Doctor on Demand App Development: Process, Features and Cost

Are you interested in Doctor on demand app development? We will provide a step by step guide for developing an online doctor consultation app.

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The healthcare industry is undergoing a significant digital transformation with the adoption of Telemedicine and doctor on demand apps. Making use of technologies in the healthcare sector has benefited people in many ways and doctor on demand app development is at the forefront. These apps are helping patients to connect with doctors remotely and allowing doctors to expand their reach globally. 

COVID 19 pandemic was the starting point for the usage of telemedicine as all the people were in lockdown. This significantly boosted the adoption of doctor on demand apps from 30% in pre-pandemic to 67% percentage after the pandemic. 

As per the research, The global online doctor consultation market which was valued at USD 4.89 billion in 2023 is expected to reach USD 39.40 billion by 2032. This stats shows the sharp rise of online doctor consultation apps. 

But how do you build such an app? 

If you're a doctor or healthcare practitioner planning to build your own Doctor on demand app then you are at the right place. This blog dives deep into the online doctor consultation app development process, features and cost. 

Doctor On Demand App Development

Doctor On demand app development is a process that blends technology with healthcare with the keen understanding of the patient's needs. It's not just about building an app that connects doctors and patients but the one that is going to be a savior of the people at tough times. 

Before diving deep into the mobile app development process , let's see how the app works. 

How Does Doctor On Demand App Works?

Registration and Profile Setup

First the user downloads the app from the app store or play store. After the installation of the app the user proceeds with registration using mobile number or email and goes with profile setup. 

While setting up the profile the user needs to enter all the information such as Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Location and complete the registration. 

Login on the App

Once the user has been registered on the app they can easily login anytime with the user credentials entered at the time of registration and fill all the information about their previous medical history. 

Select the Reason for Visit

Now the patients need to select the service they need based on their health issue. The common services include Primary Care, Mental Health, Diabetes, Hypertension, Weight Management, Wellness and much more. 

Connect with the Doctors

Based on your previous medical history and the service you selected, the doctor on demand app will show the list of doctors, therapists and specialists. Patients can select doctors from the list and can proceed with next steps.

Schedule an Appointment or See Doctor Now

Now the app provides patients with two options whether to see a doctor now or schedule an appointment with doctor for future timings and dates. If a patient proceeds with the see a doctor now option then they will be placed in the queue and gets connected with the next available doctor. 

If the patients choose to schedule an appointment then they will be redirected to the calendar page where they can choose their preferred date and time. 

Video Call or Phone Call Consultation

Once the patient connects with the doctor then they can choose to proceed with face to face video call consultation or through phone call. Now the patient can consult with the doctor fully and get medical help from the healthcare provider. 

Online Prescription

Now the doctor will provide the patient with an online prescription where the patient can download it and get from the pharmacy nearby. Patients can also view their complete summary details provided by the healthcare practitioner for future records.


The patient can proceed with the payments online for the consultation through their preferred mode such as Paypal, Stripe, Credit/Debit Card etc

Benefits of Doctor Consultation App Development

Convenience for Patients 

Online doctor consultations provide a convenience of consulting with the doctors from anywhere, anytime. Doctors will be available 24/7 on all modes such as Video, Phone call or messaging. 

Quicker Access

Doctor on demand apps provide quicker access to consult with doctors as patients don't need to wait for a longer time as in hospitals. If a doctor is not available, then the patient will be assigned with another doctor of the same department without making them wait. 

Reduced Paperwork

Hospitals don't need to carry out and maintain tons of paperwork as everything will be carried out online and stored in a secured database. Doctors can provide prescriptions online and patients can easily download them from the app. 

Hospitals can share the consultation summary such as doctor's diagnosis, medical treatment plan, and any prescriptions online and store for future records. 

Cost Effective Option

Online doctor consultations are considered to be the most cost effective option compared to in person visits as patients can save more on transportation and other expenses. 

