Zocdoc Clone - Build a Zocdoc-like Doctor Booking App and Simplify Healthcare Appointments.

Develop a ondemand Doctor Appointment Booking App like Zocdoc with our white label Zocdoc clone for android, iOS and Web.

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Times have gone by when patients had to wait long for doctors to get treatment. Doctor booking apps like Zocdoc are made to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and patients. Now patients can book their appointments with certified doctors with just a few clicks with the help of online doctor consultation apps. Also, it has unlocked innumerable opportunities for those who want to outshine their businesses in the medical industry. Like many other sectors, the healthcare industry has also undergone numerous changes to keep up with technological advancements. 

Want to create a Doctor appointment booking app like Zocdoc? Our Zocdoc Clone Script can be the best solution to launch your own Doctor booking app on Android, iOS. 

Zocdoc Clone Script

Zocdoc clone script is a fully functional doctor booking app script that helps entrepreneurs to launch a doctor appointment booking app and website like Zocdoc. If you are looking to advance your healthcare business, then our highly customizable Zocdoc clone is the perfect choice to start with. It comes with advanced features along with the default and replicated ones. 

You can effortlessly run your doctor appointment booking business with a fully furnished Zocdoc Clone app for Android & iOS and also with Zocdoc Clone Website. Our white label solution helps you cuts down the development cost and saves a lot of time that it will take to develop it from scratch. 

ZocDoc Clone App

Zocdoc clone app is a pre-written app script of source codes to build a doctor booking app similar to Zocdoc. A Zocdoc clone refers to a platform or application that replicates the features and functionality of Zocdoc, a popular healthcare appointment scheduling platform. The doctor booking platform seamlessly connects patients with healthcare experts. Providing a user-friendly interface for appointment scheduling, medical history tracking, and effective communication. Built a doctor booking app with cutting-edge technologies that give real-time availability of healthcare professionals, preferred time slots, and locations. 

Statistics of On-Demand Doctor Booking Apps

Online booking has shown a sudden surge in recent years, regardless of industry. According to Zippia, 67% of patients prefer booking medical consultations online. As per a survey done in the US, 82% of users agreed that medical treatment should be as simple as booking a cab. According to research, the global medical scheduling market is expected to reach US $789.56 million in 2027 with a CAGR of 13%, which indicates it is the fastest-growing market. 

Doctor appointment booking apps like Zocdoc ensure that everyone gets the best medical treatment, no matter where they are. According to a recent survey, it is found that 57% of users go online to search for the best healthcare service. Considering the popularity of doctor booking apps, it is expected that the numbers will only increase in the future. 

How Does a Zocdoc Clone App Work?

Choose your Mode of Treatment 

First, users register in the doctor booking app or website and select the mode of treatment they want to get, whether it is a virtual or in-person consultation. 

Pick a Specialist 

Users can narrow down the specialists and hospitals by making use of advanced filter options to pick a doctor for themselves. 

Furnish Patient Details 

Once they have confirmed the doctor and hospital, users need to furnish all the required information about the patients and their medical conditions. 

Fix an Appointment 

After selecting their doctors, users can fix their appointments at whichever time they want. With features like the book and cancel appointments, patients can book or cancel their appointments.

Get a Virtual Treatment 

Through audio/video chats, doctors and patients can connect to discuss medical ailments and provide medical solutions. 


Users can download their digital prescriptions in any format they want. Even doctors can follow up with their patients. 


Patients can make use of multiple payment options to make payments and transactions and have an electronic bill. 

Benefits of ZocDoc Clone

Creating a ZocDoc Clone has several advantages for medical professionals, patients, and companies. With the help of our Zocdoc clone app, people will be able to interact with healthcare services in a completely new way, leading to more effective and patient-centered appointments. These are the main advantages of the Zocdoc clone app.

Availability Around-the-Clock: 

Patients can save time by scheduling and making appointments. This can be useful for accessing the doctor profiles of the available healthcare providers and making appointments without physically visiting the hospital.

Appointment scheduling: 

One of the main purposes of the Zocdoc clone script is to assist its users (patients) in making simple and convenient appointments. Patients can quickly and effectively find the best healthcare providers with the aid of Zocdoc Clone.

Revenue Generation for Healthcare Providers: 

By using a Zocdoc clone to fill appointments and attract in new patients, healthcare providers may be able to raise their overall revenue.

Appointment Reminders: 

By informing patients of their upcoming appointments and increasing the likelihood that they will show up, automated appointment reminders sent by email or SMS can help lower the number of no-shows.

Patient Information: 

Detailed profiles of healthcare professionals, including their credentials, availability, specialisations, and patient testimonials, are available to users. This aids patients in choosing a medical professional with knowledge.

