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Cryptocurrencies have been the center of attraction for investors plunging into the crypto field. Crypto traders witnessed impressive profits on their investments which urged more traders, and entrepreneurs, to dive into the crypto world. The future of cryptocurrencies seems to be promising. Hence, this is the right time to invest in developing a cryptocurrency wallet. 

What is a Crypto Wallet?

Crypto Wallet is a digital version of the physical wallet that stores digital assets safe and securely. Apart from storing your digital assets, it helps you to keep track of their transactions and make crypto payments, loans, etc. This depicts that the cryptocurrency wallet is an integral part of the world of cryptocurrencies. There are numerous crypto wallets being developed in the crypto space that are fully in compliance with the client's demands. 

Trust Wallet, Exodus, Trezor, etc is one of the top crypto wallets that have grown in popularity and have been a great option for beginners who are getting started in the crypto space. These wallets satisfy the important aspects of a crypto wallet like high-end security, integrity, stability, ease of use, customer support, etc. Are you on the hunt for launching your own Cryptocurrency wallet? Then you are in the right place. 

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Appticz is a renowned cryptocurrency wallet development company specializing in developing user-friendly, feature-rich crypto wallets. Our crypto wallet developers are pro-players in developing customizable crypto wallets on various blockchain networks such as ethereum, binance smart chain, solana, polygon, tron, cardano, etc. Our ardent cryptocurrency wallet developers have a proficient skill-set to render great results in less time frame. We have a talented team that develops quality assured products that provide seamless transactions devoid of fraudulent actions. 

Cryptocurrency wallet development streamlines the development of cryptocurrency wallets with the interaction with a suitable blockchain. A successful crypto wallet is launched to the end-users by analyzing the user's scope with the market trends, sketching the blueprint, developing a viable design, developing the complete product, and undergoing rigorous testing. We also develop coin-specific wallets in which bitcoin wallets and ethereum wallets are more familiar with the crypto traders and investors.

Bitcoin Wallet Development

Being the industry’s best bitcoin wallet development company, Appticz offers top-rated bitcoin wallet development services to create bitcoin wallets. Bitcoin wallet development starts with the right plan from the wallet design to deployment. Bitcoin wallets are specifically developed to store and trade bitcoins with exceptional security features. These types of coin-specific wallets are faster and extremely secure and so the majority of the investors prefer the development of coin-specific wallets. Some entrepreneurs are thinking of building a crypto wallet supporting multiple cryptocurrencies and tokens to attract a wide range of crypto users, in that case launching a multi-crypto wallet is more helpful.

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Just like the physical wallet, Multi crypto wallets are digital wallets that store, earn and monitor multiple virtual currencies. Crypto wallets are software applications that store the user's private and public keys to manage the crypto balance. Few crypto wallets allow their users to perform certain actions with decentralized applications (Dapps). 

Being the industry’s best multi cryptocurrency wallet development company, Appticz offers top-rated multi-crypto wallet development services to create crypto wallets supporting multiple cryptocurrencies and tokens. Multi cryptocurrency wallet development starts with the right plan from the wallet design to deployment infusing military-grade security features with payment integration solutions. Our prowess has vast experience in developing multi-crypto wallet applications that meet the customer requirements with unrivaled trading experience, enhanced user interface with long-term profitability. 

Benefits of Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

Our multi-crypto wallet is developed with the following benefits,

Multi-Currency Access

Detect Duplicate Payments

Automatic Session Logout

Inflation Free Investment

Extremely Low Transaction Fees

Cross-Border Transactions

Devoid of Central Governance

Transparent and Confirmed Transactions

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development

The crypto wallet is seeing phenomenal success which has led to the demand for cryptocurrency wallet app development. Many investors are looking for the best and most suitable crypto wallet app that will benefit them with their blockchain transactions.  A Crypto wallet app is a digital solution that offers end-to-end banking and commercial solution. 

Appticz is the leading cryptocurrency wallet app development company that strives to provide impactful solutions that blend with the latest IT advancements. Our dexterous developer team builds a crypto wallet app tailored to your niche under your budget and time frame. Our developers conduct extensive testing to ensure the application does not have any errors. 

Features of Cryptocurrency Wallet App

Offer enhanced functionality and performance by integrating the essential features to your crypto wallet app.

1. User Authorization

2. QR-Code Scanner

3. Paper Wallet Import

4. Push Notifications

5. Current Conversion Rates 

6. Payment Gateways

7. Manage frequently used Address

8. Optional Session Logout

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Being the leading player in crypto wallet development services, Appticz offers result-driven services that will reach the target audience and meet their business needs.

Multi crypto wallet development

Appticz is the pro player in multi-crypto wallet development and develops a multi-crypto wallet that supports a vast spectrum of crypto coins and tokens to store in a single place. It is backed with various essential features such as OTC trading, multi-signature, rapid coin conversion, risk management, etc. 

Centralized Wallet Development

Mostly the newcomers to the crypto space prefer centralized wallets because there is a centralized authority to safeguard the user's private key. The wallet address is whitelisted and this ensures legitimate transactions. We offer delicate centralized Wallet development services that offer maximum security features that are required.

Defi Wallet Development

Defi Wallet allows the users full control over their private keys with enhanced security. Appticz offers customized defi wallet development services to develop a defi wallet that integrates with all the defi platforms. The users have access to various activities such as buying or selling tokens, staking, yield farming, token exchanges, and interaction with Dapps. 

