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Deliveroo Clone App

Deliveroo clone app is a white label food delivery app solution that lets entrepreneurs launch an app like Deliveroo. It comprises all the features of the Deliveroo app and additional features can be added based on the needs of the entrepreneurs. If you are an individual restaurant business or a chain of restaurants or an entrepreneur looking to enter the food delivery industry then this solution can be the best choice to get started. 

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Build a Food Delivery App with Deliveroo Clone Script

Building a food delivery app from scratch can be time consuming and involves a lot of cost to launch it. On the other hand building with a Deliveroo clone script is a cost effective option for businesses and helps in faster launch. 

Deliveroo clone script is a set of source code that helps in creating a food delivery app similar to Deliveroo. The script can be customized completely based on the requirements of the app owners. Additional features and APIs can be added to the app by customizing the food delivery script or delete the existing features if not needed. 

Benefits of Deliveroo Clone App

Wider Customer Reach

With the Deliveroo clone app you can reach a wide audience who are interested in ordering food online. Over 3 billion people around the world are using online food delivery services. This provides a huge opportunity for the business owners to build a food delivery app and attract customers.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Food delivery apps engage customers in various ways by sending push notifications and personalized recommendations daily updating the offers and discounts. With features such as real time tracking people are kept updated about their orders.

Streamlined Operations

Restaurant businesses can streamline their operations by automating tasks such as order management, order tracking, delivery management etc everything within a single platform. 

Features of Deliveroo Clone App

Deliveroo clone app consists of three modules such as User module, Restaurant module and delivery personnel module. Below we will explain the features in each module, 

User Features

Account Signup/Login

Users can easily download the app from the playstore and create an account with Email or Phone number or even through social media accounts. Once they have created the account and updated their information such as Name, address etc they can login whenever they need. 

Browse Restaurants

Users can search for their favorite restaurants with advanced search options such as location, restaurant type, postcode etc and filter them based on Distance, Ratings, Cuisines, Quickest delivery etc.

View Menus and Item Details

Users can search for a specific dish or check out the food items listed under the restaurants. They can browse through various food items listed with their cost.  

Add Items to Cart and Checkout

Users can add their favorite food items to the cart and once they are added then they can proceed with the order placement. 

Real Time Order Tracking

With a real time tracking feature users can track their order where exactly it is which helps them keep updated on the order.

Payment Options

Users can pay for their order with different options available such as Cash on delivery, UPIs, Debit/Credit Card etc. 

Reviews and Ratings

Users can provide the ratings to the restaurants and the delivery professionals based on the services they provide. 

Restaurant Features

Register and Manage Restaurant Profile

Restaurants can easily register themselves in the platform by providing information such as Restaurant name, City, Address. 

Manage Menu Items and Categories

Restaurants can update food items and their cost in their profile so that users can order them. Restaurants can update the food items in real time to let users know whether the food is available or not. 

Receive and Process Orders

Restaurants can either accept or reject an order based on the food items available. Once they have accepted the order a delivery partner will be assigned with the order. 

Track Deliveries

Like Users, restaurants too can track the status of the order delivery in real time. 

Manage Promotions and Discounts

Restaurants can update the discounts and promotional offers with the help of this feature. During the festive season some restaurants may offer discounts on their food items to attract more users. 

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Restaurants will manage the feedback received from the customers on this panel and reply to customers to rectify the issues when they receive negative feedback.

Delivery Driver Features

View and Accept Delivery Requests

Delivery personnel will receive requests for order delivery from the restaurants. The delivery personnel can either accept or reject the order based on their availability. If they accept then proceed with order delivery and if they reject the order the next available personnel will be notified about the order.

Order History

Delivery personnels can view their complete order history such as number of orders received, number of orders accepted and rejected etc with the feature. 

Revenue Tracker

With this feature delivery personnel can track the revenues generated from the orders on the platform. They can download the revenue report based on the month or yearly period.

How Does a Deliveroo Clone Work?

User Order Placement

Users will register in the app and proceed with the search for the restaurants. Then they will select the food items from their favorite restaurants and add them to the cart. Now users can checkout from their cart and proceed with the payment.

Restaurant Order Processing

Once the user places the order,  the restaurant will receive notification regarding the order and either they can accept or reject the order based on the food availability. Once they accept the order it will be notified to both the user and the delivery personnel.

Real-Time Order Tracking with Maps

Both the users and restaurants can track the status of the order in real time. The location of the order is updated instantly and users are kept updated. 

Payment Processing Flow

Once the order has been delivered to the customer, the customer can pay with their preferred payment option such as Cash on delivery while delivery or online mode of payment while placing the order. 

Food Delivery App Development Company

Appticz is the best mobile app development company with dedicated app development team who offers the top notch solutions to businesses of all sizes. Whether building an app from scratch or building with a ready made solution our developers understand all business challenges and provide solutions that satisfy your customer needs. 

We understand the challenges in the food delivery industry and provide app solutions that enhance the food delivery business for both customers and business owners. If you are looking to build a food delivery app from scratch or with the help of the Deliveroo clone then we can help you in both. Feel free to contact us. 

Why Choose our Deliveroo Clone Solution?

Faster Product Launch 

With our white label Deliveroo clone solution you can launch your food delivery app faster in the market. You don't need to spend more time on development as the solution is pre built and just a few customizations based on your branding. 

Reduced Costs

Building an app from scratch can be more time consuming and needs a lot of investment. From hiring app developers to infrastructure various factors are involved in the development cost. 

But while choosing the ready made solution there are no such costs involved. You just need to pay for the script and customize it based on your needs, Launch it into the market with your branding. 

Pre-built, Feature-Rich Platform

Deliveroo Clone is a pre-built solution that comprises all the features a food delivery app should have. You can add additional features to the platform if you need or Third party APIs that will enhance the platform. 

Customization Options

The script is 100% customizable which allows business owners to fully customize their platform such as color, theme, add or delete a feature etc. 


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