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Zomato clone app empowers entrepreneurs to start their own on-demand food delivery app like Zomato. Streamline your startup with food delivery solutions.

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Kickstart Your Food Delivery Business With Zomato Clone 

Are you looking to kickstart your own food delivery business but don’t know how to do it? Building a fully customized Zomato clone can be a great way to enter this highly competitive market and take on the big shots. In this busy-running world where people hate waiting in long queues no matter whether it is for food, outfits, medicine, or cosmetics, online food delivery apps like Zomato can help them get what they want in no time with just a few clicks. 

By helping people out in their most critical time on time, especially while ordering food, you can grow your food delivery business by reaching out to new customers and boosting the volume of your sales. Food delivery apps like Zomato can meet your customer needs on time and amp their comfort to a few notches higher, thereby contributing to the progressive growth of your food business. 

What Is A Zomato Clone App? 

The Zomato clone app is a mobile application that mirrors the features and functionalities of a popular food delivery platform like Zomato. This clone app is designed to offer a similar user experience to users and restaurant partners as Zomato gives by replicating its business model. 

Like Zomato, it offers a comprehensive list of restaurants and food items for users to choose from based on various criteria such as price range, location, cuisine types, and customer reviews. It simplifies the whole ordering process including searching or browsing restaurants and food menus, placing food orders, and making payments quickly. 

When you opt for the Zomato clone app, you can customize the already proven business model with various options to match your unique business requirements. Launching a food delivery business with a Zomato clone can be a profitable opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for convenient dining solutions. 

Why Invest In Zomato Clone Script? 

With so many food delivery apps available in the market, you might be wondering why go for Zomato when it comes to creating a clone app for the food delivery business. 

Founded in 2008, Zomato is the most popular food delivery app. It offers a robust platform that connects customers with local restaurants, providing a wide range of cuisines and dishes to choose from. Focusing solely on online food ordering and delivery, it has partnered with numerous restaurants to offer customers improved services on time. 

According to the stats, there are over 80 million active users as of March 2023. Currently, it is present in over 24 countries and 3200+ cities with a 55% market share in the food-serving business. 

According to Statista, Zomato was the most popular online food delivery application worldwide in 2023, with over 52 million downloads. 

Being the dominant market player in recent years, Zomato has reported a revenue of over 55 billion Indian rupees in the financial year 2022. 

Investing in a Zomato clone script allows businesses to use the already proven business model of Zomato, replicating their core functionalities. You can easily enter the market and capitalize on emerging opportunities. 

How Does Zomato Clone Work? 

Creating a Zomato clone involves replicating the core functionalities of the original Zomato app while customizing certain aspects to suit your specific requirements. Here is a breakdown of how a Zomato clone typically works.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard serves as the central control panel for managing the entire platform. It allows administrators to perform various functions such as managing user accounts, restaurant listings, orders, payments, and deliveries. 

User Registration & Profile Creation 

First, users must register on the platform to fully access its features. Registration typically involves providing basic information such as name, email address, and phone number. Upon registration, users can create profiles based on their role.

Searching & Ordering Food

Users can browse through a comprehensive list of restaurants and food items using search filters such as cuisine type, location, price range, and ratings. Once they find a restaurant and select their desired items from the menu, they can place an order.

Order Confirmation 

After placing an order, users receive a confirmation notification with details such as estimated delivery/pickup time and order summary. The restaurant also receives the order information and confirms its readiness to fulfill the order.

Payment Processing 

Users can choose from various payment options such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or cash on delivery. The platform securely processes payments, deducts any applicable fees or commissions, and notifies both the user and the restaurant once the payment is successful.

Delivery Or Pickup 

For delivery orders, the platform assigns the order to available delivery personnel based on proximity to the restaurant and delivery location. Delivery personnel receive order details and navigation assistance to reach the restaurant, pick up the order, and deliver it to the customer's specified address. Alternatively, customers can opt for pickup if they prefer to collect their orders themselves.

User Reviews And Ratings 

After receiving their orders, customers can rate their overall experience and provide feedback on the quality of food, delivery service, and overall satisfaction. These reviews and ratings help other users make informed decisions when choosing restaurants and assist administrators in maintaining service quality standards.

Features Of Zomato App Clone 

Creating a Zomato app clone involves replicating the core features and functionalities of the original Zomato platform while also customizing certain aspects to suit specific business requirements. Here's a detailed overview of the features typically found in each component of a Zomato app clone. 

1. Customer App 

Here is a list of features for the customer app of the Zomato clone app. 


Users can create accounts or log in using email, phone numbers, or social media credentials to access the app's features.

Advanced Search Filters

Enables users to refine restaurant search results based on criteria such as cuisine type, location, price range, ratings, and dietary preferences.

Order Tracking 

Real-time tracking of orders from placement to delivery, allowing users to monitor the status of their orders.

Place Orders 

Users can browse restaurant menus, select items, customize orders, and place them for delivery or pickup.

Multiple Payment Methods

Support for various payment options including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and cash on delivery, providing users with flexibility and convenience.