Easily Accessible for Patients

With this platform, you can find and make appointments with healthcare professionals. search for a provider, book appointments, User and healthcare professional profiles and reviews, receive appointment reminders, and manage their healthcare appointments more conveniently and efficiently.

Features of Zocdoc Clone App

Patient Signup/Login

Patients can signup in the app or website using various options available such as email address, mobile number etc and update their profile Information.

Doctors Registration

Doctors have a separate window where they can register themselves by entering the information about their role and category. Once they registered themselves they can start receiving appointments.

User-friendly Interface 

Acquire an aerial view of history, past medical prescriptions, bookings, canceled appointments, and other information of both patients and specialists. 

Advanced Filter Options 

Users can get the best medical treatment by searching for and filtering out the best hospitals, diagnostic centers, and healthcare specialists. 

Real-time Audio/Video Chat 

Provides glitch-free audio and video chat services for patients and doctors to get virtual consultations anywhere at the appointed time. 

Cross-Platform Availability 

Supports and be compatible with multiple platforms like iOS, Android, websites, etc thereby reaching new customers daily. 

Book/Cancel Appointments 

Patients can make and cancel appointments at any time without any trouble in case of unavoidable situations. 

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews help patients analyze and select the right doctors and hospitals and medical practitioners can enhance their services accordingly. 

Multiple Payment Gateways

Accepts payments from multiple gateways such as Paypal, Paytm, Phonepe, etc with the integration of APIs. 

Tools Integration

Healthcare tools like EHR and CRM can be integrated into the Zocdoc Clone app to get better with the information pool and management processes. 

Who Can Make Use of ZocDoc Clone?

The healthcare appointment scheduling platform like Zocodc clone can be beneficial for multiple stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. The following group of people can make use of a Zocdoc clone Patients are the Key users of the doctor booking platform.

Healthcare Providers:

Healthcare experts including doctors, dentists, therapists, and other healthcare practitioners can benefit from the Zocdoc clone by using it as a platform to manage their appointment schedules and streamline the appointment booking process.

Clinic & Hospitals:

A ZocDoc clone can be used by Medical facilities, clinics, and hospitals to manage appointment scheduling for different departments and health specialties. It can enhance patient satisfaction and improve operational effectiveness. 

Telehealth Services Providers: 

With the growing popularity of telehealth services, a Zocdoc clone can be adapted to support virtual appointments, allowing telehealth service providers to connect with patients online and offer remote consultations. 

Staff and Administration:

Staff members and administrators in healthcare facilities can use a Zocdoc clone to start a healthcare booking app to manage appointment calendars, track patient visits, and optimize resource allocation.

Health Insurance Companies:

Healthcare insurance companies are integrated into the Zocdoc clone to offer a seamless experience for their healthcare app policyholders. It can include features like verifying insurance coverages, and simplifying the insurance claim process.

Pharmacies and Medical Laboratories:

Pharmacies and medical-field labs can schedule appointments for their healthcare-related services like prescription and medicine delivery, lab tests, and other related tasks by doctor booking app/platform.  


To enter the market with a tested and successful business model - entrepreneurs and startups in the healthcare technology sector can invest in creating a Zocdoc clone.

Government Healthcare Agencies:

Public health agencies can explore the use of a Zocdoc clone to improve access to healthcare services, especially in areas where there might be a shortage of healthcare providers. Reach government healthcare professionals in the online healthcare market.

Technologies Used in Our ZocDoc Clone

Developing a doctor booking app like Zocdoc by using Zocdoc clones with different technologies to build a robust and scalable platform. Stakeholders are involved to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations, data privacy laws, and other legal considerations when developing, deploying, and using a Zocdoc clone or similar healthcare platforms. here are the technologies that are used in building a Zocdoc clone.

Front-End Development: 

React, Angular, and Vue.js - It is used for building dynamic user interfaces.

Back-End Development:

Express - Node.js, Django, Ruby on Rails - It's for server-side script

MySQL, Mongo DB, and PostgreSQL - Database

Development Framework: 

Express.js (Node.js), Django, Ruby on Rails, or Laravel

Real-Time Updates:

Websockets for real-time communication for both healthcare providers and patients

Cloud Services:

Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform


Jest., Mocha, Chai - Selenium for end-to-end functionality testing.

Keeping abreast of cutting-edge technologies and security protocols is imperative for the successful completion of software and application development projects. You can create a scheduling doctor appointments platform with innovative technologies from Appticz.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Doctor Appointment App Like Zocdoc?

