Blur Clone Script - How to Create NFT Marketplace Like Blur?

Develop a Blur clone with the best Blur clone script. Appticz offers Blur Clone NFT Marketplace for web and Blur clone app development on android and ios.

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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become increasingly popular in recent years, with the ability to represent unique digital assets such as art, music, and even tweets. As the demand for NFTs continues to grow, creating an NFT marketplace has become a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs. In this article, we will explore the process of developing an NFT marketplace using the Blur clone script.

Blur Clone Script

Blur clone script is an exact replica of the popular NFT marketplace Blur. Blur Clone allows entrepreneurs to create their own NFT marketplace without the need for extensive coding knowledge. The readymade Blur clone script comes with a range of features that make it user-friendly and customizable. The Blur NFT marketplace gained popularity because it operates as an aggregator and marketplace for users to list/sell their NFTs across multiple platforms with no royalty charges. The Blur clone is developed to serve the same purpose and is built on the Ethereum blockchain same as Blur. The Blur clone script is so successful because, unlike other NFT marketplaces, it doesn’t target retail users but caters to professional NFT traders.

Appticz is the top NFT marketplace development company that has successfully launched more than 64 NFT marketplaces across the globe, and some of them are among the top #5 trading platforms in NFT by volume. Customers can make orders directly through our Blur clone and explore NFTs on other NFT markets as well. This gives customers a similar buying or selling experience to trading cryptocurrencies with instant liquidity. The platform is fully functional and can be expanded with new features and functionalities as needed to satisfy any market requirements.

Features of Blur Clone Script

Appticz’'s team of experts makes sure that all these features work a charm in the development of the NFT marketplace. The platform can also be dynamically equipped with add-on features in the future.

User-friendly Interface 

The blur clone interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to buy and sell NFTs without any prior experience or technical knowledge.

Low Fees

It charges low fees for transactions, which makes it a cost-effective platform for buyers and sellers. This can be very helpful for both retail users and pro traders in cost-cutting.

Multi-Chain Support

The marketplace is designed in a way that supports multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, giving users more options to trade NFTs.

Minting and Selling NFTs

Users can mint and sell their NFTs on the Blur clone platform without any restrictions, giving them full control over their creations.

Social Features

Blur clone script has social features that allow users to connect with other members, create groups, and share their NFT collections on social media.

Verified Artists

It also verifies the identity of artists and creators to ensure that their NFTs are genuine, providing buyers with confidence in their purchases.


Blur clone app supports both fixed-price and auction-style sales, giving users more flexibility in how they sell their NFTs.


The platform allows creators to earn royalties on secondary sales of their NFTs, providing them with ongoing revenue from their creations.

Smart Contracts

The script uses smart contracts which are self-executing contracts that automatically enforce the terms of the agreement between buyers and sellers.

Blur Clone Development

The Blur has grown as the largest NFT marketplace and flipped Opensea in a short span of time. This is because of the platform's user-friendly interface, liquidity for NFTs, and low gas fees. NFT enthusiasts are actively looking upon the growing trend and are interested to replicate the business model. The Blur has more than 400,000 users and more than $1 billion in trade volume shows the potential of this business model. Appticz had helped in Blur clone development for many aspiring NFT entrepreneurs. The readymade Blur clone script is fully functional and vigorously tested for bugs and crashes. 

Blur clone NFT marketplace development requires rigorous planning and implementation. The platform needs to support many blockchains, have flexible payment options, be well-secured, integrate wallets, allow for social sharing, and include analytics and reporting tools. Appticz helps you create a prosperous NFT aggregator marketplace that benefits both consumers and sellers in the NFT ecosystem by putting these traits into practice. Appticz always keeps tabs on trends and developments in the NFT marketplace and constantly updates the Blur clone development. Opt out for our Blur clone and make a prominent presence in the NFT marketplace. 

Blur Over Other NFT Marketplaces

Avail the same in your Blur Clone

Blur vs OpeanSea

In OpenSea users need to access separate tabs to access the various information. Blur consolidates sales history, ETH price feed, gas fee, and trading volume. 

Blur vs Magic Eden

Magic Eden works on Solana whereas Blur works on Ethereum. Blur offers royalties to traders, Magic Eden does the same with MetaShield. 

Blur vs Rarible

Blur is a platform in which creators can mint and sell their NFTs, whereas Rarible is a marketplace where NFTs can be bought and sold.

Blur vs SuperRare

SuperRare is designed to help artists with generous royalties, whereas Blur emphasizes on traders providing batch shelf and floor-sweeping.

Blur vs X2Y2

Stakeholders of X2Y2's native token receive a portion of transaction fees whereas Blur allows purchasing the NFTs in batches, so consumers can make twice as much money.

Blur vs LooksRare

LooksRare charges a 2% transaction fee for all transactions. Blur fee is trader-friendly in which the transaction fee is 0. Blur Clone offers the same fee structure.

Steps to Develop an NFT Marketplace with Blur Clone Script

Step 1: Choose a Blockchain Platform

The first step in developing an NFT marketplace is to choose a blockchain platform to build it on. Ethereum is the most popular blockchain platform for NFTs, but other platforms like Binance Smart Chain and Flow can also be used. The blockchain platform you choose will depend on your specific needs and the features you want to incorporate into your marketplace.

Step 2: Customize the Blur Clone Script

The next step is customizing the Blur clone script to fit your requirements. The clone script comes with a range of features such as a user-friendly interface, digital wallet integration, and support for multiple cryptocurrencies. You can customize the script to add additional features or modify existing ones to suit your needs.

Step 3: Design the User Interface

The user interface of your NFT marketplace is an important aspect that can determine its success. The Blur clone script comes with a pre-designed interface that you can use as a starting point. You can modify the interface to add your branding elements, design custom layouts, and create a unique user experience.

Step 4: Integrate Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are essential for users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs on your marketplace. The Blur clone script supports multiple cryptocurrencies and digital wallets, including MetaMask and Trust Wallet. You can also integrate your own digital wallet or payment gateway to make it easier for users to transact on your platform.

Step 5: Launch the Marketplace

After customizing the clone script, designing the user interface, and integrating digital wallets, the final step is to launch your NFT marketplace. You can host the marketplace on your own server or use cloud hosting services like AWS or Google Cloud. Once your marketplace is live, you can start promoting it to attract users and generate revenue.

Benefits of Blur Clone Script

Batch NFT Purchase

The platform allows users to bulk purchase NFTs from multiple platforms at the same time, which encourages massive sales figures from a single click. 

Aggregator of Data

Blur clone has access to the historical data of both transactional data and NFT commerce data across various platforms. This gives a significant benefit to Blur over other NFT marketplace platforms.

Faster Sweeping

Blur Clone has 10x fast sweeping with no transactional fees. Sweeping can be applied for both project owners and buyers.

Airdrops for Loyal Users

New NFT series or projects are frequently promoted and marketed using NFT airdrops in Blur Clone. Certain airdrops will also give fresh NFTs to current owners of a coin, token, or NFT.

Closing Thoughts

Blur is taking over the NFT marketplace industry by storm. Developing an NFT marketplace can be a profitable business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the growing demand for NFTs. Using the Appticz Blur clone script, you can create a customized marketplace that is user-friendly and supports multiple cryptocurrencies and digital wallets. With the right marketing strategy, your NFT marketplace can attract a large user base and generate significant revenue.


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