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In this fast-paced era, people are always looking for the simplest and quickest ways to get things done, be it anything. To face up the growing needs and demands, on-demand apps really come as a savior in fulfilling diverse requirements. Whether it is ordering food, hailing a ride, or even booking a home service, on-demand apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. 

Think of these all services in one app? They are called Super apps.

Super apps provide multiple services such as ride sharing, ride hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, payments, entertainment, logistics, ecommerce and many more within a single window. Users need not to go to multiple apps for different services. With the help of super apps people can get everything within a single app.

Gojek is one of the leading multi services apps that provides a wide range of ondemand services. If you want to build an app like Gojek then Gojek clone can be the best solution to get started. 

Before getting into the Gojek clone app, let's explore in detail about what Gojek is and its business model to get a clear picture.

What is Gojek? 

Gojek is an on-demand multi-service app that provides numerous services within a single application. It eliminates the need for customers to look for various services from multiple platforms.  With its exclusive features like GoFood, GoMed, GoMart, GoShop, etc, it becomes a one-stop destination to meet all your demands like food ordering, taxi booking, grocery shopping, ticket booking, etc. You can now do all this with just one application. 

Gojek's approach of bundling multiple services into a single app has resonated with users, as it provides convenience and a seamless experience for a wide range of daily needs. The company's rapid expansion and innovative approach have led to significant growth and investment, making it one of the most valuable startups in Southeast Asia.

Why Build a Multi Service App like Gojek? 

Building an app like Gojek involves creating a comprehensive and multifunctional platform called a super App. Super apps like Gojek offer a wide range of services and features within a single application, aiming to become an all-in-one solution for users' everyday needs. They consolidate various services and features, providing users a seamless and convenient experience. 

According to studies, the market for on-demand services appears promising for the upcoming years. The on-demand industry is expected to grow by 13.8% annually and reach $4.66 billion in 2023.  It is anticipated that this trend would greatly expand the market for on-demand services. The market for on-demand multi-services is projected to increase at a rate of 13.4% annually, reaching $7.70 billion by 2027

Users can access multiple services like ride-hailing, food delivery, digital payments, shopping, and more, all within one app.  If users rely on an app for various needs, they are more likely to use it regularly. Apps like Gojek have the potential to dominate diverse markets, which can lead to a strong competitive advantage and significant market share. Developing a super app like Gojek can lead to cost savings and efficiencies can lead to cost savings and efficiencies in terms of app development, marketing, and customer support, as these resources are shared across various services.

What is Gojek Clone Script?

Gojek clone script is a complete set of source code to build a similar app like Gojek. The script has the entire features and functionalities that are presented on Gojek app. By customising the script UI, features based on their business needs, Entrepreneurs can launch their own super app with unique features within less cost. 

Want to see the demo of the Gojek clone script? Reach out to us by filling out quick form 

Gojek Clone App

Gojek is a pre-built super app solution that contains the necessary frameworks and features required to build a super app like Gojek. Opting for a Gojek clone app is a must for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge with a proven business model like Gojek. Our clone script is designed specifically to be big enough for multiple services that lead to a huge user base. 

Developing a Gojek clone app involves creating a robust and user-friendly platform that caters to various services and seamlessly connects users with service providers. It's important to customize the app according to the specific market and target audience, while also ensuring that legal and regulatory requirements are met. It's also worth noting that the on-demand service market is competitive, and creating a unique value proposition or differentiating factor can contribute to the success of the clone app.

Gojek Clone App Development

Appticz is the top app development company that has vast expertise in building on-demand multi-service apps like Gojek with innovative clone solutions. Our custom solutions are designed to empower you with the flexibility to offer a diverse range of services, catering to a wide user base.

We remain at the forefront of technological advancements, incorporating the latest tools and frameworks into your super app's development. Our commitment to innovation ensures that your platform is not just relevant but future-ready. 

Multiple Services Provided Through Gojek Clone

Delivery Services

1. Food Delivery

2. Grocery Delivery

3. Medicine Delivery

4. Parcel Delivery

5. Fuel Delivery

6. Parcel Delivery

Ride Services

1. Ride Sharing

2. Ride Hailing 

3. Rental Service

Handyman Services

1. Plumber

2. Electrician

3. AC Repair

4. Car Washing

5. House Cleaning

6. Painting 

7. Carpentry

8. Mechanic

Online Booking 

1. Flight Booking

2. Doctor Appointment Booking

3. Hotel Booking

4. Movie Booking 

5. Event Booking

Ondemand Services

1. Beauty and Salon

2. Babysitter

3. Laundry

4. Ecommerce 

5. Logistics

6. Tutors

7. Tow Truck

8. Fitness Coach

Payment and Finance

1. Digital Payment 

2. Digital Wallet

3. Personal Finance

4. Tax Calculator

5. Pay Bills

6. Insurance

Features of the Gojek Clone App

With the cutting-edge features of our scalable Gojek app clone solution, increase the revenues of your multi-service business by millions.

User SignUp/Login

Users can easily sign up by filling out their personal information, like name, mobile number, and mail ID. It has two-factor authentication and encryption to keep your app safe from unauthorized access. 

