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We Appticz offer complete suite of Netflix Clone Script package that consists of Netflix Clone Website and as well as Netflix clone App for Android and iOS.

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Netflix Clone Script

Netflix Clone Script is a fully customizable video streaming platform script with splendid features built for entrepreneurs who want to start a video streaming platform like Netflix. Our Netflix clone comes as a combination of Web App, Mobile App for Android & iOS, Web Panel for admins and business owners. We implemented best practices in our clone to ensure a seamless streaming experience to your audience globally across various devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, Desktops, Smart TVs etc.

Netflix Clone App

Netflix Clone App is the replica of the popular Video streaming app, Netflix. It is white label solution that helps entrepreneurs to start their own streaming service similar to Netflix. Instead of developing from scratch, the Netflix clone app offers a cost effective solution to build an app with the same features and functionalities as Netflix. 

Right from building the Netflix clone App and launching your video streaming app into the market to enhancing its market reach, customer engagement and future upgradation, We Appticz provides the complete end to end Video Streaming App development services.

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What is Netflix?

Netflix started its journey in 1997, crossed 2 decades, and now shining like a star by delivering movies, series, reality shows, etc of the favorite stars of the users. In over 190 Countries Netflix is streaming its service by holding 167 million subscribers.  Though by facing many new players in its field, Netflix for its customized facility and user interface it makes a milestone after one for a long time.

Founded Year: 1997

Founders: Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph 

Headquarters:  Los Gatos, California, United States

As there is a business, obviously there will be competitors in this on-demand streaming platform Netflix has some competitors like

1. Amazon Prime.

2. Hulu Plus.

3. HBO Now.

Why to Start a Streaming Service like Netflix?

At first, Netflix delivered its services by renting DVDs to its customers according to their Wishlist requested through emails the process is named renting DVDs by mail. And now Netflix is streaming the request at once directly to the customer’s device. Now with a single tap, even if it’s a vintage or last night's released movies, series, reality shows, etc. the user can view it mostly without a need for a storage facility which makes even more advantages in this part. 

If you are still wondering whether the market for video streaming apps are good enough to enter, then here are the numbers that may put your doubts to rest.

> In 2021, Netflix generated a total of $24.9 billion revenue which is a 23.8% increase from 2020.

> The number of Netflix paid subscribers worldwide in the 1st quarter of less than 22 million in 2011 and as of the first quarter of 2022, there are 221.64 million Paid Subscribers Worldwide which is quietly more than its squared value of the first. 

> Netflix remains the most popular Video streaming service in the United States for total minutes watched, surpassing YouTube and Hulu.

> The global subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) market revenue tripled between 2016 and 2020 from $17 billion to $67 billion and it is expected to grow to $126 billion by the end of 2026.

Key Features of Netflix Clone

OTT Apps is a growing market and also highly competitive. To stay unique and hold a decent share in this market, you need to offer competitive features. Our Netflix clone is built with huge number of competitive features that attracts huge audience to your platform.

Sign Up/Login

The users can easily create an account or log in using social media apart from Email, and Phone numbers.

User profile

A separate panel for users is given to describe who they are such as name, age, gender and what’s their ongoing plan, watch history, watchlist, etc.


This allows the users to set the audio track, subtitles on/off,  rewind, volume control, play/pause, etc.

Advanced Search Bar 

This advanced search filter directs the users can search by year, genre, casts, and needed custom options can be added to it. This makes the results more accurate.

Advanced Filter  Option

This advanced filter helps to explore the user and makes them to end up with suitable content for their need.

Subscription Plan

In the available plan packages with their perks and advantages, they can select and manage their packs according to their need.

Home Page Banner Management

In keeping with the App/ Website with the latest trends, the admin panel is kept more easily to edit and update the homepage content which makes a quick attraction of the plans and updates to the subscribers.

Video Categories

Segregating the types of videos makes a clear path to reach the desired one. This is possible by the clustering method and also makes the related one will also be suggested in the queue.

Video Downloads

The users can manage the video resolution based on their internet facility and can store it internally which makes them a hustle-free offline accessible one,  in lack of internet facility cases.