The cost of developing the Zocdoc Clone app and Zocdoc Clone Website varies based on various factors such as UI design, tech stack, features to be added, which platform the app is developed, location of the app development company, Types of APIs integrated etc. The user interface you choose also determines the cost based on whether it is simple, intermediate, or complex. Third-party software needs to be integrated for easy online payments and hassle-free digital performance. The more advanced software is installed, the more it will affect the cost. Finally, the time taken by the development team to complete your project also adds to the total cost. 

Based on the above factors, the cost to develop a doctor booking app like Zocdoc from scratch range between $40,000 and $60,000. The cost to develop doctor appointment booking app with Zocdoc clone script will range between $5000 to $15000

Why Choose us for Zocdoc Clone App Development?

Appticz is the leading custom mobile app development company that provides flexible and customized Zocdoc clone scripts. It can be quite profitable to build a Doctor ondemand app like Zocdoc. Building an app like Zocdoc can generate a sizable return on investment with the right monetization techniques. Our team at Appticz will assist you at every stage of the mobile application development, from market analysis to monetization plans. To guarantee that your app continues to run effectively, we also provide post-launch maintenance and support. Other than Zocdoc we also provide clone of popular doctor consultation apps like Practo clone to provide you with wide range of options. 

What Makes Our ZocDoc Clone Script Unique?

In the cutthroat world of healthcare technology, a distinctive ZocDoc clone script stands out by combining cutting-edge features and designs. Its outstanding user experience (UX) combined with an easy-to-use and eye-catching user interface (UI) is a major factor in its distinctiveness. A script that prioritizes responsiveness, ease of use, and a visually appealing layout guarantees a smooth user experience and improves the platform's reputation.

Incorporating emerging technologies further elevates the uniqueness of the ZocDoc clone script. Features like artificial intelligence (AI) for intelligent appointment recommendations or chatbots for customer support contribute to a forward-thinking approach. Telehealth functionalities, seamlessly integrated into the platform, cater to the growing demand for remote healthcare services, reflecting the script's adaptability to evolving healthcare trends.

One of the main things that sets the ZocDoc clone script apart is personalization. The ZocDoc clone script increases user engagement and offers a more customized experience by enabling users to create personalized profiles, save preferences, and track their health history. Because of its emphasis on user-centric design, the platform is made more distinctive by encouraging a sense of community and ownership. 

By addressing various aspects of user needs, preferences, and industry trends, a well-written script not only replicates the success of ZocDoc but also carves out its niche in the competitive healthcare technology sector.

Our Zocdoc Clone Package Offers,

1. 100% Source Code

2. Zocdoc Clone website 

3. Zocdoc Clone Android App

4. Zocdoc Clone iOS App

5. Admin Web panel 

Watch live demo of our Zocdoc clone and get started. Request a free demo now! 

Frequently Asked Questions on Zocdoc Clone

1. How do you make an app like Zocdoc?

Developing an app like Zocdoc requires planning and technical expertise, and the following are a few key steps.

1. Gather Requirements 

2. Choose the Right Technology Stack

3. Design UI and UX

4. Develop a Backend 

5. Integrate Major APIs

6. Implement features and functionalities

7. Test & Quality Assurance

8. Successfully start a ZocDoc-like app

9. Regularly Update Your App

2. How much does it cost to develop an app like ZocDoc?

The cost of developing the Zocdoc clone app and ZocDoc-like website is based on multiple factors, including the complexity of features, technology stack, development team's hourly rates, project management costs, and additional expenses such as hosting and maintenance—the range between $40,000 and $60,000. The cost to build a doctor appointment booking app with a zocdoc clone script will be between. $5000 to $15000.

3. How does the process of migrating our existing patient data and integrating it with other systems work when adopting the Zocdoc clone platform?

The process of migrating existing patient data and integrating it with another system when adopting a zocdoc clone ensures a seamless transition and data interoperability as follows, 

1. Assessment & Planning

2. Data Mapping

3. Data Extraction

4. Data Migration

5. Integration

6. Testing

7. Go-Live

4. Can the Zocdoc clone app be customized to my business requirements?

Yeah Absolutely!. You can customize your doctor booking appointment app tailored to your business needs and requirements. Customization is often crucial for businesses to align the platform with their specific needs and requirements. We Appticz provide 100% customized Zocdoc Clone with complete healthcare solutions.

5. Is the Zocdoc clone platform available in multiple languages or limited to specific regions and languages?

The availability of the Zocdoc clone platform in multiple languages or specific regions and languages depends on the platform's design, target market, technical capabilities, and regulatory considerations. Offering multilingual support can improve the platform's accessibility and user reach, allowing it to cater to a diverse global audience in healthcare.   


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