Revolutionize the Handyman Industry by Creating Handyman App like Uber

The ultimate guide to developing an Uber-like App for the Handyman Industry- Get a comprehensive guide to building an Handyman app like uber and learn how to transform the way homeowners access home repair services.

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What is an Uber for Handyman App? 

As the name implies it's a dedicated way to reach out to the handyman out there instantly when the user needs their service. In simple terms uber for handyman app helps users to hire Handyman for a wide range of different services with a single tap and becomes a one-stop solution for all modern-day needs. This includes services such as carpentry, cleaning, electricians, pest control, and plumbing. This app shortens the waiting time for reaching out to a skilled person for the service, on the user's side. As for the handymen side, they can get a quality customer. As it is a location-based service the service providers and service seekers get an instant mutual connection with this. There are several reasons people choose to use on-demand apps like lack of time, lack of confidence to approach someone for service, and delays faced earlier by the usuals. 

Why Build an Handyman App like Uber for Your Business?

If there is a move out to some new place by someone surely for the most they can't reach their neighbor for each needs in the home they are in. Even for a long time occupants of a place, in their busy lives, who are in need of any kind of service needed at their home instantly or at a particular time. A platform or an app that makes it possible to solve the most services under one roof is the handyman app.

Though it's new to the marketplace all around, its manipulation is vast among the seekers and providers. What's new in it is the one you provide in the market is important. It should be the one For the smart service, a smart and structured framework is important in that way with attractive functionalities with features on either side the providers and seekers are important. 

Next we will explain how to create an handyman app like uber that connects homeowners with reliable handymen just like Uber's Taxi booking app that connects cab drivers with riders

How to Build an Handyman App like Uber?

The Idea With a Strategy

Initially, we follow some essential steps while starting up to develop an app. In that way, with the idea, you come up with, by considering our initial strategy we give a glance at the existing application i.e the competitors around in the field. Downloads of it, and the reviews in it can make a huge difference in our development. The most needs in the app can be known directly by the users of it. Wireframing is kind of a blueprint of an app. Starting to the end the functionalities like app integration and entire development can be laid out through it. Our development process moved further after the research.

Design and Development

By reaching the foremost thing that makes a user to be in contact with the app is the design. This is the one that decides the users to stay in the application. A prototype is produced for proving the feasibility of the app's performance. This shows the level of maturity of an app. Where the functionalities hit the final process for use, new upgrades can be implemented if needed while experiencing the app. Finally after undergoing the testing and bug fixing the problems find a solution to be sorted out.  

Ability Test

Testing with certain people and enquiring about the working of the app. Apart from usability, the protection interface checking the result from the people in the target demographic outline can prove the app's stability in the market. Gathering the volunteers in that field can make a notable improvement in the point of testing.


When the product is ready to provide its full-fledged service it can be scheduled for a formal launch on a date as needed. The policies for launching the app on the platform vary. After launching the app it does not mean that it dropped from the developer part. According to the user's needs and updates that need to be given to it, the app will reach the developer if needed.

These are all the steps we prefer the foremost while developing an app.

Top Features To Include In Your Uber For Handyman App Development

Nearby Search

As in the point of view of a service provider, handymen would not prefer to travel to a far distance for a job. Providing them to share their location-based service and timings. Similarly, the need of seekers making them to seek in their localities can make the mutual meeting just like that.

Clear Transparent Pricing

The clearcut pricing system in this is one of the notable ones for both users, and the service providers they can adapt their charges according to their competitors. The service needers can choose up to their choice. The time period for the work, the service location, like this most of the pertinent information can be chosen during the selection. Even after that cancellation can be done if needed.

Ratings & Reviews 

Once the work is finished the service beneficiary can review the service provider in that way many approaches can be reached with it. This ensures the professional service of a provider in a wholesome manner. This will be one of the main reasons people can continue to choose the service in your app.

Celebrate Recurring Customers

Apart from joining off, provide referral code offers, exclusive deals, and seasonal deals in your customized way with the admin panel access on the spot. 

Scheduled Appointments

For a later date or period of reservations, customers can plan and choose their sessions according to their leisure time whenever needed. This sorts out various ways to choose the service providers by the users efficiently.

Majorly there are two kinds of users in this service cum business. The customers and the service providers. In both ways, they two are the beneficiaries of this application. So the user panel for those being in an elegant way to use is in the hands of you. 

Don’t just provide them a tool, provide them a cool experience with your ideas. In that way a fully customized user panel of dedicated applications for both customers and service providers can be managed in your admin panel.

Customer App

Login and Sign Up

Providing the most affordable sign-up ways with social media can create a friendly relationship with the app among the customers. This allows them to be logged in any way they need. This also provides valid rigid users to the application.


Apart from adding up a shortcut for search, adding necessary features like filtering by price, and sorting by time, can increase the accessibility of the users.

Suitable Payment Options

As for the flexibility payment, multiple payment options for the user are provided. So the user can choose their payment option over any platform they want to perform.

Service Provider App

Real-time Request

The service provider can choose the way to get noticed when booked for some service.

Manage Availability

When the service provider is available to work the request mode will be active. It can be managed by the service provider manually when he/she is engaged to some other work schedule. Default availability timings can be stored for weekdays and weekends.

Service History

For their reference and public profile in each and every service, the service provider can maintain their profile with their work and their reviews on their profile.

Customer Information

Not only for the seekers the concerned detail of the customer they are on for is visible to the service provider.

Admin Panel

To manage the services provided, and new requests received, track the services, and to receive feedback in a centralized way.

Requests Management 

To robust panel to withstand the bookings received, to control the booking procedures, to manage the bookings all in one dashboard.

Manage Service Assignment

According to the situation, provide service right on time, and choose the booking service manually or automatically to the service provider.

Service Listings Management

As a deep solution for manipulation there is a detailed specific path to view, and manage the requested services, on the price range, categories the requests are in, service providers, and needed custom categories.

Promos & Referrals

One of the most sections that customers are engaged with even while entering the application or website to use is the promos and referrals. So by tracking down the promos, seasonable discounts, and offers provided. So as a result there are many more options to concentrate on the reachable ways where customers are engaged with.

Manage Payments

Using highly secured, interactive dashboard monitoring and managing the payments made by the customers made easy. 

Uber For Handyman App Development

Purely for region-based service, Uber for handyman make the best way for the business to reach. Getting them in the hands of experts makes it even better. In that way, Appticz is the best software development company experienced in providing custom mobile app development services which made an instant way for the growth of local service-based businesses to the next level by broadening their reach to the exact customers.

Want to build an handyman app like Uber? Feel free to contact us.

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