Pixelverse Clone Script

Pixelverse clone script is a readymade and white-label play-to-earn game built with advanced features and functionalities to operate similarly to the Pixelverse game.

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What is Pixelverse Clone Script?

A Pixelverse clone script is a set of software designed to replicate the functionality and features of the original Pixelverse. Blockchain-based play-to-earn platform includes pixel art, NFTs, and gaming elements. Play-to-earn ecosystem in which players discover a neon-lit world, engage in battles, complete quests and earn PIXFI tokens through a customizable and evolving 2D world. Using a Pixelverse clone script can be a strategic move to efficiently and effectively enter the thriving market of digital art and NFTs, leveraging the strengths of a tried-and-true platform while customizing it to create a distinct user experience.

Overview - Pixelverse

Pixelverse is a cyberpunk-themed video game ecosystem in which players can explore the neon-lit world of Xenon, and participate in battles. Pixelverse community attracted over 15 million users in its first month of launch. Players earn PIXFI tokens through quests and combat, which adds a rewarding element to their immersive adventure. Pixelverse aims to create a vibrant community by connecting NFT communities, integrating DeFi elements, and facilitating third-party development. It provides economic opportunities through its player-driven economy and P2E play-to-earn business model.

PIXFI Token 

PIXFI is the native token of pixel verse. Plays a primary role in gameplay, including serving as the gaming currency, assisting NFT transactions, and acting as a gas token on Pixelverse’s patent blockchain network, Pixelchain.

How Does Pixelverse Clone Work?

The Pixelverse clone script works similarly to the original cyberpunk-themed Pixelverse game, allowing users to create, manage, and trade pixel art and NFTs. 

User Registration

Users can create profiles using email, social accounts, or cryptocurrency wallets. The user profile allows for pixel art, NFTs, and transactions to be managed.

Pixel Art Creation

A User. Can create a portion of pixel art by using the tools that the platform provides by navigating to the pixel art editor. User can leave the art to their profile.

NFT Minting

The user chooses a piece of pixel art from their profile that want to mint as an NFT. Begin with the minting process which interacts with the best suitable blockchain to make a NFT. It is stored on IPFS and the token is generated.

NFT Sale

The user can list their newly minted NFT on the marketplace. Once, set the price for an NFT to start an auction, then Your NFT is visible to all the users on the marketplace.

Buying an NFT

Another user can purchase NFT on the marketplace. The buyer (user) can complete the transaction using cryptocurrency. Once payment is transferred to the seller NFT ownership is transferred to the buyer.

Key Features of Pixelverse Clone Script


Bots are programmable companions in Pixelverse that help with tasks and combat. Customize your bots with various parts including skills, and attributes, then level them up by caring for them. Each bot is an NFT with attributes and characteristics that represent your progress within the ecosystem. 

Player House

The Player House is your personal space in the Pixelverse platform, where you can embellish, invite other players/ users, and manage your inventory, dashboard, and marketplace.


Quests are missions that can be completed to advance the story, discover new areas, and earn rewards. Quests can also feature new characters and groups.

Arena Battles

Challenge other players or NPCs in turn-based arena battles with your bots and their respective skills. Winning arena battles earns you rewards and helps you build your reputation on the play-to-earn marketplace.

Community Engagement

Community engagement features allow users to follow each other, like, comment on other’s pixel art, and NFTs, and share creations. Also active in every play to earn community and forum discussion.


P2E game includes airdrop features in which players can earn PIXFI tokens by joining in various missions and activities and creating avatars

Pixelverse Clone Script Cost

The cost of starting blockchain-based play to earn gaming platforms depends on the client's unique requirements and goals. The price range for a ready-made pixelverse clone script falls between $4,000 - $10,000. If you want to develop a play-to-earn gaming platform from scratch for both Android and iOS the the development cost is a little bit higher than choosing the clone script.

Always, the price of the cyberpunk theme-based P2E gaming platform depends upon the major factors including the client choosing the UI, What type of blockchian network they want to integrate it, cryptocurrency wallet, payment, API integration, what type of technology used, NFT marketplace and so on., 

Monetizing Strategies for Pixelverse Clone Script

In Game Purchase

Boost your Pixelverse-like P2E game revenue by offering digital items, rare collectibles, NFTs, and more. Improve the user experience and engagement by offering limited-time offers and rewards. Tap into the demand for customization and drive continuous growth and profitability.

Advertisements & Sponserships

Maximize your P2E business revenue through advertising and sponsorships by collaborating with multiple brands for in-game ads and events. Leverage user engagements to make a campaign that benefits both the game and sponsors.


A subscription system to improve the revenue-generating opportunities by offering premium access, and exclusive content. Provide a tiered subscription plan that allows different users to play on your marketplace.

Marketplace & Trading

Generating revenue through a dynamic marketplace and trading system that enables players to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets and NFTs. Capitalized on player exchange and creating a thriving virtual economy.


Drive revenue for your pixel verse-like play to earn game business through crowdfunding by engaging your community in funding new features, and expansion. Make a sense of ownership and investment among multiple users that drive your business's loyalty and long-term growth.

Benefits of Pixelverse Clone Software

Cost and Time Efficiency

Pixelverse clone script provides a ready-made framework, significantly reducing the time required to develop the platform from scratch

Customization and Scalability

Pixelverse clone scripts are typically designed to be customizable, allowing you to tailor the platform's features, design, and functionality to meet specific requirements.

Proven Business Model

Leverage a proven business model with the established p2e market demand including the demand for pixel art and nft by closing a popular play-to-earn platform like pixelverse. 

Revenue Streams

Make more money through multiple channels including transactions, advertising, sponsorship, premium membership, and so on., Monetize add-on features in platform purchases such as NFT minting options, marketplace listing, and art tools.

Community Building

Engage users and build community-related pixel art and NFT options. Easy to integrate events, contests, and challenges to keep traders/users active and invested in the play-to-earn platform.

Why Choose Appticz For Pixelverse Clone?

Appticz is a trusted play-to-earn game development company that provides power-packed game development services with gaming solutions. We delivered P2E gaming projects on time all over the world. We are the pioneers in developing P2E games similar to Pixelverse, Axie Infinity, and more. Our dedicated developers make use of Web 3.0 technology to build play-to-earn games that meet clients’ business requirements cent percent.

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