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Revolutionize your healthcare services by building a Doctor consultation app with Practo clone script. Explore advanced doctor and patient app features.

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Practo Clone App

Practo Clone app is a white label doctor consultation app solution with advanced features that allows patients to connect with doctors instantly. Healthcare businesses and doctors can make use of this ready made solution to launch an app similar to Practo. Practo clone app can be customized fully to match your own branding and business needs without coding. 

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Practo Clone Script

Practo clone script is a set of source code written to perform functions similar to the popular ondemand doctor app like Practo. With this script anyone can build a practo clone app that helps healthcare providers to connect with the patients in an effective manner. This set of codes can be customized based on the needs of the business owners and launched under their own branding. 

Who can Make use of the Practo Clone App?


Large and small Hospitals can make use of this ondemand doctor appointment booking app to connect with their patients seamlessly and offer their services 24/7 without any hassles.  Patients can easily book appointments for the doctors in your hospital and get consultation from them online. It also helps hospitals in managing their chains to manage their doctors and operations efficiently to ensure a smooth process.  


Individual doctors can launch their own consultation app with Practo clone app to increase their appointment bookings. They can reach their healthcare services to a wider audience around the world as they can consult with the doctor online 24/7. 


Entrepreneurs who are looking to start their business in the healthcare industry can launch their own startup with the help of white label doctor consultation app. As the healthcare industry is growing rapidly and the use of healthcare mobile apps are increasing, starting your own startup in this domain can be a beneficial one. 

Features of Practo Clone App

Practo clone is built with the advanced features that satisfies all the needs of the users within the app. 

Features for Patients

Appointment Booking

Patients can easily book appointments to consult with the doctors immediately without any phone calls or waiting on the line for a long time. This reduces the booking process for patients and offers a seamless customer experience. 

Advanced Search and Filter Option 

Patients can search for the doctors and filter them using various options such as location, specialization, Doctor language, Ratings and availability etc. They can even select the respective time slots to consult with the doctor.

Multiple Booking Options

With multiple booking options available patients can select their convenient method for doctor consultation either through in person, video calls consultation or by visiting the home. 

Appointment Management

Patients can view and manage all their appointments such as appointment history, future appointments all at one place. This helps them to keep a reminder of their upcoming appointments and get alerts for it. Patients can either cancel or reschedule the appointment based on their convenience.

View Doctor Profiles and Ratings

Before consulting any doctor on the platform, patients can view the complete profile information of the doctor such as areas of expertise, experience in the field, hospital affiliations, and languages spoken. They can also view the reviews(i.e ratings and feedback) obtained from past clients to make better decisions.

HIPAA-compliant Video Consultation

Practo clone comes with HIPAA compliant video chat features for secure video conferencing. Patients can consult with doctors remotely through secured video chat and receive prescriptions online. 

In-App Chat System

Patients can chat with the healthcare professionals in real time by sending queries or asking questions related to their health and get clarifications in real time. 

Features for Doctors

Doctor Profile Management

Doctors can easily set up their profiles by adding their personal information, Area of Expertise, language spoken and available time slots. 

Appointment Scheduling and Management

Doctors can easily manage all their appointment requests by either accepting or declining it based on their availability. With this feature doctors can add or modify their available time slots and patients can select them based on their preferences.

Prescription Management

Doctors can send digital prescriptions directly to the patients within the app and manage all digital prescriptions for future references. With prescription history doctors can track the health of patients which helps in future treatment plans.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration

By integrating the electronic health record system into the practo clone app patients information is stored in the centralized database securely which can be accessed anywhere. Patient Data is stored using advanced encryption methods to avoid hacks and theft of data. 

Streamlined Communication with Patients

Doctors can provide consultation to patients through various communication channels such as Video calls, In app messaging system, In person consultation based on the preferences of the patients. 

Benefits of Online Doctor Consultation Apps 

Improved Accessibility to Healthcare Services 

Patients across various countries can connect with doctors in other countries with the help of these apps and get the best consultation services. Patients in remote locations who cannot visit hospitals due to unavailability of transportation can now easily connect with doctors with the help of Online doctor consultation app. Healthcare providers can provide their services to these remote locations with the help of Practo clone app without any physical infrastructure. 

Cost-Effectiveness for Healthcare Providers 

Instead of investing in huge infrastructure development and maintenance, connecting doctors to patients around the world in an online medium will reduce the operational costs. As the tasks such as appointment scheduling, payment processing are now being automated will reduce the paperwork and administrative costs. 

Expansion Opportunities for Healthcare Businesses

Healthcare providers usually provide services to local areas but with the help of doctor consultation apps they can reach a wider audience across various countries and different languages. 

Benefits of Practo Clone App Development

Faster Time to Market 

Compared to custom doctor app development leveraging the ready made solutions helps in rapid application development and faster time to market.  

Cost Effective Solution

Developing an app from scratch can require a huge development cost as you need a separate team. But building with the help of a practo clone app can save you a lot of time and be considered as a cost effective solution for most of the startups. 

Fully Customizable

Often businesses wrongly assume that developing an app from scratch only offers complete customization but that's not the case in white label solutions which offer a high level of customization. Businesses can fully customize the practo clone script to meet their requirements. 

Step-by-Step Process to Launch Your Practo Clone App

Research and Planning

The first step is to research the market to identify the demand for doctor consultation and telemedicine apps. Identify the needs of the users and find the pain points to rectify them with your solution. Based on these research sets the goals to build an app that provides better patient engagement and accessibility to your healthcare services. 

List out the features you need to include in your doctor consultation app by taking inspirations from the top platforms like Zocdoc and Practo. 

Choosing the Right White Label Doctor Consultation App Solution

Analyze various white label solution providers based on the features, pricing and customization they offer. 

Select Practo Clone App

Based on the analysis choose the practo clone app that best suits your requirements and features which you planned to include in your doctor appointment booking app. Also ensure that your chosen white label solution allows customization according to your branding.

Customize and Configure the App

Now customize the practo clone app to match your business requirements. Customize the app’s color, logo and theme to match your healthcare brand. Add extra features if needed other than the inbuilt features. 

Testing and Quality Assurance

Once you have customised the app, now proceed with the testing process to ensure that all the features function exactly the same way it was created for. Ensure the security of the app and scalability by testing for various conditions.

Launch your App 

Now launch your app on the google play store and app store making it available for the users to download. The process doesn’t stop here. Providing exceptional customer support to your users makes your app successful. Provide regular updates and make your app accessible to all devices and operating systems. 

How Appticz Helps in Ondemand Doctor Consultation App Development?

Appticz is the top mobile app development company that combines years of experience and expertise to provide the best mobile app development services to startups and enterprises around the world. Our team of developers are expert in creating mobile applications for both Android and iOS operating systems. With our cutting edge solutions we help different industries leverage the power of mobile apps in their operations. We always stay ahead in the healthcare industry by providing top notch digital solutions like Telemedicine app, Doctor consultation and appointment booking app, Medical Billing app, Pharmacy Management App etc.

What We Offer in Our Practo Clone Software Package?

1. 100% Source Code of Practo Clone Script

2. Practo Clone App for Android 

3. Practo Clone App for iOS

4. Practo Clone Website

5. Powerful Admin Panel


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