What is Binance Clone Script?

Binance clone script is a ready made crypto exchange script with all features and functionalities that allows entrepreneurs to create their own crypto exchange platform. Appticz caters to the bug-free, ready-to-deploy Binance clone, built with liquidity APIs, high-end 10x security features, Certik audited smart contracts, a powerful admin dashboard, robust trading engine, and user-friendly UI, and much more.

What is Binance Clone Script?

Our Binance clone ecosystem is also integrated with Defi and NFT mechanisms which allow users to buy, sell, hold 1000+ cryptocurrencies, swap, stake cryptos and make use of NFTs too with the NFT marketplace.

Features of Binance Clone Script

Admin Features

Powerful Admin Panel

Scalable Matching

Transaction Fee Management

Crypto Pair Management

Cryptos Management

Tokens Management

Power Full Trading Engine

Liquidity API Integration

Multi-signature wallets

Manage API Providers

Exchange Rates Management

Risk Management

Revenue Management

User Blocklist

User Wishlist

Payment Gateways

Advertising Management

Platform Analytics

User Features

Account Registration

Social Media Login

Profile Management

Multi Crypto Wallet

Add Funds

Buy Crypto/Tokens

Sell Crypto/Tokens

View Portfolios

Multi-Assets Mode


Transaction History

Multi Payment Gateway

KYC Verification

AML Verification

Refer & Earn Option

Alert Set Up

Push Notifications

Mobile Crypto Wallet

Trade Mode Stats

Trading Bot

Liquidity Option

Multiple Language

Security Features

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Web Protocol Security

KYC Verification

AML Verification

Biometric Authentication


Hardware Security Modules

DDoS Protection

Cold Storage

Cloudflare Integration

Data Encryption

Time-Locked Transactions


P2P Exchange

Margin Trading

Futures Trading

Derivative Trading

Spot Trading

OTC Trading

DeFi Swapping

Anti-Phishing Code

NFT Marketplace

IEO Launchpad

Trading Bot

Referral Program

Admin Features of Binance Clone Script

Powerful Admin Dashboard

With Powerful dashboard, the admin can manage the entire crypto exchange platform and track various metrics such as User activity, Crypto Pairs, Wallets integrated, Trade volume, market movements etc.

User Management

With this feature admin can easily create, edit and delete the user accounts in the platform. Admin can also assign roles to permissions to each user, Verify KYC/AML and monitor their activity in real time.

Cryptocurrency Management

Manage all the crypto pairs available in the platform. Add or remove the cryptocurrencies/Tokens and change the individual trading pairs based on the market conditions easily without any hassles.

Benefits of Binance Clone Script

Wallet Management

Admin can manage the wallets integrated in the platform and can add new cryptocurrency wallets with the help of API that attracts more users. Manage approvals for withdrawal requests from users to prevent frauds.

Transaction Management

Manage the entire transactions like Buying and selling of cryptocurrencies that occur on the exchange with all the provided tools to ensure that the platform performs in an intended manner without any suspicious activity.

Reporting and Analytics

Admin can generate a complete report based on the metrics such as trading volume on the platform, Number of users, trading pairs, revenue generated, 24 hour trading volume and make data driven decisions.

User Features of Binance Clone Script

Intuitive Trading Interface

A user friendly interface with real time order book for buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies/Tokens at ease. With advanced charting tools users can analyze the technicals and make informed trading decisions.

Portfolio Manager

Users can check their complete investment details with the help of a portfolio manager tool. Here they can see their invested cryptocurrencies, One day returns, total returns and overall investment performance to make better decisions.

Order Management

Users can place market and limit orders on the platform and manage their order activities such as order history, open orders through the order management feature. This enables more control over their digital assets.

Margin Trading

Users can borrow funds from the exchange in margin trading to amplify their profits by taking larger positions than their account balance. This lets users gain more profits in a shorter time by understanding the market movements.

Spot Trading

The transactions are settled on the spot as the trading will be carried out immediately at the current market price once the order is placed. This lets users buy or sell cryptocurrencies easily for immediate delivery.

P2P Trading

Gain more control over your digital assets with peer to peer trading through a secure escrow system to hold funds eliminating intermediaries. It provides more privacy and security to the users as trades are occurring directly.

Staking and Lending

Enable users to earn passive income by staking cryptocurrencies which simultaneously increases liquidity in the platform. By offering various staking and lending options users can stake and earn rewards in return.

Derivative Trading

Derivative trading allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies by predicting the price movements of the cryptocurrencies without actually owning the underlying assets.

