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Appticz is the best mobile app development company, dedicated to crafting custom and innovative software solutions for global clients. We are a team of tech savvy experts who follow agile development methodologies and employ modern technologies to deliver unparalleled results that enable businesses to accelerate positive outcomes. 


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As a trusted partner for numerous brands, we transform your visionary ideas into tech-enabled products that stand out in today’s competitive market. From ideation to deployment, our proficient team fosters transparency and collaboration at every step of the development process. Our unwavering commitment to dedication and a strong focus on delivering exceptional mobile applications and software drives us to be at the forefront of innovation.

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Pinnacle of Prestige, Where Our Efforts
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Celebrating Milestones of Our Success Through the Sparkling Tapestry of
Recognition and Achievement.

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Whether you're a startup with a disruptive idea or an established enterprise seeking digital transformation, our array of services adapts to your needs, ensuring that your vision comes to life in the most seamless and innovative way.

Software Development

As a leading software development service provider, we help businesses drive success in the global arena. With our deep industry expertise, we create scalable and reliable software solutions that match evolving market trends.

Mobile App Development

We are a trusted mobile app development company well known for delivering future-ready mobile applications of all types with exceptional quality. Transform your untapped business ideas into newfangled applications to reach global markets with ease.

Web Platform Development

With proven expertise in web development, we build custom and fully responsive web platforms, sites, and applications that boost your digital identity. Regardless of what industry you serve, we help ignite exponential growth for your business with our conversion-focused web designs.

UI/UX Strategy and Design

We put together our creative skills and technological advancements to create pitch-perfect UI/UX designs adhering to SEO with intuitive and engaging user interfaces that make your business thrive in the digital realm with high user satisfaction and conversion rates.

Full Stack Product Development

Harnessing our proven expertise in full-stack product development, we craft custom and fully integrated products with dynamic solutions for startups and enterprises to have a solid competitive advantage in the market.

Blockchain Development

Revamp your business operations with our value-driven and business-specific blockchain solutions. We build game-changing blockchain products equipped with the latest technologies, delivering unrivaled levels of trust, transparency, and security.

Digital Transformation

Empower your digital transformation journey with our valuable data-driven insights incorporated with Blockchain, AI, IoT, AR, and VR. Our successive methodologies, which align with fluctuating market demands, help you enter a new era of efficiency and productivity.

QA and Testing

Utilize the extensive knowledge of our QA team, who apply software testing approaches, including automated and manual testing, to meticulously ensure the flawless functionality of your product meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Industries We serve

Appticz has years of expertise in crafting industry-specific services and solutions for diverse sectors, vigilantly monitoring trends and demands within the following business verticals.



Appticz provides the best app development services to grow your healthcare business. Whether you are in need of Hospital Management Software, Healthcare CRM, Telemedicine Software, Doctor Appointment Booking App, Pharmacy Management Systems our app developers are best at providing everything.



We help you manage your restaurant business at ease with our top class restaurant software development solutions such as Restaurant Management software, POS Development, Food delivery app development, Food Ordering App Development Inventory Management Solutions and much more.


Real Estate

Revolutionize your real estate business with our real estate app development solutions such as Property Management software, Property Rental App Development, Real Estate Marketplace, Lead Handling CRM Solution Supply and much more to help you stay at the top of the real estate game.



As a leading Mobile app development company we help you bring your ondemand mobile app ideas to reality with our extensive set of ondemand app development solutions such as Food Delivery, Taxi Booking, Grocery Delivery, Handyman, elearning, Streaming Apps etc.



Blending our experience in app development and education industry we provide top notch elearning solutions that enhances the learning experience of the students. Our elearning solutions include eLearning Apps and Portals, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Remote Monitoring Software etc



Attract fans of different sports across the world with our vast sport app development solutions such as Fantasy sports app development, Sports betting app development, AI powered game development that help you stay at the top of the sports innovation.


Travel & Tourism

We provide top notch development solutions specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the Travel and Tourism industry. Our Solutions include Travel Guide Apps, Vacation Rental Software, Hotel Booking Apps, Transport apps etc.


Banking & Finance

With vast experience in crafting robust and user centric mobile applications for the Finance and Banking industry we can help you transform your business with our best solutions catering to the needs of your business.


Supply Chain & Logistics

We provide end to end modern supply chain and logistics software development services such as Fleet Management Software, Asset Tracking Software, Logistics and Freight Management, Warehouse Management that help you manage your business operations efficiently.


Retail & E-commerce

Implementing advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual and Augmented reality we provide top notch retail and ecommerce software development solutions that keeps up the trend and deliver engaging experience to your customers.


Media & Entertainment

Harnessing the cutting edge technologies our mobile app developers provide best in class media and entertainment software development solutions such as OTT Apps, Social Media and Networking apps, Media and News Apps, Chatbot Apps etc.



Appticz offers effective and tailored Transportation app development services that help you manage your transportation business effectively, simplify your business operations, reduce operational cost and enhance customer satisfaction.


We at Appticz have created numerous customized solutions for our clients that are catered to their needs and objectives for their businesses and have helped them achieve great success in this digital arena.

Food Delivery App

Delicious Delights, Delivered

Our food delivery app connects you quickly to your favorite flavors. With a user-friendly interface, explore menus and place orders seamlessly.

