Coinbase Commerce Clone Script to Create Crypto Payment Gateway

Coinbase Commerce clone script to kickstart a cryptocurrency payment gateway platform. Accept cryptocurrency payments seamlessly and securely.

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As the world transitions towards a more decentralized financial ecosystem, the burgeoning popularity of crypto payment gateways underscores the growing acceptance and adoption of digital currencies in mainstream commerce. A robust and adaptable payment gateway that draws from the success of coinbase commerce. With our coinbase commerce clone, empower businesses from startups to enterprises level to easily incorporate cryptocurrency payments into their operations. Revolutionizing the way they engage with their customers and conduct business online. 

The evolution of the payment system has now been transformed into the format of using cryptos to pay for consumer purchases. Statista Research said that nearly 17% of growth happens in the crypto payments market. If that growth is extended to the year 2029 it will reach 4.12 billion U.S dollars. First of all, we understand this coinbase commerce, why we use it, and its statistical data. Let’s dive into the blog.

What is Coinbase Commerce?

Coinbase Commerce is one of the crypto payment solutions for all merchant payment needs. This platform supports most of the major cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Tether USD, ApeCoin, and Shiba Inu. Further, Coinbase commerce is one tool from the famous US-based crypto exchange Coinbase.
Why should a lot of businesses consider Coinbase commerce? The reason is that this payment solution is integrated with the Coinbase crypto exchange, offers the same level of hard-level security, is easily accessible to all, easily onboarding into the platform, lowers level fees, and supports multiple variants of wallets and fiat currencies. However, globally more than thousands of global merchants believe and use it to generate $200 million in transactions.

Coinbase Commerce Clone Script

The Coinbase Commerce clone script is a readymade and customizable feature of the appropriate Coinbase Commerce on-chain payment protocol. Appticz offers a Coinbase Commerce clone script that resolves your merchant payment problems and provides a safer platform to make your merchant payments. Our services meet market quality standards, easily adapt to any future technological advancements, and easily integrate APIs into your platform.

Why Should You Invest in a Coinbase Commerce Clone?

If you invest your Coinbase Commerce into your business, you’ll get so many business benefits. Here we list out why you consider our Coinbase commerce clone

Time Saver and Cost-Effectiveness

Starting from scratch to build your on-chain payment protocol, it takes a lot of time and effort to build your platform, although you put a lot of money into the development process. Similarly, while you opt for our services, you’ll get the exact features and functionalities Additionally, you could customize your crypto payment protocol

Transparency and Security

Our Coinbase commerce clone is a fully transparent entity for handling crypto transactions without compromising security in the pool of large fund management. So that it tends to build trust in your business, create goodwill, and prevent any counterfeit activities.

Third-Parties Integration Capability

Officially, Coinbase Commerce supports third-party payment gateways such as WooCommerce, Primer, and Jumpseller. Using our service, it is easy to integrate your crypto payments into your existing e-commerce platform.

Multi-Cryptocurrencies Support

Changing the pace of the cryptocurrency market and the integration of crypto support is not easier when comparing fiat currencies. Indeed, Coinbase commerce currently supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin, Tether USD, ApeCoin, and Shiba. On the contrary, we give you the choice of integrating which coin supports your platforms; the choice is yours as if we would accept it.

Volatility-Free Conversions

This platform allows users to easily convert their chosen currency to a USD coin that replicates business and receives a stable and consistent settlement of the currency market value. Using this feature streamlines your business revenue from the volatility of crypto market prices. 
Gradually, a lot of shop merchants are using crypto payment gateways for their businesses. Now some of the market-leading crypto payment gateways have been used by businesses such as CoinsPaid, Bitpay, Coinbase Commerce, CryptoPay, and so on.

How Does Coinbase Commerce Clone Script Work?

We list out ways it works for your business. Follow these steps you’ll attain the perfect crypto-payment protocol.

Select a Reliable Service Provider

First of all, choose a renowned Coinbase commerce clone script provider for your business that facilitates a rigid level of security and entirely customizable scripts. That is why you should build a strong foundation to incorporate your online business portal. For that, you will need an API key from the appropriate crypto platform.

Decentralized Payment Acceptance

Our Coinbase commerce clone entirely works in a decentralized manner. So that businesses can receive payments directly from the users to their wallets without any interference from intermediates.

Feasible Fee Structure

It offers a feasible fee structure to manage your business invoices and settlements with a fixed conversion rate. Usually, Coinbase Commerce charges 1% for all crypto transactions but our Coinbase Commerce clone entirely depends upon the platform owner to fix the transaction charge or not.

