Catizen Clone Script

Catizen clone script is a white label play to earn game software that lets entrepreneurs launch a telegram based P2E game built with blockchain technology.

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Catizen Clone

A Catizen Clone Script is a pre-developed software solution designed to replicate the features, functionalities, and gameplay mechanics of the popular Telegram base Play-to-Earn game, Catizen. It serves as the foundation for the entrepreneurs and startups who are planning to create a similar gaming experience without the need to build the game from scratch. 

Catizen - An Overview

Catizen is a telegram based Play to Earn game built on the TON blockchain network with its native token called $CATI tokens. It has become one of the most popular games in recent days due to its stand out features. It is based on the play to earn mechanism where players can build their own virtual cat city and earn Catizen coins as rewards.

Since its inception in January 2024 Catizen has become one of the fastest growing telegram games with an attracting user base of 15 million currently. Catizen has generated a revenue of $10 million within a short span of time and has an active daily user base of 3.5 millions. 

Why Invest in Creating a Play To Earn Game Like Catizen?

Huge Revenue Generating Opportunity

The market size of play to earn games is expected to reach USD 6,324 million by 2031. This stats proves there is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to generate huge revenue by launching their own play to earn games like Catizen.

Rising Popularity of Play-to-Earn (P2E) Models

The Play to Earn game model is one of the most successful models which has already attracted millions of active user base around the world. So entrepreneurs who are planning to launch a game can never be disappointed with the results.

Monetization Opportunities

A P2E game like Catizen clone offers various monetization opportunities inaddition to traditional monetization models like in-app purchases and advertisements. With Catizen Play to earn game clones entrepreneurs can introduce multiple revenue streams such as marketplace commissions, transaction fees, and partnerships with brands for exclusive in-game items or events. 

Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is now widely used for its transparency and security. Build a game with blockchain technology as the foundation can ensure fair play, secure asset ownership, and easy trade of in-game items.

Key Features of Catizen Clone Script

Play-to-Earn Mechanism

Like the original Catizen game, Our catizen clone script offers a Play-to-Earn model, allowing players to earn rewards in a form of cryptocurrency or in-game assets, by participating in various gaming activities within the platform.

Immersive User Experience

Our script offers an intuitive and engaging gaming experience to the players so that players can easily interact with their cat citizens and explore the virtual world to earn rewards. 

Customizable Cat Characters

Players can easily customize their catizen with the wide range of customizations  available such as appearances, accessories etc for cat characters 

Dynamic World Building

Players can easily create and manage their virtual world. They can design their own virtual world by building various landscapes, structures, and environments, offering endless possibilities for creativity and exploration.

Interactive Gameplay Mechanics

The Catizen Clone Script features interactive gameplay mechanics that allow players to interact with their catizens and other elements in the game world. This includes feeding, grooming, training, and playing with their catizens, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Social Features

Players can connect with their friends using social features and visit their friends' virtual world to share their achievements. This feature enhances player engagement and fosters a sense of community building. 

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

Our script has been integrated with multiple payment gateways which allows players with easy in-game purchases and microtransactions. Players can buy in-game items, characters and other game assets using various payment methods such as Paypal, Stripe, credit/debit cards and digital wallets.

Benefits of Catizen Clone Script

Cost Effective

Instead of developing a citizen game clone from scratch which will take a long time and involves more cost, developing the game with the Catizen clone script can be a cost effective option as the script is a prebuilt solution. Just a few customizations based on your business needs and launch it into the market in a matter of less than a week.  

Easy Customization

The script can be easily customized based on the needs of the entrepreneurs and new features or APIs can be added to enhance the gaming experience to the players. 

Quick Deployment

As the Catizen clone is a pre-built solution there is no need for further development or testing. The white label solution can be directly deployed into the market under your own theme, logo and branding. 


We have developed the citizen script in a way that it can handle millions of players in a second without any hassles and players can truly enjoy a world class gaming experience. 

Future Upgrades 

The script is designed in a way that the future upgrades can be easily added whenever needed and players can play games even if the versions of their devices get updated. 

How Does White Label Catizen Clone Script Work?

Catizen clone script is a complete white label play to earn game solution designed for players  to launch and operate a play-to-earn virtual pet and city. Here is the step by step process of how the Catizen Clone software works,

Catizen clone works based on the play to earn model where players earn coins by building their own cat characters and virtual city. For every task they complete inside their virtual city they earn rewards in terms of coins.

Players can choose from the variety of in game assets and  elements to enhance their virtual city by building infrastructures, attractions etc. Players can even compete with other players with their city compared to others in the multiplayer mode enhancing player engagement and community building.

Why Choose Appticz’s For Catizen Clone Development?

Appticz is the leading game development company that has developed and deployed 150+ games enhancing gaming experience for players around the world. With a team of 75+ dedicated game developers we can help your own game either from scratch or using the clone solution of popular games. 

We provide you with the complete Catizen clone script to launch your own play to earn games like Catizen in no time. From gathering your requirements to deploying and post deployment support we help you in every stage of your Catizen clone development. 

Contact us and get your project kickstart today.

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