Food Delivery Script - Create an Online Food Ordering and Delivery App

Develop an online food delivery app with our Food delivery script that enables customers to order food from their favourite restaurants easily.

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Food Delivery Script

Food delivery Script is a ready-made script that makes it fast and easy to create a food delivery app like Uber Eats, Doordash, Grubhub etc. Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a food delivery business can make use of this food delivery app script to create an online food ordering and delivery app. 

How Entrepreneurs Can Succeed With Food Delivery Apps?

The food delivery industry is booming and becoming more competitive day by day. The food delivery market is expected to reach $165 billion by 2029. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a more lucrative market to earn more profits then investing in a food delivery app can be the best option to get started. 

Growing Market and User Needs

The food delivery market is growing as the demand for food delivery services are increasing. The use of food delivery apps are increasing as these apps provide a more convenient way to order food from their mobile phones without getting out of their homes.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Food delivery apps help entrepreneurs generate revenues from multiple options such as commissions earned from restaurants, Service and delivery fee from users, Advertisements, Subscription fee etc.

Adoption of Mobile Phones

80% of time spent on mobile phones is spent on apps. This shows how mobile apps have penetrated in the everyday life of people. This presents a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs to launch food delivery apps.

Benefits of Food Delivery Script

Cost Effective Compared to building From Scratch

Building a food delivery app from scratch can be time consuming and results in more development cost as you need a separate development team to do it. Whereas using a food delivery script can reduce the development cost as it was already built and tested without need for testing. Just a few customizations based on your business needs and launch it into the market. 

Increased Visibility for Restaurants

If you are owning a restaurant business then building a food delivery app can increase the visibility of your restaurant to customers around your region. As more people are preferring online orders, being available online for them can keep your restaurant business ahead of your competitors.

Customization Options

Food delivery script offers flexible customization options. It allows you to change the theme, colour, features etc. You don’t need to be techie for customising the script, even a non-techie can easily customize the script based on his business requirements. 

Features of Food Delivery App Script

A successful food delivery app is based on the features it offers to its customers. Based on the successful features we have incorporated many features in our online food delivery script such as,

Customer Panel Features

User Registration

This feature allows users to create and manage their profile information such as Name, Mobile number, Email address, Location etc. We have made it easy for users to easily sign up and login by using their social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook etc.

Search Option

Users can search their favourite restaurant using the search option and can view the menu items listed under the selected restaurant. 

Advanced Filter Option

This option allows users to search for their favourite food and restaurant using the advanced filters such as price range, cuisine type, location, delivery time, and ratings. 

Order Placement

Once the users have selected their food items they can add it to their cart and proceed to order placement.

Multiple Payment Gateway Options

We have integrated multiple payment options into our food delivery app to make it easy for users to pay using their desired option such as Debit/Credit card, UPI, Paypal, Stripe or Cash on Delivery etc. 

Real Time Order Tracking

Customers can monitor and track their delivery in real time on the map integrated within the app. This lets customers know where exactly their food is and when they can expect it to arrive.

Order Cancellation

Customers can cancel their order using this option based on the cancellation  policy of their selected restaurants.

Restaurant Panel Features

Restaurant Registration

Restaurants can register themselves by signing up and updating their information such as Restaurant name, location, timings etc.

Menu Management

Here the restaurants can add their menu items one by one with their names and images.

Order Management

With this feature, restaurants can manage their food orders at ease. They will receive notifications on new orders and they can update the status of the customers order here.

Delivery Management

Restaurants can manage their delivery partners with options such as order tracking, order delivery, payments etc.

Delivery Panel Features

Delivery Personnel Sign Up

Delivery partners can register themselves here by updating information such as profile information, vehicle details, License details etc. 

Availability Option

Delivery persons can set their availability as available or not available using this option. 

Delivery History

This feature provides information about the number of food orders delivered, number of orders refused etc.

Payment History

This option allows delivery personnel to view their earnings received from each order delivered. They can also view the monthly and yearly earnings. 

Business Model of Online Food Ordering Script

Food delivery apps connect restaurants, customers and delivery partners through a single window. 

1. Restaurants that are registered on the food delivery app will list their food items with prices. 

2. Customers can login with their user account and browse through the items listed. They can choose their favourite food items from the restaurants listed and add them to cart. Now they can pay for the items in the cart by using their preferred  payment options. 

3. Restaurants will receive the order and once they accept the order delivery person will be notified with a new order. The restaurant will start processing the food and notifies the delivery person once they complete.

4. Now the delivery person will collect the order from the restaurant and update the status as food picked up. 

5. Customers can track their food order in real time using the inbuilt map. It updates customers about the time remaining for the food items to be delivered to them.

6. Now the customer can review the restaurant and delivery personnel using the ratings and review option. 

White Label Food Delivery App

White label food delivery app is an on-demand food delivery app solution that helps entrepreneurs to launch a food delivery app. It comes with all the features inbuilt and additional features can be added based on the needs of the business owners. As the solution is 100% customizable which lets you incorporate your branding information such as brand name and logo, change the theme colour, choose a suitable font and much more. 

Our Top Food Delivery App Clone Scripts

UberEats Clone Script

Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a food delivery business similar to Uber Eats in their region or country can make use of Uber Eats clone script. It has all the features as ubereats and enables you to launch it within a week. 

DoorDash Clone Script

Doordash clone script helps you get started with your own Food delivery app like Doordash. It is packed with features such as Search and Filter options, Payment gateway, ordering food etc.

Grubhub Clone Script 

Grubhub Clone is a ready made online food ordering and delivery application similar to Grubhub. It enables users to order food from their mobile phones. People who are looking to start a food delivery business like Grubhub can make use of this script. 

Instacart Clone Script

If you are looking to start a grocery delivery business then Instacart clone script is the exact solution for you to get started. It has all the features to launch a grocery delivery app. 

How Appticz can Help in Food Delivery App Development?

Appticz is the best food delivery app development company in India who offer robust and scalable mobile app solutions with a dedicated team of app experts. Leveraging the cutting edge technologies, we specialise in creating apps for Android and iOS platforms. We provide solutions to diverse industries to enrich their business. Scale up your food delivery business by building a food delivery app similar to Uber Eats, Grubhub with our ready made food delivery app script.

Looking to build a food delivery app? Feel free to reach out to us for the demo here

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