Integrate your Crypto wallet

Incorporate various crypto wallet support for your platform because it favors attracting a huge audience base to your platform and encourages users to make payments using your crypto payment protocol.

Add Crypto Trading Pairs

Establish the support of multiple trading pairs on your platform that allow users to change their one cryptocurrency to another one and vice versa (i.e., fiat or altcoins). By using this technique, you have experienced an increase in your platform liquidity and trade volume.

Security Measures

Every crypto-based platform needs to take the necessary security measures to protect it. For these safety precautions, the on-chain payment protocol needs secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, intrusion detection systems, two-factor authentication, and support offline wallets for digital assets. It depicts the user's belief, trust, and interest in using your platform.

Features of Coinbase Commerce Clone

There are a lot of benefits that have been combined with the Coinbase commerce clone. We list out the points, such as,

1. Use this merchant payment protocol to access your payment from a global audience without any hassle and get into a seamless digital crypto payment experience with lower transaction costs when comparatively other transaction charges such as credit card, foreign exchange rates, and foreign transaction fees.

2. It completely works on an on-chain payment system, which means all the payment transactions are recorded in real-time on the respective cryptocurrency blockchain. All of these customer payment transactions are fully integrated with Coinbase commerce through the Coinbase wallet. 

3. The Coinbase commerce business onboarding process is easier for any kind of business accepting crypto payments from larger to smaller levels.

4. The platform facilitates stronger security for safeguarding your digital assets and transactions and also permits the merchant to manage their funds and streamline the transaction process in a personalized way.

5. Coinbase Commerce supports a large network of liquidity pools that are easily accessible to avail of a progressive level of liquidity for all crypto transactions. So the users have benefited and may increase the successive transaction rate.

Business Benefits of Coinbase Commerce Clone

If you are looking to start a business like Coinbase Commerce, then you should know about the benefits before making the decision. Here are several points for your business.

Lower Transaction Fees

Comparatively traditional payment methods charge 2-3% depending upon payment protocols like credit cards, foreign exchange rates, and foreign transaction fees. But differently, Coinbase Commerce charges 1% per transaction. For example, if a customer pays $100 amount ETH, the settlement of cryptocurrency is converted into USDC, and the platform takes 1% of the payable amount

Instant Settlements

This platform eliminates the waiting time for payment. Further, if a Coinbase user makes a payment through the Coinbase commerce protocol, the transaction is done instantly without taking any more time.

Global Reach

Crypto payments do not have any border-level restrictions while making your business payments. This feature benefits the business by allowing it to reach their digital products and services

Reduced Fraudulent Risks

All types of crypto transactions are recorded on the blockchain network. So they are considerably safe and secure for crypto payment and fraud-risk-free. Entrepreneurs have the relief of accepting crypto payments without any hesitation.

Attracting New-Gen Tech-Savvy Customers

Globally, accepting crypto payments tends to help businesses, innovators, and tech enthusiasts. That can attract emerging tech-savvy and Gen-Z users.

Future Trends of Crypto Payment Gateway System

Crypto payment culture is now at an evolving stage in the world of the crypto market. Some countries have accepted crypto payments for day-to-day transactions, but most of them do not take any steps on the crypto side. In the future, crypto merchant payment gateway technology may have a remarkable welcome from the world's people. The chances depend on acceptance worldwide. So do you wait for the world's people to accept merchant crypto payments to initiate your crypto payment protocol with our help? This is for your own time to make the decision.

Appticz - Best Crypto payment Gateway Development Company

Appticz is the best crypto payment gateway solution provider for any kind of business needs. Our specialty is providing customer-satisfied digital solutions on the crypto side and on-demand mobile apps and other services. We have more than a decade of experience in this field. So, no bother about your crypto payment gateway platform development and our services with high-grade security measures. Although we made not only that Coinbase commerce clone, we also have experience and built other variants of crypto payment gateways like Bitpay, CoinGate, NOWPayments, Binance Pay, etc.

What Services Are Offered in Our Coinbase Commerce Clone?

In the consecutive evolution of cryptocurrencies, the crypto payment gateway is one of the underrated businesses in the crypto market. Utilize this opportunity to prove your business by using our Coinbase Commerce clone script. This clone script is entirely customizable and integrates any technological advancements without compromising the quality of security levels or depending on your needs. We had hands-on experience in the crypto industry, providing services such as crypto payment gateways, crypto exchange software, crypto wallets, cryptocurrency exchange script, and much more.

If you want to integrate a crypto payment gateway system to your existing business or newly launched crypto exchange business then get a crypto payment business quotation.


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