Auto sweep feature automatically sends your entire balance when it exceeds a certain amount set by you to the specified address or converts it to another coin.

Coin Swapping 

Using the coin-swapping feature, users can easily swap their cryptocurrencies for another without using a traditional exchange. 

Multi-Lingual Support 

CoinPayments clone software allows users to make transactions from anywhere in the world since it supports multiple languages. 

Fiat Conversion 

In addition to swapping cryptocurrencies, this payment platform enables users to change their cryptocurrencies into the fiat currency they want. 

Gift Cards 

One of the add-on extended services of our clone script is Gift cards that allow users to view online gifts from all stores online and get the one they prefer. 

Security Features 

SSL Encryption 

SSL encryption feature encrypts all data transmitted between traders, making it hard for hackers to view or steal any sensitive information. 

Two-Factor Authentication

With an in-built Two-Factor authentication (2FA) security feature, this payment gateway requires users to provide two forms of identification to access their accounts that help prevent unauthorized access. 

DDoS Protection 

In a crypto payment gateway where malicious actors flood and overwhelm a network, DDoS protection automatically detects and mitigates attacks targeting websites and applications. 

Cold Storage 

The cold storage feature of this payment platform allows users to store their cryptocurrency in an offline wallet which reduces the risk of hacking and theft. 

Escrow Services 

Escrow services hold the funds until the conditions of the transaction are met on both sides. They provide a trusted third party and ensure secure transactions. 

Multi-Signature Wallets 

Multi-signature wallets add an additional security to the cryptocurrency storage since they require multiple signatures to execute a transaction. 

IP Whitelisting 

The IP whitelisting feature offers a layer of authentication to the crypto payment gateway. It requires users to specify the IP addresses that are allowed to access their accounts to prevent unauthorized access.

Benefits Of CoinPayments Clone Script Development 

In the fast-evolving cryptocurrency world, the development of crypto payment gateway platforms has become more common. Let's take a look at some of the key benefits of opting for CoinPayments clone script development. 

Easy Customization 

Whether you want to add features or integrate third-party services, our CoinPayments clone script offers customization options to modify and adjust the platform according to your specific business requirements. 

Rapid Market Entry 

Businesses can quickly launch the crypto payment gateway platform and enter the market using ready-made clone apps. They no longer need to go through lengthy development processes to get their platform. 

Bug-Free Solutions 

One of the main benefits of opting for CoinPayments clone script development is that you get a thoroughly tested and bug-free script that you can use to build a robust crypto payment gateway based on your preferences.      


Opting for CoinPayments clone script is highly cost-effective when compared to building a cryptocurrency payment gateway from scratch. It avoids lengthy development processes using pre-built components on which more money is usually spent. 

Proven Business Model 

CoinPayments is a popular and successful crypto payment gateway with a proven track record. Businesses can increase the chance of their success by using an already proven business model and incorporating its features and functionalities. 

Enhanced Scalability 

Whether you want to start small or thinking of growing your business into a large one, CoinPayments clone script is designed to be highly scalable to manage huge transaction volumes effortlessly and meet growing user demand.  

Steps To Build a Crypto Payment Platform With CoinPayments Clone 

Building a crypto payment platform using a clone script is a meticulous process that requires thoughtful planning and attention to detail. Here is a step-by-step process on how to set up a crypto payment gateway using the CoinPayments clone script. 

Customize The Clone Script 

The first step to setting up the crypto payment gateway platform using the CoinPayments clone script is to customize it according to your business needs. You can customize the features, user interface design, functional modules, and security features to suit a broader audience. 

Add Necessary Features and Functionalities

The next step is to make sure your payment platform has all the necessary features and functionalities. Prioritize the essentials and avoid unnecessary complexities. Even if you want to add some unique features to set your platform apart and attract more customers, you can do it by adding features to the clone script. It all comes under the customization process. 

Set Up The Infrastructure 

Once you finish customizing the CoinPayments clone script, you can start setting up your infrastructure ready for the deployment of your crypto payment gateway. Consider the software and hardware requirements, backup systems, and data storage solutions to prepare the infrastructure for your payment gateway.

Choose The Right Hosting Provider

Before choosing the hosting provider for your crypto payment gateway, determine the specific requirements that the provider needs to fulfil. When it comes to choosing the hosting provider, security must be the top priority. Check their ability and the way they handle security breaches. 

Set Up Servers, Databases, and Security Measures

Once you have chosen the right hosting provider, the next step is to set up servers and databases and implement the security measures required for the cryptocurrency payment gateway. 

Integrate Cryptocurrencies 

This is the most crucial step in the process of setting up the crypto payment platform. You need to integrate cryptocurrencies into your payment gateway. With over 4000 cryptocurrencies available today, it is necessary to integrate at least the popular and widely used ones. For example, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc. 

Testing And Launching Your Crypto Payment Gateway 

After successfully setting up your CoinPayments clone, the next step is to test the platform to find and fix any technical glitches, bugs, or issues that might have slipped through the development process. Once you are satisfied with its performance, your crypto payment gateway platform is ready to be launched in the market. 

Why Choose Appticz For CoinPayments Clone Script Development? 

Appticz is a top crypto payment gateway development company, we provide end-to-end payment gateway solutions. With a deep understanding of advanced tools and technologies like blockchain, our team of experts develops robust and secure cryptocurrency payment gateways, catering to diverse business needs. Being the leading provider of cryptocurrency solutions, we offer multi-tested and bug-free clone scripts to launch reliable and scalable cryptocurrency payment gateways. 

We leverage agile development methodologies, tools, and best practices to build feature-rich and fully functional CoinPayments clone script at an affordable price. With a proven track record of successful projects and satisfied clients, we are committed to timely project delivery without compromising on quality. Partner with us today to get the ultimate solution for your cryptocurrency business. Talk to our experts and feel free to get a live demo


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