Access Multiple Services

Our Gojek clone app provides multiple services, including grocery shopping, food delivery, ride-hailing, etc., of which users can choose the service they need and proceed with the orders and bookings. 

Live Location Tracking

By using GPS technology, a live location tracking feature enables users to track the status and location of their products and services in real time. It shows the exact position on a map providing transparency and convenience to the users 

Ride Sharing

With a ride-sharing feature, multiple riders of the same path can share the seats of the same vehicle. The intuitive map interface of the app pinpoints the exact position of the vehicle, giving users unparalleled visibility and control over their journey. 

Schedule Bookings

With the Schedule Bookings feature on the Gojek Clone App, users can schedule their bookings ahead of time without any hassle. It ensures punctuality and peace of mind with the precise whereabouts of the scheduled rides it provides.

Payment Gateway Integration

Users can effortlessly monitor the progress of their payment processes and enjoy a hassle-free, trustworthy payment experience guaranteeing secure and swift transactions. 

Multi-Language Support

Gojek Clone App's Multi-Language Support feature enables users to navigate the app’s various functionalities while enjoying real-time language translations.  

Merchant Profile Management

Business owners can now seamlessly manage their profiles and track real-time updates on the locations of service providers. With unparalleled transparency and efficiency, it enhances the overall business management experience.

Delivery Profile Management

Delivery profile management allows delivery partners to handle their delivery trips efficiently. This dynamic feature ensures that both users and delivery personnel stay connected and informed throughout the process.

Why Invest in Gojek Clone App Development?

Multiple Services

If you are providing multiple services you don't need to create a separate app for every service. With the help of Gojek clone you can manage multiple services in a single place efficiently.

Multiple Opportunities

With App like Gojek you can add as many as services when you are planning to expand your business 

Gojek Clone Source Code

You get the entire source code of the Gojek clone so you can customise the source code whenever needed.

Easily Customizable

As the Gojek clone script is 100% customizable, you can customize based on your business requirements and provide unique features to your app users.

Cost Effective

If you are planning to build a super app like Gojek from scratch then you need to wait for a long time as the app becomes more complex the time and cost will increase. Gojek clone Software is a ready made solution which can be launched instantly without building it from scratch and costs very less when compared to building it from scratch

What do we offer in our Gojek clone package?

1. Gojek clone source code

2. Admin Dashboard for App Owner

3. User App for Android

4. User App for iOS

5. Delivery Partner App for Android 

6. Delivery Partner App for iOS

7. Merchant App for Android 

8. Merchant App for iOS

9. Merchant Panel 

How Can Appticz Help You with Super App Development? 

Are you ready to embark on a journey that transforms your vision into a dynamic super app? Appticz is here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you're a startup venturing into the on-demand market or an established business seeking to diversify your digital offerings, Appticz has the expertise and dedication to bring your super app to life.

From conceptualization to deployment and beyond, Appticz is your mobile app development partner throughout the entire development journey. Appticz is an ideal solution to begin your million-dollar business with a budget-friendly investment.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gojek Clone

1. What is a Gojek Clone?

Appticz’s gojek clone is a multiservice app solution that lets entrepreneurs build their own super app like Gojek and generate multiple revenue streams. It can be easily cutomized to match the branding of your business. Businesses that provide multiple services can provide all under one roof with the help of a super app - Gojek clone. 

2. I am Planning to Start a Multi service business. Is Gojek Clone for me?

Gojek clones offer 50+ on demand services under one app. So if you are planning to start a multi service business then super app is the perfect solution to implement for your business. You can add as many services to the app and users can easily avail those services with the help of your app. 

3. Can I Get a Demo of Gojek Clone?

Yes you can get the demo of Gojek clone by scheduling a demo with us of your preferred time and date. Once you confirm your availability we will schedule a video call to show and explain the live working of our clone app. Schedule a demo here!

4. How much does it cost to develop a Gojek Clone?

The cost to develop a Gojek clone app depends on the complexity and features it holds. The average cost to create a Gojek clone ranges between USD 5000 to USD 1,50,000 based on the complexity. 

The cost to create a simple app with basic features will range between USD 5000 to USD 35000 while the cost to create the complex app ranges between USD 45000 to USD 1,50,000 based on the features and functionalities you wish to have in your app. 

5. Can I customize the Clone App to fit my brand? 

Yes, our Gojek clone script is completely customizable. You can fully customize the app such as color, add new features or update the existing one etc.  

6. Do you offer ongoing maintenance and support for the app?

We will successfully deploy your app into the market. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support for the app even after the launch. We will also periodically update the version of the app to the changing operating systems to provide your users with a seamless experience. 

7. Do I need any coding knowledge to use your solution?

No you don't need any coding knowledge to use our solution. We made our solution more friendly. Even a non-technical person can customize it and launch their own Gojek clone app.

8. How long does it take to develop a white-label Gojek app?

Developing a multi service app from scratch can take 2 to 4 months while developing a super app with Gojek clone can take only 7 - 15 days based on the complexity of the app.  


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