Huobi Clone Script to Start a Crypto Exchange Platform Like Huobi

Using the Huobi clone script to quickly set up your cryptocurrency exchange business like Huobi HTX. Stand out in the competitive crypto ecosystem.

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Huobi Clone Script

A Huobi clone script is a set of software scripts that replicates the functionality and features of the Huobi, cryptocurrency exchange platform. Ready-made cryptocurrency exchange clone script that allows you to build a crypto exchange platform like Huobi. Developing a Huobi clone script involves key functionalities like user registration, authentication, asset management, secure trading features, order book management, admin panel, wallet integration, deployment options, and more.

White Label Huobi Clone Software

A White label Huobi clone software is a customized exchange solution that replicates the features and third-party APIs of the Huobi exchange platform. Huobi clone software provides a white-label structure that enables businesses to operate their cryptocurrency exchange platform using the advanced technology of Huobi, with 100% customization options to meet their specific demands and goals. Our Huobi clone is built with cutting-edge technology and white-label crypto exchange software solutions that enable custom options.

Features of Huobi Clone Script

Features perform a substantial part in cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Therefore, your trading features have to be more optimized. Let's have a look at the incredible features that can make your crypto exchange platform function smoothly.

Asset Management

This feature offers users an efficient manage their cryptocurrency portfolios. It typically includes a secure wallet for storing multiple digital currencies, portfolio tracking, and performance analytics. Amplified security measures include cold storage, a multi-signature wallet, and robust encryption protocols that protect users's assets while user-friendly interfaces make asset management accessible even to beginner traders.

C2C Lending 

Customer-to-customer lending on a crypto trading platform enables users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies directly with one another and allows for a decentralized finance defi interaction within a secure platform.C2C lending with smart contract technology ensures transparent and automated transactions. Enable lenders to earn interest on unused assets by making loans to others while borrowers can able to get loans without any intermediaries

Crypto Wallet Integration

Cryptocurrency wallet integration assures a seamless and secure experience when storing, managing, and transacting digital assets through the platform. It supports a hot wallet for daily transactions and a cold wallet for long-term storage which gives more flexibility, and security of traders' digital assets. Wallet integration features including staking, lending, borrowing, direct involvement in defi ecosystem

Cross Platform Compatibility

Cross Platform compatibility in a crypto exchange that ensures users can access and manage their profile from multiple devices and OS and boosts the overall training experience. It includes iOS and Android, Tablets and other specific mobile apps, a responsive mobile web interface, and Windows & Mac desktop applications. It not only gives convenience and flexibility but also allows users to respond fast to market changes, maximizing trading opportunities effectively.

General Features

Security Features

User-Friendly Interface

2FA Two-Factor Authentication

Multiple Trading Pairs

Cold Wallet Storage

Real-Time Market Data

Hot Wallet Security

Staking and Lending

DDoS Protection

Token Listing

SSL Encryption

Atomic Swap

Anti Phishing Measures

High Liquidity 

Bug Bounty Program

Multi-Language Support

Withdrawal Whitelisting

Referral Program

Advanced Risk Control System

Profile Analytics

Account Freezing

Limit Order & Stop Limit Order


Customer Support

Multi-Signature Wallets

Multi-Crypto Support

Escrow Services 

These comprehensive general, admin, and security measures assist Huobi in maintaining a secure trading space for its traders. By incorporating Huobi exchange features, a Huobi clone script can provide a robust and versatile platform for launching a cryptocurrency exchange similar to Huobi.

Huobi Exchange Script

Huobi exchange script is used by business owners and organizations who are seeking to start their cryptocurrency trading platform similar to Huobi. Huobi clone is a custom-tailored script to meet the specific user's preference. It provides a foundation to build upon, saving time and resources compared to starting from scratch. However, it's essential to customize the clone script to differentiate the exchange and comply with legal regulations and market demands.

Business Benefits of Huobi Clone Script

A Huobi clone script provides various business benefits allowing business people to launch a cryptocurrency exchange similar to Huobi. Here are some key benefits,

Lower Development Time & Cost

The help of using ready-made Huobi clone script reduces the tom and cost compared to building a crypto exchange platform from scratch. It enables a faster time to market and initial investment is also low.

Tried-And-True Business Model

Huobi clones are built on a successful and effective business model, reducing the risk of disappointment. Business people are attracted to traders by leveraging the tested and reliable functionalities

High Liquidity

Integrating the third-party liquidity providers enhances the high liquidity, attracting traders and boosting the trading experience.

Customization & Scalability

Tailored Huobi exchange scripts can be customized to meet specific needs and demands. It is scalable which enables the addition of new features and support for a larger user base.

Advanced Privacy & Security Features

A credible Huobi clone app includes security and privacy features such as 2FA, SSL Encryption, and multi-signature wallets to provide a secure trading environment for traders.

