Postmates Clone to Start an On-Demand Multi-Delivery Business

Launch your own on-demand multi-delivery business with our customizable Postmates Clone Script. Scale up your business with on-demand app solutions.

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In recent years, we have seen tremendous growth in the on-demand delivery market. It would not have been possible without the innovative approach of providing convenience through quick and efficient delivery which is achieved by multi-delivery service platforms like Postmates. The success of such platforms has inspired many businesses to replicate its success and explore the idea of creating a Postmates clone.  

Grow your multi-delivery service business with Postmates clone script that helps businesses launch their apps in a super fast timeline. This could be your gateway to revolutionize your delivery services and stay ahead in this competitive market. By embracing this innovative solution, you can ensure a frictionless experience for both customers and delivery agents. 

Postmates Clone Script

Postmates clone script is a pre-built software used as a turnkey solution to launch your own multi-delivery service business. While creating a multi-delivery app from scratch could cost an arm and a leg, using this ready-made script, you can set up your multi-delivery service app easily and quickly, since the codes are already in place. By opting for the Postmates clone script, you can significantly reduce your investment cost.  

It is a cost-effective and time-saving solution that offers a ready-made and customizable platform to meet the growing demand of customers. This clone script comes with a well-built user app, admin panel, delivery partner app, and store panel that connects users, owners, and delivery partners seamlessly. With high levels of customization, it is easy to modify the script the way you want and add unique features and functionalities that set you apart from the competition. 

Postmates Clone App 

Postmates clone app is a ready-to-deploy multi-delivery application that replicates the features and functionalities of the popular app, Postmates. It helps you manage the ins and outs of your various business operations. Using this clone app, you can also deliver multiple services, including food, groceries, pharmacy, and more. But you might be wondering why Postmates when there are so many multi-delivery apps available in the market. 

Postmates is an on-demand multi-delivery service app founded in 2011 by Bastian Lehmann. It offers local delivery of food, groceries, alcohol, retail, and courier. Its unique business model and high-quality services helped grow its customer base and it has established its presence in numerous countries across the world. By replicating such a proven business model, there is no way your multi-delivery service business can go wrong. 

How Does Postmates Clone Script Work?

Postmates clone script works similarly to the multi-delivery service app, Postmates. However, you can customize it to simplify the way your platform works. Here is how the Postmates clone script works. 

User Registration

First, users including customers, store owners, and delivery partners need to register to access the platform. It requires basic information such as name, location, and contact details to complete the registration. Once registered, users can create profiles and set preferences based on their roles. 

Search and Place Order

Now customers can browse through a comprehensive list of restaurants or stores. Using advanced search filters such as item, location, price range, and ratings, customers can choose their desired items from the menu added by restaurant and store owners. Now it's time to place the order. 

Select A Payment Method 

Before placing the order, customers need to choose a payment method through which they want to pay from various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or cash on delivery. The platform accurately sets discounts for some items and securely processes payments. 

Order Confirmation 

As soon as the customers place orders through the platform, restaurant or app owners get a notification. Based on the availability of items, they can confirm or cancel orders. Mostly, customers can order only from restaurants that are ready to accept deliveries. So there is no way they can cancel orders. 

Even due to some unavoidable situations they do, customers can replace orders. Once the order is confirmed from the restaurant side, then it is forwarded to available delivery partners. Depending on the order details and location, delivery personnel accept or cancel deliveries. 

Real-Time Order Tracking 

Once the order is out for delivery, customers can monitor the status of their orders from the moment it is confirmed. Right from its preparation to delivery, they get real-time notifications and alerts regarding the delivery person's name, contact details, and location. 

Delivery or Pickup 

Once the delivery person reaches the customer's specified address, customers receive a notification that their order is ready for pick up. If the payment method is cash on delivery, customers have to pay and receive the order. 

Customer Reviews and Ratings 

After everything is done, customers can rate their experience and leave reviews on the item's quality, delivery service, and overall satisfaction. These reviews and ratings help owners and admins improve their service quality standards. 

Features of Postmates Clone App

Here is a list of advanced and unique features typically found in each component of the Postmates clone app. 

User App


The Postmates clone app offers an easy onboarding process with simple steps. Customers must enter basic information such as their name, location, and contact details to get done with the registration process.  

Live Tracking

Once the orders are confirmed, customers can keep track of the status of their orders right from their placement to delivery using a live tracking feature. 

Advanced Search Filters

Customer can use advanced search filters and sorting options based on type, location, and price range to choose their desired item on the Postmates clone app. 

Reviews and Ratings

Customers can leave reviews and ratings regarding their experience with the store/platform and the quality of delivery to help them improve their service standards. 

Multiple Payment Methods

Postmates clone script provides users with multiple payment methods to choose from such as debit/credit card, digital wallets, and cash on delivery. 

Take Away or Delivery Options 

Customers can either opt for takeaway or delivery from their preferred restaurants at their convenience. This way they can collect their orders themselves if they want. 

Admin Panel 

Efficient Admin Dashboard 

Postmates clone script offers a comprehensive dashboard for admins that allows them to have a quick overview of users, overall orders, earnings, and security settings. 