Food Delivery App

Vacation Rental Website and App

Amicable Vacation Rentals, Just a Swipe Away

Our vacation rental apps feature a central hub for property listings and customer data, enhancing both travel experiences and management efficiency.

Vacation Rental App

Crypto Wallet App

Secure Crypto Management at
Your Fingertips

To make it easy for users to manage their crypto assets effortlessly, we have created a reliable crypto wallet app that provides easy access to your holdings and transactions.

Crypto Wallet App

Personal Finance App

Redefining the Financial

Our personal finance app offers a centralized platform to monitor expenses, set budgets, and achieve your financial goals, all in one place.

Personal Finance App

E-commerce App

Shopping Made Simple,
in a Tap

Explore a world of products through our e-commerce app. A unified interface brings products, payment, and delivery options to your palm.

Ecommerce App

Technology Stack We Use

We employ the potential of next-generation technologies and a curated collection of tools, languages, and frameworks to craft seamless and user-centric digital products.


Ruby On Rails












React js

Angular JS

Vue JS


Next JS

UI/UX Design

Photoshop CC






After Effects


Mongo DB



Amazon Aurora









Soap UI












Digital Ocean



Advanced Technologies We Employ

Our development prowess rests upon a foundation of advanced technologies and agile development methodologies. We fuse innovation with expertise, ensuring that every product we develop is a testament to modernization.


Experience the unparalleled potential of AI-powered solutions and their revolutionary advancements, from streamlining operations with automation to unveiling invaluable data-driven insights.

Artificial Intelligence


Envision your future endeavors and proactively shape your business trajectory using machine learning to anticipate outcomes and make strategic decisions that drive unparalleled growth.

Machine Learning

AR &

Uncover a myriad of extraordinary opportunities for your business as augmented and virtual reality converge, offering immersive experiences that open doors to unparalleled possibilities.



Enter a realm of unparalleled transparency and forge a future underpinned by enhanced security with the revolutionary power of blockchain technology.


Web3 &

Embark on a captivating journey into the enchanting realm of Web3 and the Metaverse, where the limits of imagination dissolve in the face of boundless innovation.

Web3 & Metaverse


Unlock the potential of revolutionary Data Analytics solutions, enabling you to harness insights from vast datasets and steer your business towards informed decisions.

Data Analytics


Stay agile in the ever-evolving landscape of technology with the boundless capabilities of IoT solutions, seamlessly interconnecting an array of sensors and intelligent systems.



Embrace the potential of Cloud Computing solutions, unlocking the ability to seamlessly manage and access your resources on a global scale.

Cloud Computing

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Why Choose Appticz for Mobile App Development?

Appticz is the top mobile app development company in India, offering a comprehensive range of mobile app development solutions designed to propel your business to new heights. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we are dedicated to transforming your concepts into tangible, real-time solutions through the latest technological advancements, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge.

Our skilled designers, developers, and strategists possess extensive expertise spanning various sectors such as Fintech, Healthcare, Media, Entertainment, and e-commerce. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident with a proven track record of successfully delivering over 100+ projects on schedule and achieving unparalleled client satisfaction. Collaborate with Appticz and leverage the power of modern technologies to drive innovation and triumph for your business.

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Our commitment to fostering partnerships extends beyond projects, encapsulating the essence of our collaboration and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, How can we help you?

Take a look at the complete answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Whether you need to develop a mobile application from scratch or update your existing app by adding new features or convert your website to an app or any other we’ve got you covered. We provide end to end mobile app development services such as,

  • App UI/UX Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Mobile App Consulting
  • Website to App Conversion
  • Android to iOS App Conversion
  • iOS to Android App Conversion
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Mobile App Modernization

Hiring a mobile app development company can bring you a lot of benefits when you don't have enough resources to carry out your app development project. By hiring you can have access to a large pool of experts, reduce your operational cost, get 24/7 support and maintenance, and focus more on your core business. All you have to do is to find the best mobile app development company.

There is no typical timeline for the projects. Some projects can be completed within days while some projects may take months to complete. There is no specific time we can mention for the projects it all depends on the requirements of the clients. But we can assure that we provide the project within the given timeline of your project. Want to know how much time it will take for your project? Get the timeline and quote for your project.

Once we have received your details our business development team will get back to you within 4 hours on working days and within 8 to 16 hours on non-working days. We provide a one to one consultation for your project and clarify all your queries. Then we proceed with the detailed documentation of your requirements and start your project within 2 business days.

We work with all cutting edge technologies and mobile app development frameworks to ensure that you get the best results. We make use of technology stacks such as Java, Kotlin, Swift, React Native, Flutter, React JS, Node JS etc. We also implement advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain and much more.

At Appticz we help you bring your dream idea into an app with the vast experience we hold. We have successfully launched 75+ mobile apps for our clients around the world. Here is the step by step process of how we do it,

  • Requirement Consultation With Our Experts
  • Market Research
  • Conceptualization and Planning
  • Prototyping and Designing the App
  • Frontend and Backend Development
  • App Testing
  • Launch and Deployment
  • Post-Launch Support
  • Protection of Intellectual Property

Ready to convert your idea into an app? Connect with our experts to start the conversation.

Awards and Recognition

Pinnacle of Prestige, Where Our Efforts Sparkle Bright


Celebrating Milestones of Our Success Through the Sparkling Tapestry of
Recognition and Achievement.

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