User-Friendly Interface

​​The script's readily apparent interface attracts and retains users by offering a seamless trading experience.

Various Revenue Streams

A Huobi clone script provides multiple revenue streams such as trading dee, withdrawal fee, listing fee for their new tokens, Ads mentorship, and sale of their whitelabel clone script solutions that ensure diversified income streams.

Rapid Deployment

Ready-made Huobi clone script enables businesses peoples to start their cryptocurrency exchange business in a short span of time.

Mobile & Web Compatibility

Huobi clone script is compatible with both web and mobile application platforms which enables users to trade on the go and offer a compatible experience across all devices.

The Revenue Modules of Huobi Exchange Clone

A Huobi Exchange clone can make money through various modules. Leveraging different components of the platform to generate a diverse income stream. Here are the key revenue modules,

Trading Fee

Charge a small percentage for each trade executed on the trading platform by the trader. Generating a stable revenue with high cryptocurrency trading volumes.

Listing Fee

Generating significant revenue by debating crypto trading projects a fee to list their own tokens on the listing platform and exchange platform. It'll help to attract new projects looking to reach a broader audience.

Withdrawal Fee

Implement fixed or variable withdrawal fees to cover network transaction costs and generate additional revenue. These fees ensure the exchange's viability while providing users with the necessary fund transfer services.

Initial Exchange Offerings

Simplify the initial exchange offering and charge a crypto exchange project fee to host their token sales on the platform. It attracts new traders while generating a lucrative revenue stream.

Margin Trading Fee

Charged an interest on borrowed funds on margin trading which will appeal to advanced traders to look for leverage of their own platform. This fee structure has the potential to be a primary source of revenue, with high trading activity.

API Access

Charging a fee based on the usage or feature sets and provides blockchain developers with valuable data, insights, and trading tools. It makes additional revenue through third-party API integrations.


Sell advertising space on the crypto exchange to crypto projects and related services. Earning money with banner advertisements and sponsored content for better reach of your crypto exchange platform. It increases the visibility for advertisers while also generating ROI for the crypto trading business.


Generate mutual revenue by collaborating with the cryptocurrency exchange and other blockchain projects. It may include co-branded products, mutual marketing efforts, and sharing services.

Value Added Services

Provide value-added services fees including advanced trading tools, analytics, and educational resources to improve the user experience of your crypto trading platform. It attracts both beginner to professional traders that generate additional income.

Create a Crypto Exchange Platform Like Huobi

Creating a complete cryptocurrency exchange platform like Huobi involves several steps encompassing market research, technical development, deployment, security measures, user experience, and multi-operations.

1. Understand the clients' requirements, and current trends in the cryptocurrency market by doing market research. This step helps to know the clear cust business model, and revenue streams that will distinguish your exchange platform from others.

2. Ensure Legal compliance by implementing KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML Anti-Money Laundering)  process to complete the international regulations.

3. The technical development phase involves a team of blockchain developers, front-end and back-end developers, and UI and UX designers.

4. Select the suitable technology stack that bolsters the scalability, performance, and security.

5. Integrate the Houbi exchange's common, admin, and security key features such as user registration, and a high-performance trading engine that can handle high-frequency trades to develop a Huobi-like cryptocurrency exchange platform.

6. API integration enables third-party plugins to build an application on your trading platform.

7. Developing a Huobi-like crypto trading platform in web and mobile applications ensures traders can trade seamlessly and effortlessly over different devices.

8. Design an under-friendly UI for both web and mobile platforms and user experience plays a crucial role in the success of the crypto exchange.

9. Also, add a customer support system to a trading platform such as 24/7 live chat, email support, and calls.

10. Initiate the beta testing of your developed crypto exchange platform. After testing and deployment are over.

11. Finally, launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform like Huobi and regularly update the platform with new functionalities and updates based on market trends.

Following this comprehensive approach, you can create a secure, efficient, and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform like Huobi.

Essential Technologies That Used to Build a Huobi Like Crypto Exchange

Programming Languages

Python, JavaScript (Node.js, React.js), and Solidity.

Blockchain Platforms

Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and custom blockchain solutions.


MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis.


AWS, Google Cloud, and  Microsoft Azure.

Security Tools

SSL/TLS, multi-signature wallets, cold storage solutions, and DDoS protection services.

Why Choose Appticz for Huobi Clone Development?

Choosing APPTICZ for your cryptocurrency exchange development comes with multipurpose benefits. Our skilled blockchain developers are specialists in developing a cryptocurrency exchange script to build a crypto trading platform and also build a popular trading platform by using a crypto exchange clone script. Our Appticz team ensures the on-time deliver of the white-label Huobi exchange platform.

We provide complete technical support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your trading business. Shake your hands with Appticz to the success of your crypto exchange business with our cryptocurrency exchange development services.


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