Security Features of Binance Clone Script

Data Encryption

Robust encryption protocols are integrated in the Binance clone to safeguard users information from unauthorized access and potential breaches that paves a way for secure data transmission and storage.

DDoS Protection

By incorporating advanced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection measures, users are provided with the uninterrupted access from preventing disruptions caused by malicious traffic on the platform.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication adds an extra level of security for the users in the platform. Enabling 2FA must for all users can secure users data and ensure trust among the users in the platform.

Benefits of Binance Clone Script

Firewall and IP Whitelisting

Firewall and IP Whitelisting are implemented on the platform to prevent the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches by monitoring and controlling the malicious traffic in the platform.

Cold Wallet Storage

Majority of the funds of the users are stored on the cold wallet which is detached from the internet to ensure the security of the funds. This helps you minimize the risk of online threats for the assets.

Anti-Phishing Software

We have implemented the right anti phishing measures on the platform inorder to identify and protect from phishing attacks. This allows the platform to secure the users sensitive information such as login credentials, private keys etc.

Benefits of Binance Clone Script

Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms are gaining huge traction these days as it helps traders to buy and sell cryptos efficiently and quickly. We have discussed a lot of things technically about the Binance clone script, features etc. It's time for us to understand the business benefits of launching a Bitcoin Exchange Platform with Binance clone script.

Cost Effective

Developing a crypto exchange with Binance clone will be the cost effective option when compared to creating a Crypto Exchange like Binance from Scratch as you only need to customize the ready made solution for your own branding.

Robust Security

Appticz’s Binance clone script includes security features such as Data encryption, 2FA, KYC/AML verification, Anti-phishing features, DDoS mitigation to make the platform more secure and robust.

Benefits of Binance Clone Script

Perfect Customization

Our Binance clone script is created in a way that you can easily customize the user interface to add new features and can add several APIs based on your business requirements.

Modular Architecture

To adapt situations for a smooth transaction process for the users our script is developed based on the modular architecture. Similarly it provides a robust architecture with high scalability to the system to withstand high user usage.

How Does a Binance Clone Script Works?

Binance Clone works in a similar way to how a crypto exchange - Binance works.

How Does a Binance Clone Script Works
  • Work Icon

    Account Registration

    To begin with the Binance clone, A user needs to register to create an account using their email or phone number.

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    Complete Verification

    Once a user created their account now they undergo identity verification. includes verifying your providing basic information, Uploading ID documentation, and uploading a selfie/portrait. Once a user provides the information now the admin of the platform will verify all the details and activate the account of the user.

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    Deposit Crypto

    If a user already has a crypto wallet where he/she has stored the crypto, they can deposit their cryptos to the Binance wallet.

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    Buy Crypto

    If a user doesn't have any cryptos in their wallet, he/she can buy cryptos through fiat currencies. Depending on the country of the user, they can deposit up to 50+ cryptocurrencies using the available payment methods such as bank transfer, and debit/credit cards. Once the support fiat currencies are deposited, Now the user can use them to buy cryptocurrencies directly.

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    Buy Crypto Using Credit/ Debit Cards

    The user can buy cryptos using their credit or debit cards by transferring the fiat currencies to the wallet on the Binance clone website.

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    Buy Crypto Using P2P (Peer to Peer)

    Here the user can buy cryptos directly from a user on the platform using the P2P method.

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    Crypto Trading

    Now the user can start trading their cryptos using various trading options available on the platform such as Spot trading, Margin trading, P2P trading, and much more.

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    Earning Option in Binance Exchange Clone

    If a user is not interested in trading but looking to increase the crypto holdings, he/she can use options such as Binance clone pool, Liquidity Farming, Staking, and much more.

What Makes Our Binance Clone Script Unique?

Customization Options

Say goodbye to one size fits all solutions with our wide customization options as you can customize the exchange platform based on your business needs.

Technical Advancement

We make use of AI-powered trading algorithms in our Binance clone script which help users make informed decisions while trading and generate huge profits.

Security Measures

Our robust security features secures users data and ensures security on each transaction carried out within the platform as Security is our top most priority.

Support and Updates

Even after the deployment of the platform in the market our ongoing support and regular updates for enhancements provides continuous value to our script.

Binance Clone App Development

Binance Clone App is a fully developed crypto exchange app that helps users to trade cryptocurrencies from their smartphones. Being available in the complete package for both android and iOS users you never need to worry about different operating systems. At Appticz we provide Binance app clone development solutions to help businesses stay ahead of the competition without leaving the advantages of future technologies. Crypto exchange apps are growing in the crypto industry. It is crucial to have a mobile app for your crypto business. So we provide a Binance clone app for android and iOS with our package.

