How to Build an App like Uber Eats?

Looking to build a food delivery app like Uber Eats? Read our complete guide that covers everything about how to make an app like Uber Eats, features, business model and cost.

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Interested in food delivery app development? Want to know how to build a food delivery app like uber eats that will help you succeed in the fastest growing food delivery ecosystem.

The food delivery market has seen a significant rise over the last few years with big players such as Uber Eats, Doordash adding billions of dollars in revenue. Even though these players were in the market for a long time, it all propelled in Covid-19 as millions of people ordered their food through food delivery apps from their home during lockdown. Then there is no slowing down in usage of these apps as people start using them in their day to day life. This has created a great opportunity for entrepreneurs for a startup idea and restaurant businesses to create their own food delivery apps to boost their sales.

According to the research? The market size of the food delivery market is expected to reach $320 billion within the end of 2029. 

If you are an entrepreneur or a restaurant business owner looking to capitalize on the boom in food delivery apps, Then this article will deliver valuable insights on Food delivery app development like Uber Eats.

What are Food Delivery Apps?

Food delivery apps help customers to order food from a wide array of restaurants using their smartphones without visiting the place. People can download the apps from the google play store, app store or can order straight from the website. They can go through the menus of food items listed and add them to their cart. Then they can pay through different payment options available such as UPI Apps, Credit/Debit Cards, Pay on Delivery etc. Once the restaurant has accepted the order the food will be processed and the delivery agent will deliver the food at the doorstep of the user. 

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How to Create an App like Uber Eats?

Research and Planning

Analyzing the marketplace and understanding the  food delivery application's reach over the audience according to each region is the foremost part while on a way to develop a food delivery app. To be known about these details undergoing market research can give the best insights about the applications available existing in the market. 

As a result of market research you can be specific about,  Who are the audience, Where are they from this leads to target according to the demographic locations. Total number of competitors and their reach over the audience. What the features or functionalities expected from them on their next updates. Amount of audience on demographic basis. 

This brings you to an outline of who are the audience of a common food delivery app or the food delivery app clone you are up to develop, and about where you are going to target, So according to it you can add up or sort out the application features with your perspective.  With this outline you can move further for the development process of the application. 

By the collected data you can come up with the idea of choosing the technology stack, the time period required for creating the food app. This leads you to determine the detailed and efficient way for development.  This method makes you to know about the budget required, hence you would not get complicated for allotting your budget segregation.     

Understanding Food Delivery App Model

This app involves four kinds of users such as the customers, restaurant owners, food delivery service providers, alias food delivery agents, and the owner of the app. Another way of creating a food delivery app for your own restaurant dealing with the users directly by delivering the order with dedicated restaurant employees. 

If by using the normal food delivery app style for development, the apps and panels are different for everyone, 

Admin Panel For Restaurants

starting from the restaurants, they need a separate admin panel for registering their hotel business and to keep updating their menus according to the availability. 

Customer App

This app is dedicatedly for customers to order food from the restaurants listed. They will have all the features from searching to adding the food items to cart to paying the amount for the food items. 

Delivery Personnel App

Next the food delivery personnel app who are in charge of collecting the food items from the restaurant and delivering it to the right users on time. And finally the admin panel where the app owners can customize the application.

Super Admin Panel for Owners

This will help owners to easily manage everything using a single and powerful admin dashboard. The entire process can be controlled from here by the app owners. They can manage restaurants, delivery personnels and customers with this panel. They can also view generated revenue, and have a separate analytics dashboard. 

Features to Consider Before You Develop an App Like Uber Eats

Customer App Features

1. Registration

2. Signup via various social media platform

3. Advanced/Deep filter options for restaurants finding.

4. In-built chatting provision

5. Various Payment Integration

6. Cart Management and order history

7. Order Tracking

8. Smart Notifications

9. Review and Ratings

Delivery Personnel App Features

1. Registration 

2. Vehicle Registration and Management

3. Regional Management

4. Timing Management

5. Seasonal Registration

6. Order Management

7. Awards Received

8. Personal Ranking

9. Total Delivery 

10. Total Earnings

11. Order History

12. Reviews Received

Admin Panel for Restaurants

1. Registration

2. Manage Business Profile

3. Managing Food items

4. Order Management

       - Received, served,completed

5. Ratings received

Super Admin Panel For App Owners

1. Credential profile management

2. Instant content management in application

3. Access to Manage over all profiles Such as

      - Restaurant profile

      - Delivery personnel profile

      - User profile

7. Deciding Payment Option

8. Analytics of App

Designing User Interface (UI) of the App

Design determines the understanding of application to the user. The application’s interface can make the users to be engaged with the application the capability to attract user much more than the normal use. Starting from making the customer reaching out their need instantly by Sorting out the available products is been much more appreciable one. 

So make sure to be productive to produce the unique features in the meantime, ensure adding up the functionalities proportionally to the user experience can make the app a noticeable one.The app should emphasise the user for accessing the exact usage of the app such as order placing and tracking.  While accessing this the users should be connected with the UI/UX designs provided for them.

Developing the Front End and Back End of the App

If you are on to the final idea for development choosing the developing team is the further part. The collaboration of certain specialists in the field of project manager, Business analyst, UI/UX designer, dedicated native app developers for both Android app development and iOS app development, web app developer develops a cross-platform mobile app. Testers for ensuring the app is bug free and hassle free use to the every extent possible. 

Apart from this integrating API in it is the finest part for an app, for confirming the app is ready for the fledged app usage. Considering the app users who are providing and getting benefited with the app. 

Launching and Marketing

Succeeding the completion of development process, bringing up the product for launching needs some marketing, i.e the product needs an announcement and awareness about the product to the target audience. So while launching the app can be noted by the target audience and be used.

Make an App like Uber Eats using a Ready-Made Solution

Obviously, Developing methods will be more than one. In that way an app development can be done by more than one method, Combining all the above methods going with the scratch development method lengthens the time for development and the cost will be high, when compared to the other method of app development. The second method is using the clone script of an existing one in the marketplace.

By choosing the Uber Eats clone script for development the time for hiring the developing team for the owners, cost to create an app like Uber Eats, and the waiting period for the development combindly reduced in this method. The changes and updates can be performed immediately with the experts needed according to the need.  So by choosing the hands on experienced team for mobile app development can make huge changes in the development section in your app development plan.

Food Delivery App Development

We Appticz is the best software development company with a team of expert app developers helping many clients around the world to bring their dream app ideas to reality. Our team will fully understand your business requirements and provide the best industry focused app solutions. We offer a wide range of restaurant management apps and food delivery app solutions to clients that help them boost their sales and streamline the overall business process. 

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