Manage Restaurants and Stores 

Admins own the complete information of restaurants and stores registered on their platform. They can even add, edit, or delete them from the platform if they want. 

Manage Menus' 

Admins can easily manage menu listings received from restaurant partners and modify them for better organization and navigation within the app. 

Manage Feedback 

Admins can view and manage reviews, ratings, and complaints received regarding the platform's performance, service quality, and user satisfaction. 

Manage Customers

Admins can manage customers and the information they provide during registration. Through this feature, they can easily get an overview of the user count. 

Service Fees

In the Postmates clone script, admins have full access to fix and manage service fees in the form of flat fees from delivery partners, users, and stores/restaurants. 

Delivery Partner

Sign Up Option 

In the delivery partner app of Postmates clone script, delivery partners can easily sign up by filling out basic information such as their name, contact details, vehicle details, and documents such as licenses. 

Accept/Reject Deliveries 

Based on their availability, workload, and customer's location, delivery partners can accept or reject deliveries. 

Delivery Notification 

In the delivery partner app, delivery partners get instant notifications of new deliveries along with order details and the customer's location. 


Through the call/chat option, delivery partners can easily call or chat with customers and store owners regarding order-related queries and updates. 

Geolocation Integration

The delivery partner app is integrated with GPS technology to help delivery partners find optimized delivery routes and deliver orders on time. 

Earning Report

Delivery partners get easy access to daily earning reports that provide insights into their day-to-day earnings to track their performance and earnings. 

Store Panel 

Profile Creation 

Just like customers, restaurants and store owners can easily create their profiles by providing information such as their restaurant/store name, contact details, location, and legal documents. 

Accept/Reject Orders 

Based on the availability of items customers order, restaurants/stores can accept or reject incoming orders. They can keep track of past and current orders. 

Push Notifications 

Stores can get instant notifications on new orders and their details as soon as customers place orders. They get real-time notifications and alerts on the status of delivery partners. 

Menu Management 

Store owners can easily manage the menu by adding, deleting, and editing the items whenever they want according to customer preferences. 

Secure Payment System

Postmates clone script is integrated with a secure payment system that allows stores to process payments securely and efficiently and accept multiple payment modes. 

Promos and Deals Management 

Store owners can easily add promo codes and deals on particular products or items to attract new customers and reward existing customers. 

Benefits Of Postmates Clone Development 

With an increasing demand for on-demand apps, many have started realizing the importance of opting for their clone scripts. Let's take a look at some of the compelling benefits of opting for Postmates clone development. 

Go Global 

When you opt for Postmates clone script, you will get a proven business model that gives you a head start. It helps you expand your business, reach a wide audience, and build a huge customer base. 

Easy Customization 

Postmates clone script is highly customizable and lets you customize it the way you want to match your specific business requirements. Also, you can add unique features and functionalities to make your platform unique from others. 

Better Pricing 

Developing a Postmates clone app can be a lucrative business idea. You can get it at better pricing and cut down on development costs spent on designing and developing a multi-delivery service app from scratch.

Multi-Delivery Solution 

Postmates clone script offers a multi-delivery solution that allows you to deliver multiple delivery services such as food, grocery, medicine, courier, and more in one app just like Postmates does. 

Quick Launch 

By replicating the business model and features of popular platforms like Postmates, this clone script helps you launch your own multi-delivery service app in the market quickly instead of starting from zero. 

Bug-Free Solutions 

You need a bug-free script to launch a comprehensive multi-delivery service platform like Postmates swiftly and cost-effectively in the market. Postmates clone script is thoroughly tested and free of bugs that you can customize based on your preferences. 

What Does The Postmates Clone Package Offer?

The Postmates clone script aims to establish the success of the original platform by delivering similar services to customers. Here is an overview of what you get in the Postmates clone package. 

1. 100% Source Code

2. Postmates Website Clone 

3. Customer Android/iOS App

4. Admin Panel 

5. Restaurant Web Panel 

6. Delivery Partner Android/iOS App

7. Postmates Clone PHP Script  

Why Choose Appticz For Postmates Clone Development?

Appticz is a top-on-demand app development company known for delivering on-demand mobile applications and market-leading platforms tailored to unique business needs. We offer multi-tested and bug-free clone scripts to launch scalable and feature-rich multi-delivery service apps like Postmates. We offer a complete Postmates clone package to launch your own website and app for both Android and iOS. With Appticz as your partner, you can speed up your on-demand business and deliver extraordinary results to generate huge revenue.  

Whether you are just starting out or want to integrate your existing on-demand business with innovative solutions, we develop multi-service apps like Postmates from scratch and offer ready-made scripts for easy integrations. We follow agile development methodologies to ensure that the projects are delivered on time with all the customizations. Get Postmates clone script at an affordable price and launch your own multi-service app in a short span of time. You could be the next Postmates. Get started now.


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Postmates Clone to Start an On-Demand Multi-Delivery Business

Launch your own on-demand multi-delivery business with our customizable Postmates Clone Script. Scale up your business with on-demand app solutions.

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