Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2024

Planning to build a mobile app? Confused on which mobile app framework is best? Here is a complete article on top mobile app development frameworks in 2024 that can guide you in your app development journey.

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Today’s marketplace makes the business owners to realize that the internet is playing a vital role in reaching out to the users. The best and instant way to interact with the users whenever needed is possible with a dedicated mobile app to the business. While building those applications, considering the framework is very important through which the applications performance, User interface, security will be defined. 

By understanding the needs, choosing the best framework for mobile app development is the crucial task. So we have analysed the best mobile app frameworks in 2024 and come up with the top mobile application development frameworks.

What are Different Kinds of Apps?

As there are different kinds of mobile app development processes you can choose any of them to turn your mobile app ideas in to a reality. Based on the platform the technologies and frameworks can vary. 

Native Mobile Apps

Apps that are built in such a way that it could run only on a particular Operating System(Android, iOS,Windows) on which it was meant to be operated. While the application is developed dedicatedly to work on a specific platform the application can use the full potential of the OS features in it. 

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Apps that are developed to run on any operating system in a flexible way. These apps could not be able to use the full utilities of the OS features. When comparing the others developing time and cost is much lower in this development method.

Progressive Web Apps

This is a website that looks like a mobile app and provides the same kind of user experience while being used in all kinds of devices without any change. With its less storage usage it can be accessed from with only a desktop icon.It can be shared as a URL and can be accessed through any browsers.  Even in offline some features can be accessible in this kind of application. 

These are the major types of apps you can create for your business. The programming languages, frameworks and cost to develop a mobile app can vary based on the types of app you are looking to develop. so below we have listed the best frameworks for app development that can help you choose one.

Top Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2024

Here are the most widely used mobile app development frameworks as of 2024,

1. Flutter

A portable toolkit developed by Google is Flutter. From a single code concept you can build apps for all the top platforms like Android, iOS, Windows. You can build interactive apps that are supported in web pages and desktops. With its  pre-built and pre-designed UI provides an easy way to compose the user interface of an application.

Top Apps Built using Flutter

1. Google Pay

2. Dream 11

3. Instagram

2. React Native

React Native UI software framework is created by Meta . With the ability to develop an app which includes the capabilities  to work on Android, Android TV, iOS , macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows and UWP platforms while developing. Integrating API and third-party plugins is an easy way through this React-Native. 

Top Apps Built using React Native

1. Instagram

2. Facebook

3. Uber Eats

3. Xamarin

This open-source platform is created by Microsoft, by single share code format in this framework can be built for Android, iOS, and Windows Platforms in a single stretch. This totally reduces hardware compatibility problems.

Top Apps Built using Xamarin

1. FreshDirect

2. Microsoft news

3. Oro

4. Ionic

Ionic, one of the most popular cross platform frameworks, Apps which are developed using this framework perform like a native app and perform a highly interactive one. 

Top Apps Built using Ionic

1. MarketWatch

2. Sanvello

3. Calla

5. Swiftic 

Rather than developing from scratch  for integrating new features, swiftic allows programmers to integrate it from the internet. This framework provides  strong integration is provided with addon to simple navigation.

6. Sencha Ext JS

Formerly known as Sencha which is a cross-platform mobile development structure. This framework can manage millions of data, has an adjustable layout system and provides graphical data representation.

7. NativeScript

The app which is built with this native script makes the app to be developed natively.  JavaScript and CSS plays a vital role here to ensure native-like experience. It is a JIT compiled framework. Though Android and iOS apps are built from a single codebase and produce the performance with 100% direct access to dedicated iOS and Android APIs.

Top Apps Built using Nativescript

1. Sworkit

2. Instant Pot

3. Untappd

8. Onsen UI

An efficient framework to build HTML5 hybrid and mobile web apps is possible via onsen. This development is cost effective and time efficient than other frameworks. Optimized especially for mobile app service. Instant UI setup.

9. Apache Cordova

Where the developers can use their HTML, CSS and JavaScript content to create their native application in various platforms can be built using Cordova frameworks. This Apache Cordova previously called PhoneGap is owned by Adobe Systems. In this framework via cloud service developers can share the app development process to gain reviews.

Top Apps Built using Apache Cordova

1. JustWatch

2. FanReact

3. Sworkit

10. JQuery Mobile

Interface based on HTML5, suitable for developing applications for all kinds of devices - platform. JQuery provides a single highly-branded responsive website/app to work on all kinds of devices.

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Choosing the Best Framework for Mobile App Development in 2024

Lots of businesses have chosen frameworks for their app development process and successfully made out their business. Choosing the wise framework in the wide opportunity is important. We have mentioned the best frameworks and there are still a lot more out there. Choosing the best one based on your app development needs is the important thing that gives you success in your app development journey. 

If you still confused about choosing the framework for your mobile application development? Reach out to us and get a consultation from our app experts. We Appticz is the Best mobile app development company in India providing end-to-end app solutions for all kinds of businesses and industries in an effective way that helps you launch your mobile app and attain success.


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