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Dream11 is a well-known sports app that has grown significantly in popularity in the modern era. Moreover, Dream11 is ranked first among the other fantasy sports apps, it gives players access to various games, including football, cricket, and kabaddi. As a result, worldwide demand for fantasy sports apps like Dream11 is in huge demand. Due to this, the entrepreneurs are looking to develop a fantasy cricket script app like Dream 11 and enter into the million-dollar business.

What is a Dream11 App?

Dream11 app is a gaming platform in which cricket enthusiasts can increase their engagement in their favorite games by taking part in live cricket matches. The users can form a team with their favorite real cricket players and participate in league matches and win cash prizes. 

Dream11 develops the concept of cricket betting and receives a positive response from cricket enthusiasts due to its innovative approach. The platform is now expanded to include all games like volleyball, basketball, kabaddi, and more to reach a wider audience. In addition to it offering the betting option for well-known sports like cricket and football makes every fan of such sports will be a user.   

Why Should You Invest in Fantasy Sports App like Dream11?

A recent analysis by the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports in collaboration with Deloitte estimates that the Indian fantasy sports industry would expand from $4.6 billion in FY21 to over $22 billion by FY25, making it on track to become an international mammoth.

So there is no doubt that this business model has a high probability of driving business profits. Many sports fans are looking to develop a fantasy cricket app like Dream11. If you want to create an app similar to Dream11 for your brand, it will cost you a lot of time and money. Utilizing the ready-to-use Dream11 app clone script, you may launch your gaming app with your preferred customization within a week. With the aid of a robust dashboard, you can easily administer the entire system on a single admin panel. So investing in a fantasy cricket app like Dream11 has ensured a success rate in the online sports industry.

What is Dream11 Clone?

Dream11 Clone is a script that replicates the fantasy sports app similar to that of Dream11. The script is in-built with all the Dream11 features and equipped with the technologies that can run the script as a stand-alone application. Entrepreneurs who are looking to develop an app like Dream11 can make use of this white-labeled Dream11 Clone and make customizations for their online gaming brand.

What Are the Features of Dream11 Clone App?

Our Dream11 Clone App is jam-packed with feature sets for both the user panel & admin panel. You will have the option to adjust game settings, invite friends, or make your leagues public. From a single dashboard, we offer our customers live scoring, real-time updates on match results, and much more.

User App Features


The first and most essential function that must be featured in your fantasy cricket app like Dream11 is Login/Sign up. The users can log in or register an account in order to participate in the contest. A user must enter personal information such as email address, phone number, and user name in order to create an account.

Gaming Lobby

The screen that the user sees after logging in is a gaming lobby. There are various sports available for selection on this screen. Results for participants must be filtered by sports, date, competition, and other factors.

Select a League 

One of the most popular trends in mobile gaming right now is live fantasy cricket. Millions of people play the game, where they select their ideal squad and compete against one another in real-time. Our Dream11 clone app creation includes all of the crucial elements that can help your users boost their game.

Create/Modify Team

A user is redirected to the creative team features after choosing a match for their convenience. A user can choose a player from the credit rating, such as one wicketkeeper, five batsmen, two all-rounders, and three bowlers.

Admin App Features

Manage Tournaments

The app has the potential to host multiple tournaments at a single time. The winning amount, number of players, and open leagues vary from tournament to tournament. The admin needs to analyze the hit leagues and strategies among these tournaments and pay proper attention to them. The Dream11 clone script has a powerful admin dashboard that provides insights into all these data.

Push Notifications

This feature is regarded as the best for retaining people on your fantasy sports app or website like Dream11 over the long term. With the use of this tool, you can alert users to upcoming events such as team formation deadlines, and match start times by sending them alerts, messages, and offers.

Refer & Earn

Users of the Dream11 Clone app can create referral URLs that can be sent to invite friends, family, and other groups to the game. The users receive credit for this. This will increase the number of users and will improve customer engagement.

Manage Price Money

The contestant's complete request to withdraw their prizes into their respective bank will be visible to the administrator. The admin has the power to approve or deny credit card information, Pan card information, and bank information. View the full list of competitors (both accepted and rejected), and give the participant money.

Benefits of Fantasy Sports App Development 

Unique Business Model

The idea of creating a fantasy sports app like Dream11 is still fresh, by creating an app like Dream11, you can avoid the competition. Additionally, there aren't many apps in the app store that relate to this business idea. As a result, developing a Dream11 clone app will be simple for you to do and will help your business grow quickly.

Multiple Games in a Single App

India is a tremendously diversified country, with a wide range of preferences and interests in many sports. Creating a multi-sports platform is unquestionably a wise move in light of the current situation. There are numerous other sports like football, kabaddi, basketball, etc. that also have the potential to generate some income sharing for businesses, so your Dream11 clone script won't be confined to only cricket.

Generate Revenue Through Ads

Gaming apps are the best platform to show ads. You can generate revenue by placing ads in the play area. The chances of users clicking the ad is very high when compared to other mobile application industries. Verified third-party ads that are not fraudulent in nature can be promoted on your own fantasy cricket game app. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Dream11 Clone?

When thinking about beginning an online fantasy sports business, the cost of creating a fantasy sports app like Dream11 is the first challenge that comes to the mind of every entrepreneur. A variety of factors affect a fantasy sports app's pricing. On the other hand, it is challenging to predict the cost of creating a fantasy sports app for a single platform with restricted capabilities.

On average developing a fantasy cricket app from scratch will cost you around 40,000 USD which requires a lot of time and resource. But a Dream11 Clone Script will get you a fantasy cricket app developed for around 5000 USD. In addition to it, the cost varies according to the country in which the app will be created and the platform selected should be taken into account first when building a sports betting app

Why Choose Appticz for your Fantasy Cricket App Development?

Appticz is the leading Mobile App Development Company that provides specialized fantasy sports app development services to clients worldwide. We provide the best online gaming experience for your users with highly secure & reliable software solutions. You should get in touch with us to talk about developing a Dream11 Clone App, Following your feedback, our team of experts will try to provide you with one of the best app solutions. 

Affordable Budget

The main benefit of working with Appticz is that we provide mobile app developers at the most competitive prices in the industry. Customers can enjoy their apps more since we provide feature-rich apps with all the user endpoint add-ons.

Extended Support

Appticz is ready to provide extended support for clients regarding mobile application issues. We will respond to your queries within a business day and try to resolve the issues with the team of experts as soon as possible.

On-Time Delivery

We do not delay the application development processes. We are prone to deliver the product as we mentioned in the project delivery information. So the clients can now be stress-free about the deployment and start marketing campaigns for their gaming application.

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