Review and Rating

Users can leave reviews and ratings for restaurants and delivery experiences, helping other users make informed decisions.

2. Restaurant App 

Here is a list of features for the restaurant app of the Zomato clone app. 

Profile Creation 

Restaurants can create and manage profiles with details such as menu items, prices, operating hours, and location.

Accept/Reject Orders 

Restaurants can accept or reject incoming orders based on availability, ensuring efficient order management.

Push Notifications 

Instant notifications for new orders, order updates, and promotional messages, keeping restaurants informed and engaged.

Menu Management 

Allows restaurants to easily manage their menus, add new items, update prices, and mark items as unavailable.

Manage Promos and Deals 

Restaurants can create and manage promotional offers, discounts, and deals to attract customers and drive sales.

Live Tracking of Driver 

Real-time tracking of delivery personnel enroute to pick up orders, ensuring accurate delivery times and efficient order fulfillment.

3. Delivery Personnel 

Here is a list of features for the delivery personnel app of the Zomato clone app. 

Easy Onboarding 

Simple registration process for delivery personnel to join the platform and start accepting delivery requests.

Order Notification

Instant notification of new delivery assignments with order details, ensuring timely order pickup and delivery. 

Share Availability 

Delivery personnel can indicate their availability status, allowing them to manage their workload effectively.


Ability to communicate with customers or restaurants via call or chat for order-related queries or updates, facilitating smooth order fulfillment.

Daily Earning Reports 

Access to reports that provide insights into daily earnings, allowing delivery personnel to track their performance and earnings.

Route Optimization 

Utilizes GPS technology to provide optimized delivery routes, minimizing delivery times and maximizing efficiency.

4. Admin Panel 

Here is a list of features found on the admin panel of the Zomato clone app. 

Restaurant Management 

Admins can manage restaurant listings, profiles, and permissions, ensuring accurate and up-to-date restaurant information.

Category Management 

Create, edit, or delete food categories for better organization and navigation within the app.

Feedback Management 

Monitor and respond to user feedback and complaints, maintaining service quality and user satisfaction.

Payment and Commission Management  

Admins can manage payment transactions, commission rates, and payouts to restaurants and delivery personnel.

Real-Time Updates and Alerts 

Receive real-time notifications and alerts regarding order status, payment issues, and platform updates, ensuring smooth operation of the app.

Analyzing and Reporting

Access analytics and generate reports on key metrics such as user engagement, order volume, revenue, and performance, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.

Benefits Of Zomato Clone App Development 

Developing a Zomato clone app can offer numerous benefits, making it an attractive option for those looking to enter the food delivery market. Here are some of the key advantages. 

Rapid Market Entry 

Instead of starting from zero, a Zomato clone app lets you jump into the food delivery market fast. You can use the same features and designs as Zomato, saving time and getting your app out there faster.


Making a Zomato clone is cheaper than starting from scratch. You can use the same code and tools that Zomato used, cutting down on development costs. Additionally, you don't need to spend as much on design and development because Zomato is already popular.

High-Quality Code

Since you are replicating the features of the Zomato app, you can learn from their coding. This means your app can be well-made and work smoothly, just like Zomato's does. As a result, the clone app can benefit from high-quality code architecture, ensuring robust performance, scalability, and maintainability.

Rapid Conversion Rate 

Because Zomato is so well-known, people are more likely to use your app if it looks like Zomato. They are familiar with how it works, so they will feel comfortable using your app too. The recognizable user interface, features, and functionalities help drive user engagement and increase conversion rates, leading to quicker returns on investment.

Streamlined Operations 

By replicating the proven business model of Zomato, clone app developers can streamline operations and eliminate the need for extensive trial and error. By copying their methods, you can avoid making mistakes and keep things running smoothly from the start.

Proven Business Model 

Zomato has been successful, so you can replicate their business model and strategies. This gives you a head start and makes it more likely that your app will succeed too. Also, you can tweak things to fit your own goals and customers.

What Does the Zomato Clone Package Offer? 

The Zomato Clone Package offers a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to launch their own online food delivery platform similar to Zomato. Here is an overview of what the package typically includes. 

1. 100% Source Code 

2. Zomato Website Clone 

3. Zomato Clone PHP Script 

4. Customer Android/iOS App 

5. Delivery Personnel Android/iOS App 

6. Restaurant Web Panel 

7. Super Admin Panel 

8. Food Ordering Website 

9. Website/App Upgrades

Why Choose Appticz For Food Delivery App Development?

Appticz is a top food delivery app development company known for delivering feature-rich food delivery script to develop a customized food delivery apps. We possess extensive experience and expertise in creating robust and scalable platforms tailored to the unique needs of your business. We leverage innovative tools and techniques to deliver unparalleled user experience. 

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring our clients' satisfaction, aiming to surpass expectations through timely delivery, adherence to budget constraints, and maintaining the highest quality standards in our project execution. If you have any idea of developing a food delivery app like Zomato, then reach out to us. With Appticz as your development partner and the trusted on demand app development services that you can create a successful and thriving on-demand food delivery platform by using the powerful zomato clone app that stands out in the market.


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