TapSwap Clone Script

TapSwap clone script is a white-label tap-to-earn game built with advanced features and functionalities to operate similarly to the TapSwap game.

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What Is TapSwap Clone Script?

TapSwap clone script is a pre-built software solution designed to mimic the features of the well-known Telegram tap-to-earn game, TapSwap. It is made to help those who want to build their own tap-to-earn game quickly without much investment. This clone script works the same way as TapSwap and has all the features you may find in the original platform. You can also customize them by adding unique features to match your specific business requirements. 

With the fast evolution of the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, one trend gaining widespread popularity is Tap-to-earn games like TapSwap. Its simple tap-to-earn mechanics drive everyone to join the game and earn money. Also, it is brimming with numerous possibilities to boost your revenue. TapSwap clone script presents a golden opportunity to position your game in this booming market. So why wait? Approach a clone script provider to build your T2E game like TapSwap. 

How Does TapSwap Clone Work?

TapSwap clone script works similar to the way most tap-to-earn games do with slight differences in the tasks and rewards it offers. To begin with, players need to head to the TapSwap Telegram bot. 

There they can start playing by tapping the button till they run out of energy limit. There are other ways to refill energy bars such as daily boosters. These boosters require players to have either another round of tapping or continuous 20 seconds of tapping.

If players follow TapSwap's account on social media or invite new players to the game through referral links, it will provide them with extra coins, boost their energy bar, and speed up progress. Once they get 200,000 coins, they can invest it in the bit that will automatically earn them tokens.    

Features Of Our TapSwap Clone Software 

We include unique features in the TapSwap clone software that keep your players deeply invested in your game and returning for more. Here is a list of features that differentiate your game from others. 

Daily Bonus and Boosters 

Our TapSwap clone script comes with various daily bonuses and boosters that offer players the chance to earn more coins. This feature could draw in more players and profit your gaming business. 

NFT Integration 

Game characters in this game are represented as NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) that can be bought, sold, or traded on the NFT market. Players can also exchange their exclusive digital assets for other cryptocurrencies. 

Referral Program 

The referral program is one of the features that help you grow your player base. Players can invite their friends and family to join the platform and earn coins in return. 

Character Customization 

Character customization allows players to change their avatars the way they want. They can customize them with various outfits and accessories to make them unique. 

Cross-Platform Compatibility 

Our clone script is compatible with a variety of platforms including, iOS, Android, or web browsers. This allows players to access the gaming platform from whichever device they want. 

Crypto Market Simulation

TapSwap clone script simulates the real-world crypto market. This allows players to manage digital assets and engage in virtual trading within the game environment. 

Benefits Of Opting For TapSwap Clone 

While choosing a clone script for your tap-to-earn game, it is important to look at whether you get diverse revenue streams, regular updates, and customization options at a nominal rate. We offer all such benefits for our TapSwap clone script. 


TapSwap clone script contains pre-built frameworks and functionalities required to deploy your game. This costs less when compared to designing, developing, and testing your game from the start. 

Speed To Market 

Our clone script has all the necessary features and functionalities already built in. There is no need to develop anything new, enabling rapid deployment and quick entry into the market. 


Our clone script is highly customizable so that you can integrate new features or alter the existing ones to suit your preferences and demands.  This helps you make your game distinct and stand out from the competition. 

Revenue Models 

If you choose our TapSwap clone script, you can utilize its revenue-generating options. You can choose your monetization strategy out of a variety of options available based on your target group. 

Regular Updates

We provide regular updates to your game to make sure it performs well irrespective of different platforms, offer an immersive gaming experience, and keep up with the latest gaming trends. 

Proven Model 

We build the clone script on an already proven business model TapSwap. By adopting a validated concept, you can be rest assured about the success of your game. 

How to Build a Tap-To-Earn Game like TapSwap?

Implementing the TapSwap clone script includes various steps that determine the success of your gaming platform. We follow the below-mentioned steps to build a Tap-to-earn game like TapSwap. 

Research and Planning 

First, we thoroughly analyze the market to identify the trends in the crypto gaming industry. Based on this, we decide how to tailor your clone script that make it stand out from the crowd. 

Customize The Clone Script 

Based on the analysis, we customize your clone script according to your demands. This includes adding exclusive features, introducing new in-game assets, and integrating NFTs to offer a unique gaming experience for your players. 

Set Up The Infrastructure 

In this step, we set up the infrastructure such as servers and databases to ensure seamless game deployment. We check whether it can handle high traffic and offer smooth gameplay. 

Integrate With Telegram 

Next, we integrate your gaming platform with Telegram. It is the most crucial step when it comes to building a Tap-to-earn game. We also check its integration with a wallet to offer seamless transactions for players. 


Before launching the game, we test your game across various platforms and network conditions to check whether it performs without any bugs or glitches. Once everything is fixed, we move on to the next stage. 

Game Launch 

Now is the time to launch your game on multiple app stores. We continuously monitor its performance for a smooth rollout. 

Revenue Models Of Our TapSwap Clone Script 

Here is an overview of the revenue models you can implement using our TapSwap clone script to maximize your earnings.

In-Game Advertising 

Through in-game advertising, you can sell ad space in your game in return get money from advertisers. It serves as your primary revenue stream besides game sales. 

In-App Purchases 

In-app purchases are extra features like daily boosters, power-ups, or in-game assets that you can provide for a certain fee. You can also put on discounts or offers to drive players spending. 

Transaction Fees

Yet another model of generating revenue is transaction fees. You charge a certain percentage fee for each time players use your gaming platform to trade or transfer NFTs, cryptocurrencies, or tokens.

Premium Subscription 

Offering various exclusive perks like ad-free gameplay, bonus rewards, and more in a premium subscription model can also generate a steady flow of income. 

Referral Program 

The referral program helps you boost your player base. Players can refer their friends and family to your game and get rewards. By doing so, you can retain your existing players and attract new ones.  

Why Choose Appticz For TapSwap Clone Script?

Appticz is a renowned game development company known for building scalable and immersive gaming platforms. Our pool of experts who have extensive knowledge in blockchain technology can develop bug-free TapSwap clone scripts that help build your own T2E game.

Our tap-to-earn clone scripts are equipped with a diverse range of features that you can customize to suit your needs. Apart from development, we also assist with customization and integration if you need. Collaborate with a truster provider who offers highly reliable clone scripts at an affordable price.

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