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“Educational development is the one which determines national development. By providing the best way for education you can make changes throughout the world. “

Interested in developing an elearning app like Udemy? Here is our complete guide to get started.

What is Udemy Clone? 

Udemy Clone is a powerful elearning App that assists you to build and launch your own elearning app like Udemy, Coursera, Byjus. We Appticz provides you the complete Udemy clone script package that consists of both Udemy Clone Website and as well as Udemy clone app for Android and iOS. Our Udemy Clone Script enables you to launch your elearning website and app with all top features in a short period of time.  

Our ondemand app solutions are very efficient which satisfies all the needs of the entrepreneurs or business owners, and the code we used is licensed completely. Our readymade solutions helps in faster deployment and also cut down the development costs. 

Do you want to Skyrocket your elearning Business? Check out the Free Demo of our Udemy Clone 

What is Udemy?

Udemy started its “teaching” journey in 2010 throughout and after a decade it is developed a worthy way to reach education to millions from quality trainers all over the world. With 75 languages 204K+ courses  71K+ instructors udemy has crossed 54 million learners. It made the limit for learning from somewhere to anywhere. Udemy created a new path for the tutors to make reach his knowledge on their subject. Some of the competitors of Udemy are Skillshare, Coursera, Byjus.

Founded year: 2010

Founders: Oktay Caglar, Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Why to Build an eLearning App Like Udemy?

According to Research and Markets, The revenue of elearning industry will reach $325 billion by the end of 2025 triple the times the revenue in 2015.

As it comes to the educational platform cent percent of the interested candidates will be the ones who sneak in this, by the same way this is the result to reach the proper guide for the students for which they are in for, it's been easy while the review by the earlier person undertaken the course. Learning is the one which people depend on for the most time period of their life. Providing it in a convenient way i.e in the internet era, providing courses through online is the only way to attend the class for a long time till it's ok for the learner.

Normally if a student is off for a search about the topic preparing for, if the topic has an elaborate and wide set of explanations at the same place and followed by further subjects this is the one which makes the students to use the platform regularly. Hence the collaboration of subjects for every set of students and learners  is made easy with the education platform, so collaborating with the relatable content is one of the best ways to collaborate with the users of the website. Apart from that there are many ways to provide mini courses for updates made in any existing programming language or in any sector. 

Students can experience more than one tutor experience for any course. Get to know about top courses and new courses rolling out.  For the tutors who are in the level of simplified teaching in a complicated subject can get noticed all over the world.

Why Choose Udemy Clone Script to Create an elearning Platform Like Udemy, Coursera?

Udemy Clone Script is the one for the one who are in for developing their own e-learning platform. The elearning platform should not only be an electronic learning platform it should want to  be an engaging learning platform, which makes the creators and the learners to be in a mutual manner.  

Script is the one where the developers can make their full ideas for customizing the clone app , as by creating our own, by our experience which gained while using the application before we can surely improve the enhancement for the users of what we felt we lagged at and needed. While using the application, it will be welcomed by the user which are not available so far in any of the existing ones.

What are the Key Features of Udemy Clone App

Admin Dashboard

Provides the overall access to the complete ecosystem, where it's easy to set the price, add or remove the content instantly to the admins.

Multiple Language Options

The basic need for the user to make use of the service, provide the language the user is of for. By this the app will be the target for learners and tutors throughout the world. 

Sign Up/Sign in

Accessing is the one which is the first step taken by the user, making it easy to create an account and for further login with major social medias make the user feel hussle free.

Instructor Dashboard

The tutors can add their content to the site and view their insights which provide the access for their content independently. 

Push Notifications

Push notification about the topic the user needs to know, make a gentle reminder to schedule their timing, and intimate about the new courses available.

Download Sessions

An on-demand service on the site by which the user can download the necessary sessions once they paid for the course.


As the name implies the users can gain rewards after completion of the referring process. This makes the site reach valid users higher with existing users on the site.

Payment Gateway

Integrate the trending and most famous payment gateway among the people which make userfriendly transaction for the users. 

Course Category

Course categories make a direct way to the users to navigate them to the preferred course directly.

Advanced Search category

This appears on the home page basically which heads the user to know about the top trending course, top featured, which will be based on the interest shown by the user before.

What are the Add-on Features Of Our Udemy Clone App

1. Advertise

2. Check-out Cart

3. Internal Messaging System

4. Database Management

5. Course Certification Management

6. Social Media Sharing

7. Certificate Setting

8. Media Manager

9. Profile Management

10. Student Web Panel

11. Instructor Web Panel

Udemy Clone App Development

Appticz an leading software development company that helps you to launch your own udemy clone app instantly with the customized features as suggested. Visual and technical design is the one we considered as the initial process the model of the product we are on for will be produced to you. Further process is started after knowing the Upgrades if needed. 

Simple Steps to Create a educational App like Udemy

1. Get our Customizable, Ready Made Udemy Clone Script.

2. Understanding your unique business requirements, we will customize the script with the help of our dedicated developers.

3. Add custom features and integrate Third party APIs exclusively to provide a smooth elearning platform.

4. Now launch your online learning App into the market and we provide maintenance/support services for future upgradation.

What We Offer in Our Package?

1. Udemy Clone source code

2. Powerful Admin Web Panel

3. Mobile App for Android & iOS

Revenue Generating Models of Udemy Clone

Starting from Primary method

Make your primary source of revenue by providing unique courses which are the most primary need of the students in elearning.

Revenue through Commission 

After the completion of the course by the student get paid by the instructors for each and every course they earn.

Revenue through Subscription

An easy and instant way to get paid as the easy way for the user to subscribe the content where they get various contents combinedly at the one particular subscription.

Revenue through Advertising

Running out the ads for the companies, organizations on your site, and get paid for every click done on it.

Why Choose Appticz for Udemy Clone Website and App Development? 

1. On-time Delivery.

2. Pre/Post Deployment Support.

3. Free Server Installation.

4. App Submission on App Store and Play Store

5. 100% Bug-Free Source Code.

6. Affordable Cost, High Quality.

View Live Demo of Our Udemy Clone.

We do not limit our services to ride-hailing business, We extend our services across various industries including Retail, Banking & Finance, restaurants, Healthcare, and much more. We provide ready-made clones of popular businesses that help to launch your business instantly,

UberEats Clone - Food Delivery App

Airbnb Clone - Vacation Rental Website

Binance Clone - Crypto Exchange Platform

Uber Clone - Taxi Booking App

Netflix Clone - OTT App

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