Binance Clone App Development

Quick Steps To Launch A Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Binance

Here is the step by step process on how to launch your own crypto exchange with the Binance clone.

Buy Binance Clone

Get our Binance Clone Package that consists of Both Website and App for Android and iOS.

Customise for your Branding

Our blockchain developers will Customize the Binance Clone Script based on your business needs.

Adding Extra Features

Add the additional features(If a client needs them) and Third-party APIs to enable efficient crypto trading services.

Launch A Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Binance

Launching into the Market

Launch your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform into the market. Add the Binance clone app in the both google play store, apple app store for both android and iOS users.

Future Upgradation and Maintenance

Our developers will provide 24/7 after the deployment of your Platform and also upgrade your platform to new versions whenever needed.

Binance DEX Clone Script

Binance DEX Clone Script

Binance DEX Clone Script is a fully customizable crypto exchange clone script with the capability to quickly start a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange website like Binance DEX. Binance website clone script enables users to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies anywhere, anytime in a decentralized way. Integrated with core functionalities and multi-layered security features, the White Label Binance DEX Clone offers a more decentralized way of transacting cryptos and doing business.

Interactive Tools In Our Binance Clone Script

Cryptocurrency Price Tracker

Our script comes with a price tracker that updates the price of cryptocurrencies in real time. Users can enter the symbol of the cryptocurrency and can get updates on current market price, price charts and historical data.

Portfolio Manager

With Portfolio management tool users can view their entire investments at once with options such as cryptocurrency holdings, total investment value, Gain, Loss Percentage etc.

Risk Assessment Calculator

With this tool users can easily find out the risk associated in their cryptocurrency investments. Users can simply enter the investment currency, amount, time horizon, risk tolerance and tool automatically comes with a risk score.

Interactive Tools In Our Binance Clone Script

Cryptocurrency Converter

Cryptocurrency converters help users to find an equivalent value for various currencies they are looking to convert. By entering the value of currency they need to convert they can get the equivalent one of other currencies.

Profit/Loss Calculator

Users can find out the profit and loss they get when investing in a cryptocurrency by checking out here. By entering inputs such as purchase quantity, price and selling price they can get potential gains or losses.

ICO/Token Sale Tracker

This tracker displays the ongoing and upcoming initial coin offerings (ICOs) or token sales with details such as start date, end date, ICO description, White paper and official website.

Tech Stack We Use to Create Binance Clone

We employ the potential of next-generation technologies and a curated collection of tools, languages, and frameworks to craft seamless and user-centric digital products.




React js










Mongo DB


Blockchain Integration


Bitcoin Core




Cloud Hosting and Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Firewalls, DDoS Protection




DevOps and Deployment




Travis CI

GitLab CI/CD

White Label Binance Clone

A white label Binance clone is a readymade crypto exchange solution that allows businesses to launch their own crypto exchange like binance with a little customization. Entrepreneurs can launch it under their own branding by customizing the interface, logo, colours etc. This white label solution is pre-built and tested so the businesses can easily launch the crypto exchange without developing it from scratch.

Whether you are a fintech startup or an individual investor looking to enter the crypto industry then white label Binance clone is the perfect one to get started with low cost and less development time. Our white label solution provides everything to succeed in this crypto industry and ensures a seamless trading experience to the traders around the world.

White Label Binance Clone

What Does Our White Label Binance Clone Package Offer?

We offer the complete set of tools which helps you start your crypto exchange business at ease and attract huge users.

100% Source Code

AdminWeb panel

HostWeb Panel

BinanceClone Website



Create a Complete Ecosystem like Binance

Binance Smart Contracts Development

With deep expertise in various smart contract programming languages our smart contract developers will help you create secure smart contracts that help you automate your business operations.

Binance NFT Marketplace Clone Script

Interested in starting your own NFT marketplace? Binance Smart Chain has been the choice for most NFT Marketplaces launching nowadays. Create a Binance NFT Marketplace on BSC with the help of our developers.

BEP-20 Token Development

We help you create your own Token on Binance Smart Chain utilising the Bep20 token standard based on your business needs.

DeFi Apps Development on BSC

Are you a financial institution looking to enhance your business with decentralization? Our Binance Smart Chain developers will help build your Defi applications on the Binance smart chain.

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Why Choose Appticz As Your White Label Binance Clone Script Provider?

