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Build a crypto exchange platform like Coinbase to deliver cryptocurrency exchange services with multiple trade modes by teaming up with Appticz.

Coinbase Clone Script 

Coinbase clone script is a readymade cryptocurrency exchange script that enables you to create a crypto exchange platform like coinbase. Our coinbase clone script is built with cutting-edge blockchain technology and is a cent-percent white-label solution that allows customization in accordance with the user-suggested requirements.

Coinbase Clone Development 

Take part in versatile trade mode offering centralized as well as decentralized by building a coinbase clone platform along with us.

Coinbase clone is a cryptocurrency exchange software delivering the desirable features of cryptocurrency exchange such as the leveraged liquidity provisions, simplified user interface, and a variety of altcoin choices, entirely similar to the coinbase platform. 

Appticz also offers an advanced coinbase clone script called coinbase pro clone script that comes with more trade options and security functionalities.

Coinbase Pro Clone Script

The Coinbase pro clone script is a premium crypto exchange script that comes with advanced trade options allowing the exchange of cryptos like Coinbase pro.  The Coinbase pro clone script is capable of handling multiple order types that include the market order, limit order and stop order based on the market specifications of the corresponding participants. 

Features of our Coinbase Clone Script 

Get guaranteed and credible cryptocurrency exchange services by building your own coinbase clone script offering the highlight features of the coinbase exchange like the multiple trade mode support providing multiple business strategies.   

Rapid Speed Trade Engine

We develop the exchange platform with a rapid-speed trade engine that matches corresponding buyers with sellers without much time, which reduces the computational power and time constraints involved in the Exchange of cryptos.

Multiple Payment Integration

The coinbase clone script is built with a unified portal supporting multiple currencies and accepting payments from a number of sources that improve the scalability as well as the ease of access feature to the platform seekers.

Multi-lingual mode of access

The platform is built with an attribute that executes its core functionalities by accepting commands driven to it through a number of available languages contributing to the eased-up access associated with the platform.

Instant Exchange

The instantaneous exchange of assets is by far the best attribute that ought to be delivered by any recognized crypto exchange, our coinbase clone script delivers the instant exchange of cryptos along with scalable business strategies and algorithms.

Dispute Resolvement

The Coinbase Clone is developed with attributes that readily tackle the disputes arising due to the impact of intruders. Our Clone Script easily drives off disputes in Crypto Exchange through its precise Dispute Resolvement feature.

Multi-currency Support

Our Coinbase Clone accepts payments from multiple currencies both Cryptos as well as the fiats to proceed with its prospective functionalities of Exchange adding up to reducing the complexities involved in the post-purchase payment.

Automated Trade Bots

We develop the Coinbase Clone Script with Automated Trade bots that have the potential to match the target audience with much ease and are capable of commencing and concluding the trade without interference from third parties.

Protocol Varieties

The Coinbase Clone Script offers compatibility with a number of security protocols like the YubiKeys to contribute to the improved advanced encryption standards that ought to be met by an ideal crypto exchange. 

Coinbase Clone Script Security Features

The Coinbase Clone Script offers extra security to the end-users through its security features that include

2 Factor Authentication

We build a Coinbase Clone platform offering an exchange-related quality of service only on getting approval from both sides through the Two-Factor authentication through the mail as well as contact number verification.

Face ID & Fingerprint Match

The exchanges associated with our clone platforms are extremely secure and promote further proceedings to take place only after matching certain security guidelines that include the face ID and fingerprint match.

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS is destructive traffic that causes the downfall of distributive servers, this traffic when triggered can bring about the total collapse of any dedicated servers, our software effectively mitigates DDoS attacks.

Multi-Passkey Enabled Transactions

The exchanges associated with our Coinbase Clone Scripts are rightly monitored and mediated through the use of Multiple Pass-keys that stand as the Entry and Exit control loops guarding immunity against invalid Exchanges.

Extremely secured Crypto wallet

The Coinbase Clone Script is provided with an Extremely Secure Crypto Wallet offering safe and secured custody to the Crypto-assets also promoting the Cryptos to be restored within the Cold Wallets offering QOS even offline.

Dual Side Forgery Protection

The Coinbase Clone Script comes with a Dual side Forgery Protection attribute that restricts the corruption while the Exchange of assets takes place guarding the exchange of Cryptos on both sides of the exchange.

2FA Withdrawal 

The Withdrawal of Crypto assets associated with the Coinbase Clone Script is rightly validated clear through the use of two factors authenticated Withdrawal scheme, proceeding with a further exchange only after 2FA is done.

Session ID

Coinbase Clone Script is provided with a session ID allocating individual sessions and individual time periods for specific audiences to carry out their Crypto asset trade, this de-limits the occurrence of invalid transactions. 

Coinbase Clone App Development

Coinbase clone app is a robust cryptocurrency exchange app delivering exchange services similar to Coinbase app. Coinbase clone app comes with cross-platform compatibility that enables the app to operate on any device at ease. Appticz develops a feature-packed coinbase clone app that enables hassle-free trading of digital assets. The exchange app offers the most cryptos to be encrypted within the cold wallets which allows the crypto holders to self-monitor and manage their cryptos.     

Features of Coinbase Clone App

Faster Crypto Trading

Advanced UI/UX Design

Automatic Session Logout

2FA Withdrawal Options

Fingerprint & Face ID

Instant Buy/Sell Bitcoins

Push & Pop Notification

Sequential Upgrades 

Coinbase Clone Development From Scratch

It is efficient for investors to choose a skilled set of developers to deliver the coinbase clone platform with desired Exchange features, Appticz with its expertise in the crypto-related domains provides efficient solutions along with legitimate currency support, and most cryptos powered held within the Cold Wallets.   

Coinbase Clone Development Process

The Coinbase Clone Development process begins with the identification of the client’s requirements until the deployment of the platform into the mainnet. The coinbase clone development is carried out in a series of six different steps that include,

Project Scope Finalization

 - Client Requirement Analysis

 - Questionnaires Session

 - Business Documentation

Development Process Initiation

 - Module Sheet with Delivery Plan

 - Database Architecture

 - Module Development

Product Module Development

 - UI/UX Development

 - Back-end Development

 - Database Integration

Testing & Security Measures 

 - Automation & Manual Testing

 - Devops-based Security Measures

 - CSRF & DDOS Protections

Product Deployment in Client Server

 - Cost-effective Architecture

 - Coins & Tokens Installation 

 - Product Deployment in mainnet

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Benefits of our Coinbase Clone Script


We build your crypto exchange platform to support high-volume trade through OTC trade modes.


Our crypto exchange platform comes with a secured wallet bound by advanced encryption standards.

Coinbase Pro

Get a chance to use up the beneficial features of P2A as well as P2P by using the Coinbase pro version.

Multiple Products 

Get exposure to multiple business-oriented products of Coinbase by building a Coinbase clone platform with us.

Multi currencies

Build a platform like the Digital FOREX by building Coinbase Clone supporting multiple currencies.

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Why Choose Appticz for Coinbase Clone Script?

Appticz the pioneer cryptocurrency exchange software provider delivers the coinbase clone script with distinct crypto exchange features that offer competence with globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange platforms and promote the assets to be transferred over a hassle-free and intruder-free framework thus improving the ease of access provided to the participants. We Appticz deliver the Coinbase Clone Script with improved security through server management and advanced architectural design eliminating intruders. 

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