NFT Wallet Development

NFT wallets are similar to other wallets with the exception that nft wallets operate based on the features of NFTs. NFT wallets enable the users to make p2p NFT transactions without any issues. Appticz offers potential NFT wallet development services to create a perfect NFT wallet for storing NFTs tokens with high-security features.  

Mobile Wallet Development

People are showing much interest in mobile trading which created the demand for mobile wallet development. Our developers at Appticz develop a feature-rich mobile wallet that is compatible with both android and iOS platforms. This is highly convenient for the users as it can be accessed from anywhere. 

Web Wallet Development

Web wallets are online wallets that are stored in the cloud and require unique keys to operate. Web wallets are suitable for those who do not have access to their PC. Appticz develops a robust and steadfast web wallet with high-end security features as they are prone to hacks. 

Coin Specific Wallet Development

Coin-specific wallets are nothing but wallets that support a single currency. Appticz develops specific wallets for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, Solana, polygon, avalanche, Cardano, Tron, etc to execute transactions without any glitches.

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

Appticz undergoes several stages of the crypto wallet development process that meet the demands of the users.

1. Technical Analysis

3. Architecture Design

3. UI/UX Development

4. Smart Contract set up

5. Frontend and Backend Development

6. Testing

7. Deployment

Technical Analysis

This is the first step in the development process of a crypto wallet. The technical and business standpoints are analyzed to understand the purpose of the wallet. The client scope and requirements are identified for the further process.

Architecture Design

Once the client specifications are finalized, the architecture of the wallet is developed.

In this phase, the relation between the frontend, backend, transactions data storage, and data retrieval is defined. This serves as the blueprint for the other process to be carried out. 

UI/UX Development

This is the phase where the user interface of the crypto wallet is designed and developed based on the client's specifications. 

Smart Contract Implementations

In this stage, the blockchain developers code and execute the smart contracts as per the designed prototype. The essential functionalities of bundled transactions, account recovery, and transfer limits are integrated by developing smart contracts. 

Frontend and Backend Development

In this phase, the frontend and backend are integrated. This is necessary to execute smart contracts. Once integrated, it is further processed to the testing phase.

Testing Crypto Wallet

This is the stage that is prior to the live deployment. Here the developed product is subjected to multi-phase testing to rectify any glitches or bugs that have arisen. Once the testing is completed the product will be out for live deployment. 

Crypto Wallet Deployment

This is the final stage in the development process of the crypto wallet. The developed product will be checked thoroughly and will be deployed on the client's server which will be available for the end-users.

Features of Our Crypto Wallet

Crypto Wallets are developed by integrating the key features such as,

OTC trading

With OTC trading the trading happens between the two users in which the users have complete control over their assets throughout the transactions. 

Automatic conversion rates

The users can view their balance and convert their currencies to the latest fiat currencies such as USD, AUD, GBP, etc. 

Multi-layer security

The crypto wallet is developed with multiple security layers like multi-factor authentication to provide intense security and store multiple currencies. 

User-friendly interface

The crypto wallet is designed with a self-explanatory interface that ensures ease of usage for both beginners and experienced users. 

Cross-platform compatibility

The crypto wallet supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS and renders a flexible infrastructure for seamless access. 

Denial of duplicate payments

The crypto wallet automatically detects duplicate payments and denies them instantly to avoid chargebacks.  

KYC verification

The geography-based KYC verification does the background checks to identify the authenticated user to make legitimate transactions. 

Home screen customization

The users can customize their home screen by adding the preferred crypto from the diverse range of cryptocurrencies to make rapid transactions. 

Hire Cryptocurrency Wallet Developers

Our proficient cryptocurrency wallet developers have a vast knowledge of developing a cryptocurrency wallet. Hire our certified developers from Appticz to avail of the services offered by them.

  - Our Developers have hands-on experience in developing single and multi-currency wallets.

  - Expertise in developing a user-centric wallet customized to the user's needs.

  - Deep expertise in linking to crypto exchanges, mobile, and other web devices. 

  - Vast experience in setting up NFC support to exchange digital assets.

  - Masters in developing cross-platform compatible crypto wallets.

  - Have a complete understanding of crypto wallet development lifecycle management.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

  - Building a Multi cryptocurrency wallet offers various benefits the crypto investors in a profitable way. 

  - A Crypto wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, other altcoins, etc from the same wallet. 

  - Crypto Wallets are supports Defi and Cefi which contributes to digital finance. 

  - Crypto wallets have reliable and sturdy infrastructure which helps the users to make their transactions easier. 

  - Cryptocurrency Wallets are the long-term alternative solution for investments and allow to make global transactions efficiently.

  - Security is the major concern with crypto wallets, hence they offer military standard security protecting from unauthorized transactions.

  - Crypto wallets have a seamless linking to any crypto exchange. 

Why choose Appticz for Crypto Wallet Development?

Appticz, the pro player in the crypto wallet development has developed and deployed 25+ crypto wallets by satisfying the client's needs. We have an expert in-house testing team who supports you in developing a bug-free crypto wallet and ensure that you are at zero risk.

Our diligent blockchain developers follow agile development methodologies and work with a complete sense of ownership. We also offer ample post-delivery services to help grow in the thriving world. Edge out the competitors by developing a feature-rich, robust, and reliable cryptocurrency wallet. 

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