Appticz is the best cryptocurrency exchange development company that builds high-quality and scalable crypto exchanges. Our expertise in cryptocurrency exchange software development helps our developers to build both crypto exchange platforms from scratch and clone development of popular crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Localbitcoins, etc. With 5+ years of experience, and 75+ developers we help you launch your own crypto exchange like Binance with high-end security that brings you great ROI. From designing to development of the Binance clone we take care of your project. We also provide post deployment support and maintenance so you need to worry about the future. Connect with our experts to kickstart your project now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the complete answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

If you are looking to start your own Cryptocurrency Exchange like Binance, Then Binance Clone helps you to launch it in a short span of time. The white label Binance clone solutions will help in the faster development of your Bitcoin trading platform instead of building it from scratch and also cut down the investment costs.

The cost of Binance clone script also depends on the factors such as features and functionalities to be added or customized, Infrastructure and hosting. The price of Binance Clone script will start at $4500 - $15,000. The price may vary based on the above mentioned factors. To know the exact price of your project please feel free to contact us.

The cost to build a crypto exchange like Binance from scratch depends on several factors such as project requirements, features to be added on the exchange, scope of the project and development team's experience. The approximate cost of building an exchange like Binance from scratch will cost around $35,000 to $100,000 or more. However white label solutions will cost less compared to developing from scratch as they have been already built.

Yes, Binance can be cloned with the help of a Binance clone script. You can launch a crypto exchange similar to binance with the white label solution that has features and functionalities similar to Binance.

Binance clone script works the same as every crypto exchanges work. Entrepreneurs can buy the script and customize it based on their business needs and launch it on the market. The users can create an account on the exchange platform and buy, sell, trade various cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. For every transaction done on the platform, the admin of the exchange receives the commission through which the owner earns revenue.

  • As cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular around the world the demand for crypto exchanges with advanced features are on the rise.
  • As there is more user base there will be more revenue. As millions of people are investing in cryptos, crypto exchanges can be a profitable business to get started. Crypto exchanges can generate revenue through transaction fees for every transaction, advertising, crypto listings etc.
  • The business model of crypto exchanges are well known and there are more ready made white label binance clone solutions available in the market which provides a cost effective and easy way to set up a crypto exchange.

  • Best and Most profitable crypto business model among entrepreneurs of recent days.
  • A constant revenue-generating business model.
  • Faster way to make more money.
  • Requires less or no manpower to operate
  • Completely Immutable as it is built on blockchain.
  • Zero Percent of Risks Involved

Read the complete business benefits

  • Complete Binance Clone Website and App for Android, and iOS.
  • 100% Customizable Script.
  • High-Quality, Bug-free Code.
  • Trusted By 150+ Businesses.
  • Complete Data Protection.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Signed.
  • Pre/Post Deployment Support

Binance is a crypto exchange where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2017 Binance Exchange is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange where users can trade 500+ cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), including its own token Binance Coin (BNB) and More.

Binance spans an entire ecosystem such as Binance Exchange, Binance Smart Chain, BNB Token, Launchpad, Trust Wallet, and more. The average daily volume of Binance Exchange is 2 billion with 1,400,000+ Transactions per second.

Binance Leads the list of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. According to Bloomberg, The estimated revenue of Binance is $20 billion in 2021. As of October 2021, There are 28.6 million users on Binance Exchange. $76 billion is the peak 24hr trading volume of Binance.

  • Built on Powerful Blockchain Technology.
  • Built Using Microservices-based Modular Architecture.
  • 100% Customizable Script.
  • Enterprise-Grade Back End Platform.
  • High Return on Low Investment.
  • Multi-Layered Security.
  • Eliminates Risk of Fraud activities.

Excited to see the working of our Binance Clone in Live? Book for a Live Demo.

The Crypto industry has been continuously evolving by using various technologies to fulfil the needs of its users. Besides creating centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges like Binance we help you create a complete ecosystem like Binance on the Binance Smart chain. We provide a range of development services on the Binance smart chain such as,

  • Decentralized Applications (DApps Development).
  • DeFi Development
  • Token Development on BEP20 Standards.
  • Launchpad Development.
  • NFT Marketplace Development and much more.

  • Powerful Admin Backend Panel.
  • 10x Security Features.
  • Highly Scalable Matching and Trading Engine.
  • Multiple Currencies Support.
  • Real-time transfer & exchange of fiat Currencies.
  • Automated KYC/AML Verification.
  • P2P Trading.
  • Liquidity API Integration.
  • Multi-signature wallets.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway Providers.
  • Exchange Rates Management.
  • Risk Management Capabilities.
  • Third Party Wallet Support.

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