Hamster Kombat Clone Script

Hamster Kombat clone script is a white-label tap-to-earn game built with advanced features and functionalities to operate similarly to Hamster Kombat.

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Hamster Kombat Clone Script

Hamster Kombat clone script is a ready-made software solution that simulates the features and functionalities of the original game. This game involves players tapping on screens to complete basic tasks and earn tradeable cryptocurrency tokens in return. Within just three months, this game has got over 150 million active players with its social media accounts hitting 25 million subscribers on YouTube and 9.1 million followers on Twitter.  

Many find it worthy to invest in this growing trend considering its potential to yield huge returns. If you want to get into this tap-to-earn game market but cannot afford to build a game from scratch now, then a Hamster Kombat clone will be the ideal solution. This clone script allows you to build a decentralized gaming platform instantly and customize it according to your business requirements. The reason for choosing Hamster Kombat for the clone script is because it is quite popular among players over others and has simple gameplay with numerous rewards, airdrops, and token emissions. 

How Does Hamster Kombat Clone Script Work?

Like any other tap-to-earn game, the Hamster Kombat clone script involves players continuously tapping on the screen. In return, they get points and rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies or tokens that can be traded. Here players just go to the game's Telegram bot, hit the play option, and wait till it opens up in an in-app browser. 

Before going ahead with tapping, they must select the exchange to run from a variety of options available such as Binance, OKX, and ByBit. Now, players can start tapping the hamster to earn coins. 

At first, they get one coin for each click but with each passing level, the amount of coins they get for a single click will increase. Players can explore the variety of features the game offers. There is a limit to the number of coins to be earned in one go. Players must spend some coins to increase the number of taps.  

But to earn more coins and speed up game progression, players need to complete certain tasks such as joining a Telegram group, following on X, or referring to new people and getting extra coins. This game also provides mining options that help you earn coins in the background. 

Benefits Of Hamster Kombat Clone Script

The Hamster Kombat clone script can be a comprehensive solution to build a successful tap-to-earn game. You get numerous benefits ranging from easy customization to multiple money-making options it offers. 


Opting for Hamster Kombat clone scripts helps you save the cost spent on developing a tap-to-earn game from scratch. It comes with a pre-made framework that can be easily deployed without wasting time and money on a long development process.  

Revenue Generating Options 

This clone script offers a diverse range of revenue-generating options including in-app purchases, premium subscriptions, transaction fees, and more. These options let you make more money besides initial game sales.  

Availability of Updates 

We offer regular updates including bug fixes, security updates, and new feature implementation. This ensures your game stays relevant to the latest game trends and keeps players engaged. 

Easy Customization 

It is easy to customize our clone script which offers the flexibility to modify the game as you want. You can tweak gameplay mechanics and adjust its visuals to match your unique business needs.   

Telegram Bot

Our Hamster Kombat clone script comes with a telegram bot that allows players to get into the game through the Telegram platform. This provides players with an easy way of accessing the game, further expanding its reach.  

Simpler Gameplay Mechanics 

Like the original game, the Hamster Kombat clone script also includes easier gameplay mechanics that are suitable for all levels of players. This helps reach players who are not into fast-paced, thrilling gameplay. 

Features OF Hamster Kombat Clone Script

Our Hamster Kombat clone script is packed with innovative features that keep your players hooked for a long time and coming back for more, resulting in more profits for your game. Let's take a look at them in detail.

NFT Integration 

In this game, each hamster is represented as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Players can sell, trade, and collect unique hamster NFTs, adding a layer of ownership and control over their in-game assets. 

Referral System

Hamster Kombat clone script is known for its referral system using which players can refer the game to their friends and family. This gives your game a wide reach and increases your player base.

Customizable Hamster Characters

This game comes with a variety of hamster characters, each with its unique features and abilities. Players can customize their hamsters with various outfits, accessories, and weapons as per their preferences. 

Crypto Exchange Simulation 

What sets Hamster Kombat apart from other tap-to-earn games is its crypto exchange simulation feature. It enables players to simulate trading cryptocurrencies and mine HMSTR coins as they do in real crypto exchange. 

Multiplayer Mode

Our clone script supports multiplayer modes where players can compete with their friends or other players from all over the globe in online battles and missions. This feature gives your game a global reach and results in high ROI. 

Play-to-Earn Model 

In this game, players can earn HMSTR coins to complete in-game tasks and missions. They can trade these coins for real-world value or invest them back into the game to boost their clicking efficiency.  

Revenue Models Of Hamster Kombat Clone Script for Business

Investing in a Hamster Kombat clone script can be a profitable business model. There are numerous ways you can make money through this clone script.  

In-App Purchases

One of the revenue models of the Hamster Kombat clone script is in-app purchases. It allows players to buy unique items such as special weapons and outfits and lets you capitalize on their desire. 

Transaction Fees 

You can generate revenue through transaction fees collected from the integrated marketplace. When players buy and sell in-game assets, they must pay a small fee that contributes to their overall revenue. 


Advertising is yet another way of generating revenue using clone script. It involves placing banner ads and rewarded video ads of advertisers who pay you based on clicks and impressions adding to your revenue. 

Premium Subscriptions 

Offering premium subscriptions is an ideal way to generate a steady stream of income. You provide exclusive features and benefits within the game and charge subscription fees on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. 

Partnerships and Collaborations 

Partnering and collaborating with other brands and blockchain initiatives can help you generate additional revenue. You may need to execute cross-promotions and exclusive content releases that help reach your partners' audience. 

How To Build Tap-to-Earn Game Using Hamster Kombat Clone Script? 

Launching a Tap-to-earn game using a Hamster Kombat clone script requires meticulous planning and technical capabilities. The following are the steps we follow for the game launch. 

Research and Planning 

Before launching your tap-to-earn game using the Hamster Kombat clone script, it is important to conduct an extensive analysis of T2E games. We thoroughly research the market trends to identify how to customize your clone script that attract your players. 

Customize The Clone Script 

The next step is to customize the Hamster Kombat clone script such as fine-tuning the game's user interface,  features, and visuals that make your gaming platform distinct from others.  

Set Up The Infrastructure 

We keep the infrastructure ready to launch your tap-to-earn game. We check the game's compatibility with blockchain technology for seamless trading of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and tokens within the game. Our team ensures everything needed to launch the game is ready such as server, database, and backup systems. 

Implement The Tap-To-Earn Mechanism 

It is important to implement the tap-to-earn mechanism in your game. It involves providing a reliable and effective way to pay your players for cryptocurrencies. We also integrate crypto wallets to help players store their earned rewards. 


Our Quality Assurance team performs rigorous testing on your Hamster Kombat clone script to identify and address potential bugs and issues. We ensure everything from the user interface, reward system, and gaming mechanics works properly as intended.

Launch Your Game 

Now it's time to launch your tap-to-earn game on various app stores and other platforms like Telegram. We also suggest various marketing strategies to draw players to your game. 

Why Choose Appticz For Hamster Kombat Clone Script? 

Appticz is a leading game development company with a proven track record of delivering numerous successful game projects. We offer customizable Hamster Kombat clone scripts tailored to match your specific business requirements. With extensive expertise in blockchain technology, our team of developers seamlessly integrates NFTs and cryptocurrency transactions into the game clone scripts. If you are looking to enter the competitive crypto gaming industry without much upfront investment, then opt for our Hamster Kombat clone scripts available at an affordable price. 

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