Uber for Tow Trucks App: Stand as a Sustainable Business Model in Towing Industry

Do you want to expand your towing business with a reliable online solution? The Appticz road assistance app developed with uber for tow trucks script is what you need.

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What is Uber for Tow Trucks App?

The Uber for Tow Trucks app is an innovative platform that allows towing businesses to offer online towing services. With this platform enabled, users can book a tow truck and get recovered with a few taps on their smartphones. The increase in people using vehicles eventually increases the probability of vehicle breakdowns, crashes, and so on. This on-demand roadside assistance app can be handy and provide a hassle-free recovery.

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In What Ways Does an On-Demand Roadside Assistance App Increase Business Profits?

When comparing the previous decades, the global market for towing services has experienced enormous expansion. Even though the internet is an integral part of daily life, it became crucial for eager startups, towing business owners, and entrepreneurs to enter the on-demand roadside assistance industry.

The only solution for towing business owners to conquer online customers is the Uber for tow trucks app. Due to this, the platform has a significant impact on the global market for the roadside assistance industry. So having your own towing app for your business will expand your customer base and increase the service range in a short span of time. By availing offers and promos you can spike up the revenue of your towing business and stand out among your competitors.

What Do You Get With Our Uber For Towing App?

Appticz provides you with the following trinity of mobile applications which are integrated to each other and work flawlessly.

Truck Driver App

With a wide variety of exceptional features, the towing truck driver app is accessible on both the android and iOS operating systems. They can utilize the application to regulate, accept/reject bookings.

Features in Driver’s App

Accept/Decline Booking:

Through their intuitive interface, towing truck drivers can accept or reject the bookings. They have the privilege of accepting which type of towing service they are willing to provide.

Owner’s Wallet:

Owners of trucks may receive vehicle charges in their digital wallets from drivers' digital wallets. Additionally, they have access to ready cash, cards, and online banking.

Payment Info:

The truck driver receives the cost of the travel expenses separately after the task is completed. Through this option, towing truck owners can also see payment history.

Customer App

By signing in using a mail id or mobile number, customers can access the various towing functionalities listed in the mobile application. One can select from varieties of towing vehicles, payment modes, keep an eye on estimation arrival time, and so on.

Features in Customer’s App

Ratings & Reviews:

Customers can provide feedback at the end of the task based on their experiences. This can help other customers with the services in the specified locations. 

Reach Driver on Call:

In case of a delayed response from the mobile application, the customer can call the driver and know about the status and estimated arrival time.

Multiple Payment Options:

Customers can select from a wide range of payment options listed on the app. This can be much helpful for the customer by selecting their preferred payment option.

Admin Panel

A user-friendly admin interface provides a smooth working process. Customer management, driver management, vehicle management, among many other tasks, are all managed by the administrator through the admin panel.

Features in Admin Panel:

Rocking Dashboard:

The administrator's dashboard is astounding and includes information on customers and drivers, service history, payment histories, etc. Our intuitive dashboard gives the administrator a bird's-eye view of business operations.

Push Notifications:

The admin can push notifications regarding emergency situations like a driver’s late arrival, cannot provide service at the selected location, and so on.

Block People:

The admin can block or ban a driver or a user from entirely using the uber for tow truck app because of spammy or rude behaviors. Thus keeping the platform active and connected.

How Does An Uber For Towing App Work?

Using the Uber for tow trucks customer mobile application, the customer can register and log in.

 With the listed towing services on the specified location, he or she can select the service needed and book the request. 

 The service request is linked to the admin panel and drivers app. The nearby driver can accept this request if he/she is willing to go for the recovery. 

 The admin dashboard updates with the new task with all the customer details, driver details, vehicle details, and the service requested. Admin can view the location of both customer and driver in real-time.

 Once the towing service is completed, the driver can update the status in his uber for towing driver mobile application. The request is linked to the admin dashboard.

 The admin can view the timing, route taken, pickup and drop-off location in the dashboard anytime and send it to the customer for future reference.

 The customer app then takes to the payment gateway, he/she pays for the service requested and gives the service provider a review.

 The admin, who has access to the admin web panel, is responsible for overseeing these entire business operations.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Earn Money With Uber For Tow Truck App

Waiting Charge

The user may be charged for waiting time at the end of the trip. Waiting charges can also be charged between the time the driver arrives at the pickup location and the start of the trip.

Refer and Earn

In order to receive referral payments, both the user and the driver can refer the mobile applications to their friends. The administrator can reward existing customers and attract valuable customers through this method.

Membership Plans

By using the membership privilege option to open up different facilities, both customers and providers have the ability to upgrade the account. You can charge few bucks for this membership account.

Peak Hours

The cost of customer trips is impacted by peak pricing, which is nothing more than surge pricing. The demand for a particular trip in a location or natural factors like rain is some of the causes of peak pricing.

Place Ads

A towing truck provider can extend their services in certain locations or at convenient times by employing this option for banner advertising. You can also opt out of relevant third-party ads like tyre brands, repair shops, etc,.

Reasons To Choose Appticz Over Others For Your Towing Business

In order to develop an on-demand Uber for tow truck app, proficient programming skills are essential. The platform must be compatible with any operating system you choose, the development process uses the most recent software and tools. As there is an arduous process behind it, Appticz is the leading Software development company that offers a ready-made on-demand Uber for tow truck app, which is highly responsive and scalable. It is a script with all the essential features and functionalities which is easily modifiable to the client's requirements. Tho you can find many on-demand developers online, you need a reputed company and credibility to develop your project as this is going to be your online asset for your business. So choosing the right mobile app development company can ensure your success.


Roadside issues happen often, despite the fact that numerous vehicle connectivity solutions help people avoid them. Most users are searching for reputable towing and roadside assistance services given their hopeless condition on the roads. Because of this, there is a persistent rise in the demand for these services. In order to benefit from these rising demands, Appticz can help towing businesses update their business operations with a sophisticated Uber for tow truck app.

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