Stake Clone Script - Launch Your Own Online Casino & Sports Betting Platform

Stake Clone Script is a white label online casino software that lets entrepreneurs to launch their own crypto casino and sports betting platform similar to Stake.

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Planning to build an online casino and sports betting platform similar to Stake? Our Stake clone script is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs and startups who are looking to enter this lucrative casino and sports betting market.

Stake Clone Script

Stake clone script is a pre-built solution that has all the features and functionalities similar to the popular online casino and sports betting platform like Stake.  Entrepreneurs who are planning to build an online casino platform can make use of this fully functional solution to launch their own platform in a faster and most cost effective way. The clone script is a highly customizable solution that lets business owners customize the features based on their specific business needs and branding.

Key Features of Stake Clone Script

User Friendly Interface

Our clone script comes with a user friendly and responsive interface that provides users with an engaging experience across all operating systems and devices.

Variety of Casino Games

Explore a wide range of casino games such as Poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, baccarat and more that engages all types of players.

Wide Range of Sports

Stake clone script excites users with a wide array of sports including cricket, football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, horse racing, and more.

Payment Gateway Integration

Users can add funds to the platform through their preferred mode of payment from the variety of payment options such as Debit/Credit card, UPI, Paypal, Stripe etc 

Multi Language Support 

To attract worldwide users, the clone comes with multiple language support so that users around the world can easily access and play inside the platform in their own languages.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

To make use of a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum our clone is integrated with a crypto wallet that supports 100+ cryptocurrencies. 

Robust Security Features 

Inorder to keep the users data and platform safe robust security features such as Data protection, encryption, fraud detection systems and much more are added. 

Business Benefits of Stake Clone Script

White Label Branding

Customize the script based on your branding requirements with complete white-label customization options. and launch it into the market under your own brand name. 

Faster Market Entry

Building an online casino and sports betting platform is more simple than ever with our readymade stake clone script. Our prebuilt functionality makes no need for development from scratch just customize and make it live.

Reduced Development Cost

Development cost can be reduced to almost one third when developing with a white label solution compared to developing an online casino platform from scratch. 

Compliance With Gaming Regulations

Never worry about the regulatory compliance when building with our Stake clone script as our experts have obtained proper license and implemented all security features to maintain data privacy. 

Why Start an Online Casino Business like Stake?

Global Reach 

Users around the world are attracted to online casino games as they provide an opportunity to earn an extra income. So building a casino platform can help you enter the market of worldwide audiences exponentially expanding your user base.

Wide Range of Games 

There are some drawbacks in physical casinos where the games are limited and players can enjoy a variety of games at one place whereas in online casinos you can add ‘n’ number of games so that players can play their favorite games. 

High Revenue Potential

The number of users for online casino games is expected to reach 129 million by 2029 and the revenue for the online casino market is expected to reach US$36.69bn by the end of 2024.  This shows the future growth of this market. Investing in this ever growing business can generate huge revenue in a short span of time. 

Proven Business Model

Stake is one of the largest crypto casino platforms with a revenue of $2.6 billion in 2023. This shows the success of Stake’s business model and starting a similar business can provide great profitability.

Where to Get the Best Stake Clone Script?

Appticz is one of the leading players in the field of Online casino and sports betting platform development. With deep expertise in blockchain our developers integrate cryptocurrencies to help people make use of digital currencies. Whether you need to develop an online casino from scratch or with the help of Crypto casino script we can help you with both. 

What We Include in Our White Label Stake Clone Package?

1. Stake Clone Source Code

2. Powerful Admin Panel

3. Stake Clone Website

4. App for Android and iOS

How to Get Started with Stake Clone Script?

Launching your own online casino platform is now easier than ever compared to building from scratch. Here is the step by step process to get started,

Contact Us

Reach out to our experts and discuss your business requirements. 

Demo and Consultation

Our experts will show you the live demo of our stake clone solution and explain how it works. Now you will have a complete understanding of our offerings.


With the help of our experts you can customize the script to add a new feature or functionality or update the existing one based on your business needs. 


Once the customization is done the platform will proceed for testing. Now the platform will be tested end to end to check whether the platform functions as intended. Our experts proceed with the deployment and launch the platform.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Once the platform has been deployed we will provide continuous support and update the platform periodically to ensure it runs on all upgraded versions smoothly.

Ready to launch your own Online Casino and sports betting platform like Stake? Contact us to schedule a live demo and get started with your project now!


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Stake Clone Script - Launch Your Own Online Casino & Sports Betting Platform

Stake Clone Script is a white label online casino software that lets entrepreneurs to launch their own crypto casino and sports betting platform similar to Stake.


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