Role of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Planning to build a mobile app that stays ahead of the innovation? Explore the role of Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development and how it benefits businesses.

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In recent years, a lot of people have seen artificial intelligence in their day-to-day lifestyles in many forms, such as personal assistants, chatbots, search engines, generative AI, online navigation maps, online shopping, recommendation systems, smart home devices, robotics, and many other possibilities of using AI based on the industry.

According to a study by Grand View Research, the artificial intelligence market is projected to reach 84.97 billion USD by 2030. These statistics show that numbers have grown with the help of people using the latest technologies and gadgets, like 5G and IoT devices.

Now AI is stepping down into mobile app development criteria. Also, many consumers hope and believe they will use artificial intelligence in their daily use of mobile apps. Being the leading AI mobile app development company we have researched about artificial intelligence and created this informative resource to benefit our readers. In this blog we will dive into the role of Artificial Intelligence AI in Mobile app development, Benefits of AI based app development and how to create an AI app in 2024.  

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Before, AI implementation in mobile apps hadn’t gotten perpetual data to collect required data from mobile phones, such as location, contacts, and daily user actions, identify bug glitches to enhance user engagement, and solve complex problems. But now, in advance, integrating artificial intelligence into mobile apps has established flawless handling, figuring out, and solving data problems. AI helps businesses collect, segregate, and analyze the available data on user behavior and user interaction with the concerned mobile app.

Further, AI will help your augmented reality apps improve your app platform in terms of functionality and user experience. To improve the AR app using AI, you’ll get a better-improved understanding of real-time images and objects that facilitate serving your app experience in a more intelligent, responsive, and usable way.

A lot of businesses and big companies have already adapted AI technology into their businesses which benefits their businesses by allowing them to get rid of excessive work burden and focus more on other productive activities.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Application Development

A lot of entrepreneurs want to adapt AI technology to their businesses but have no idea how to address it or proceed to develop the desired mobile app. We list out ideas, and you’ll get a proper way.

Automating Business Tasks

AI is an automated technology, so you will set up a program for your work, and then AI will do your tasks. So that revokes the human workload and error, and you should focus on putting your productivity on other platforms like customer handling, planning your business future, marketing, and other operations. Some examples of how AI automation works include collecting and storing data from one system to another, changing or updating user data with new conditions, and a lot more.

Enabling Personalized Recommendations

Most business use cases in AI are for personalized recommendations because AI-powered mobile apps collect and give a lot of data and analyze user behaviors and actions. All of these will help to uplift customer engagement and user satisfaction and widely improve the user experience.

Data Analysis and Insights

AI algorithms handle large amounts of data and analyze, to sum up, to give insightful data that will help you make an important decision for your business. This data interpretation is challenging for humans because it takes a lot of time, and there isn't always a possibility to include the data. 

This data analysis feature is merely for decision-making, knowing customer behavior, calculating business performance, and determining market trends. In some criteria, data analysis will be helpful for the business, such as forecasting user expectations about your services, providing a personalized experience for each user, and earlier acknowledging problems when they occur.

Preserve your funds and use other constructive ways

Adopting AI will automate your operations effectively and efficiently, which will also effectively reduce your business spending. AI reforms your business operation, resource allocation, etc.

Improve Data Security

Every business threat is about data security and monitoring vulnerable activities. For this purpose, AI is vital to firewall cyber-security by detecting and preventing unauthorized activity. Helping businesses preserve sensitive data and entirely maintain a secured IT infrastructure.

Industries that Use Artificial Intelligence for App Development

Now and in the upcoming years, the usage of AI will scale up in more industries. Being more innovative and undergoing advanced digital transformation is one way for businesses to expand their journey to the next stage by using AI mobile apps. We list out the leading industries that will benefit from using artificial intelligence for their mobile applications. 

1. Retail and E-commerce 

2. Finance and Banking

3. Healthcare and Pharma

4. Transportation and Logistics

5. Media and Entertainment

6. Education and Learning

Many industries are adopting AI in their business and leveraging the benefit of Artificial intelligence to a greater extent. If your business needs to implement Ai into their process it is wise to choose the best app development company that is well versed in providing AI solutions. 

Benefits of Using AI in Mobile App Development

AI-powered mobile apps are bundled with many benefits that make your business thrive. Here, we are listing out the major features, such as


In business, AI automates the process in many forms. However, most businesses use AI for customer relationship management to provide replies with smart suggestions while on a chat platform. Utilizing these pre-defined replies saves time in giving relevant answers to the clients. Real-life examples are Gmail, Google Messenger, and a lot more companies that have already incorporated smart replies for their businesses.

Real-time Translators

Establish AI technology in your mobile app so you can translate or transcribe other language words to your desired language. So that’s why you should break the language barrier for your customers in both online and offline working modes. For example: Samsung introduced its flagship model, the S24 series smartphone, which will also be capable of making a voice call or voice recorder app that will give output for translating your desired language in real-time. Also, with the Google Pixel 6 on later devices, you can use the same live text and audio conversations.

Enhanced App Security

AI-powered mobile apps monitor and prevent suspicious activities like data breaches, and cyberattacks and role play as a firewall for user data security. That allows for a smoother user experience while authenticating on your platform.

Understand user behavior patterns and emotion recognition

In this stage, businesses can use AI to leverage their business to understand consumer behavior, such as what content people are looking for, what actions people have taken in the past, and other things based on their customized needs. Further, read the human’s facial emotes and voice interaction to monitor while using an app or consuming content in a mobile app. Above, there are all the ways to collect your user data to enhance your business's ability to interpret data to provide user-centric content recommendations for its users.

Getting Started With AI Based App Development

Above, we mentioned our guides, challenges, and costs, which hopefully give you an idea for your own dedicated AI mobile app. To leverage the benefits of AI to implement your business, reach the segment-leading AI mobile app development company. To deliberate your ideas and plans with our team, they will develop your desired customized AI mobile app with the best mobile app development frameworks that sorts out your problems and outperforms your business in the next stage.

How Much Does AI App Development Cost?

In general, AI is a new-gen technology, and to accept its development cost, it is a bit more expensive than the normal cost to build a mobile app. The higher cost is the only reason this AI technology is an advanced and new thing, so app developers have to face many more complexities. Usually, the average expense of AI mobile app development is divided into three stages,

Basic Level - $30,000 to $50,000

Moderate Level of AI features - $50,000 to $1,50,000

Highly complex AI Apps - above $1,50,000.

Although AI app development costs are determined by a lot of factors, such as the implementation of a lot of features and complexities, the location of AI app developers, the integration of 3rd party APIs, and the type of AI features you want to build (machine learning, generative AI, voice recognition, and automation purposes).

How Does Appticz Help in Artificial Intelligence App Development?

Appticz is a superior AI mobile app development company with a decade of experience in this mobile app development field. Our services will help striving startup companies get more technologically advanced with the adoption of the latest AI technology. Although we always stay technologically one step ahead of other tech aspirants, we have dedicated Android app developers and iOS mobile app developers who are there if you have opted to hire our dedicated developer to accomplish your dream AI mobile app development. To express your thoughts and ideas about AI app development, our experts are skilled at providing these services at a top-notch level.


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