Many telemedicine platforms are offering affordable and flexible payment options allowing users to get healthcare services at an affordable price compared to visiting hospitals in person.

Roadmap to Successful Doctor On Demand App Development

Doctor on demand apps are at the forefront of the telemedicine revolution. Here is the step by step guide on how to develop a doctor on demand app. 

Market Research and Defining Needs

First and foremost thing before starting a new business is analyzing the market. So perform a thorough research before building your app. Identify who your target audience are and find out the pain points and needs of your target audience first. 

Then analyze the competitors who are already there providing the same services to your target audience. Analyze the strength and weakness of them and come up with a complete plan of how you are going to be unique among your competitors and what value your app is going to offer to your target audience. 

Planning the Key Features 

Based on the competitor analysis and user needs frame the features that will satisfy the requirements of your target audience when they enter your app. Don't simply add the features  by looking at your competitors' platforms. 

Ask yourself whether this feature will benefit my users. If you come up with the answer yes then don't hesitate to add them in your list even though popular apps don't have those. Those features are the ones which are going to make your doctor on demand app unique.

Choosing the Best App Development Partner

If you don't have enough resources or don't have a dedicated team to build your app then partner with an app development company to do it. It is crucial to choose the right team as 80% of startups fail because of not having the right talent. 

Finding someone who has successfully been there and done that several times before is the top most priority for you. So I highly recommend you to read our blog on how to choose the best mobile app development company that may help you find the ones who can help you attain success.

Technology Stack to Build your App

Based on your needs choose the right technologies and app development frameworks. If you are looking to build a native app for both Android and iOS then choose Kotlin and Swift. If you are planning to develop a cross platform app then Flutter, React Native can be a good choice. 

HIPAA Compliance

Every healthcare app that is launched into the market must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as these apps handle sensitive medical data. Strong security protocols such as Encrypted messaging, Encrypted video calls, Secured connection must be implemented to protect patients information.

Doctor on demand apps that are HIPAA compliant will gain trust among the users as the information in the platform is secured. Doctor on demand apps must comply with various regulations based on the country they try to operate in. 

Doctor-on-demand apps that are operating in the United States must comply with standards from HIPAA, FDA, HHS and EPSC certification is required for the Doctor on demand apps in the European region. 

MVP Development

At first create a minimum viable product(MVP) before releasing the complete product to test the core functionalities. With MVP gather user feedback and based on those feedbacks proceed with full app development

Beta Testing

Once you have refined the app based on the feedback received from the users for MVP now proceed with the Beta testing. This is the final round of testing that must be carried out before releasing the app to all your audience. Once the app has been approved in Beta testing now you can proceed with app launch.

App Launch

Now proceed with the process to list your app on both the app store for iOS and Google play store for Android. Once the app has been approved on both stores you can proceed with the marketing strategy to attract users. 

How Much Does Doctor On Demand App Development Cost?

The cost to develop a Doctor on demand app depends on the various factors such as 

1. Scope of the App

2. Features and Functionalities Included

3. Tools and Technologies Used

4. Location and Expertise of the Development Team

5. Extensive Security Features

The cost of developing a Doctor on demand app can range from $30,000 to $250,000 or higher. The app development cost may vary based on features, complexity of the app and development team’s expertise. 

A simple doctor on demand app development cost can range from $30,000 to $60,000 while a complex doctor on demand app development can cost between $75,000 to $150,000. 

Building a Doctor on demand app requires extensive knowledge in the technology and healthcare sector. So partner with the best mobile app development company that provides the best healthcare solutions and help you in the successful creation of your mobile app. 

Build a Successful Doctor On Demand App with Appticz

As an award winning mobile app development company, Appticz has a vast experience in developing top notch mobile applications to clients around the world. With an expert on demand app development team we have delivered various telemedicine and doctor on demand apps that have taken the center stage in the healthcare industry. 

Whether building an app from scratch or with the help of white label solutions our app developers are good at both. If you are interested in building a Doctor on demand app then contact our experts and start your project today. 


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