Push Notifications

Give a gentle reminder about the account expiry to the users with your push notification so that users don’t need to rush at the last minute and make an uninterrupted connection. Make an aware notification of new movies, episodes, or new arrivals in this.

User Comments

The most important part by which users interact with the content creators and other users through the app is the comment section. 

Video Management

This Clone has a dedicated video management section, by this, the admin can easily upload or delete videos in one section.


Among the plenty of video content, the users can add their favorite videos to watch it later which makes the user convenient.

Payment Gateway

The most important way to maintain and manage the accounts for users is through payment methods, our clone with our integrated payment system supports multiple payment options such as Online Payment through credit, debit cards or PayPal for the users.

Multiple Language Support

By this, you can expand your business to the next level by covering a wide geographical area with multi language support there is the possibility to maintain the content in many languages. 

Live Video Streaming

By this feature live broadcasting of specific sports events, shows, TV programs, etc. This can be done in a specific region or by specific users too.


This allows the creator to select where the content needs to be visible and not to be.

Monetization Options in Netflix Clone Script

There are various monetization options that you want to know before starting your Streaming Service platform like Netflix. You can include any of the following options,

Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD)

Users / Viewers will pay a one-time payment to watch the video content. So that they can watch it live, rent it, or download it. Most commonly when it comes under premium or exclusive content added to this category will attain more enough attraction among the users.

Ad-supported Video on Demand (AVOD) 

In this, you can involve your advertising partners funding in your platform. YouTube is an example for this model. It has the capability to increase the revenue of the platform to the next level. By demographic region, there are more possibilities to reach more number of advertisement clients by this demand.

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) 

In this user is charged a recurring fee alike a monthly fee, by which the user is allowed to use unlimited content like TV shows or movies. Netflix is one of the examples of this typo subscription. By this, there is more possible reason for attaining new customers every month and it may have lots of chances to hold them.


If all the above three methods or a combination of any methods is needed there comes the hybrid as the name implies,  This method allows you to combine all the above three demand methods in one place.

Netflix Clone App Development

Appticz is the leading Software development company helping entrepreneurs, startups and large organizations build and launch the right digital product to transform their business digitally. From scalable Android and iOS apps to feature rich web applications we build digital products that meet user’s needs. Our team consists of passionate developers, creative designers, and strategic thinkers who can help you bring your ideas into life. With cutting-edge technologies, We build ultra-performant and scalable on demand apps that help achieve your business goals.

As a pioneering mobile app development services provider, we hold expertise and experience in building OTT Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. Whether building an OTT app like Netflix from scratch or making use of our customizable solutions such as Netflix Clone, Amazon Prime Clone, Hulu Clone our developers develop video streaming applications that accomplish your business goals easily.

How Much Does Netflix Clone Cost?

The cost to create Netflix clone varies based on the features and functionality to be added. A basic Netflix clone will cost you around $10000  to $35000 where as a netflix clone with complex features will cost you around $40,000 to $1,50,000 based on the needs of the business owners. In order to get an accurate pricing of Netflix app clone, share your business requirements by filling out this quick form and get a free quotation instantly. 

Easy Steps to Create a Video Streaming App like Netflix

1. Get our Customizable, Market Ready Netflix Clone Script.

2. Understanding your business objectives and unique requirements, we will customize the script with the help of our developers.

3. Add custom features and integrate Third party APIs exclusively to run a smooth services.

4. Now launch your Video Streaming App into the market and we provide maintenance/support services for future upgradation.

What We Offer in Our Package?

1. Powerful Admin Web Panel

2. Mobile App for Android & iOS

3. Web App for Desktop & Smart TVs

Why Choose Appticz for Netflix Clone Development? 

1. On-time Delivery.

2. Pre/Post Deployment Support.

3. Free Server Installation.

4. App Submission on App Store and Play Store

5. 100% Bug-Free Source Code.

6. Affordable Cost, High Quality.

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We do not limit our services to ride-hailing business, We extend our services across various industries including Retail, Banking & Finance, restaurants, Healthcare, and much more. We provide ready-made clones of popular businesses that help to launch your business instantly,

Uber Eats Clone - Food Delivery App

Airbnb Clone - Vacation Rental Website

Binance Clone - Crypto Exchange Platform

Uber Clone - Taxi Booking App


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