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Car rentals have been the game changer for the transportation industry as it provides people with a cost efficient and convenient way to travel anywhere. From short term rentals to business trips to long term rentals, car rental companies have played an important role in helping people find their vehicles and rent them. 

Car rental companies are continuously evolving to meet the needs of the customers by adapting emerging technologies. Such one is a Car rental app. As mobile apps are everywhere, helping people rent a car through apps from their smartphones can be more useful and effective. 

If you are owning a car rental business or planning to start one or an entrepreneur looking to enter this lucrative car rental industry? Then, building a car rental app can be a great boost for business.

Car Rental Script

Car rental script is a prebuilt solution for launching a car rental app that facilitates the online rentals of vehicles. It comes with all the features and functionalities such as booking a car, managing trips, payments and much more. Entrepreneurs and Car rental businesses who are looking to create a Car rental app can make use of this ready made rental script to launch the app instantly.

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How Does a Car Rental Script Work?

1. Users(i.e Riders) can register with their email ids, phone numbers or social media accounts. 

2. Once they have registered they need to fill out their information such as Name, location etc.

3. Likewise The Car owners can register themselves in the platform by providing the personal details, Vehicle details, Pricing etc.

4. Users can hire or rent a car shared by local hosts(i.e Car Owners) by searching for the vehicles in their location using the advanced search bar and filter options.

5. Users can use various filter options to search vehicles such as location, date, Vehicle category, Vehicle Years, Type of vehicles, mileage included, pick-up/return location, Number of Seats, pricing etc. 

6. Once the rider has selected the vehicle they can either book on the current date or can schedule for future dates. Now they need to wait for the car host to accept the trip request

7. The car host can either cancel or accept the trip request from the user based on the availability. 

8. When the host accepts the request the user can pick up the car at the selected location and date.

9. Once the user completes the trip and returns the car, they can proceed with the payment through different payment options available such as credit cards, debit cards, Revoult, UPIs, Paypal, Stripe etc.

Key Features of a Car Rental Script

User Registration and Authentication. 

For the riders and hosters making the registration user friendly to them to access their accounts. Making a way to instant login with social media accounts makes the users hassle free. Apart from this if a user needs two-factor authentication they can enable the feature. While login in they can choose the mode of use of an app either they are rider or a host.

Enlisting the Vehicle

The hosters can enlist the vehicle with dedicated photos and description if they have more than one. They can share all the documents related to the vehicle. They can enroll in the cost of the fare for the vehicle. 

Vehicle Selection

According to the need the user can choose the vehicle they need, The fare for the vehicle can be checked via inbuilt fare calculator. Then the user can book their via payment method and start their trip.

Pricing and Fare Calculator

As for the selection of cars, the price for rental varies. A section where the hosts can allot the price for their vehicles which is visible for the users. While they select the region the vehicle listed out there will be available, Users can have the option for sorting out according to various factors like seating vehicle types, Makes, capabilities, cost, most reviewed. So the users find various options for booking and they can choose the cost effective one according to them. As there are lots of vehicle types the cost for each varies.

Multiple Payment Gateway

As the users will not be of a certain country to provide the currency of a particular country, our multiple payment gateway provides the way to the users to pay wherever they are. 

Rental Duration and Scheduling

Once the user is up to booking they need to enter the duration of the need in the first instance with the location of starting and ending point. So the hosts can schedule their further plans.  In the meantime admins can list an approximate value of how much they can earn according to the vehicle type, vehicle model so the hosts can get an idea about listing their vehicle. 

Admin Dashboard and Management

This part of the app/website is the control panel of the entire network where the admins can add, remove and modify the rental owners, users so the platform can be in control of admin hands.  

The entire system of booking and accepting is controlled by this admin panel; the contents in the interface can be modified to the needs. Multiple logins for the admins are provided according to the category of admins the accessing can be restricted to the sub admin panels.

Reviews and Ratings

Not only for the riders there is an option for the hosters to make reviews about the riders. By this review options,  while a rider chooses to view a vehicle the users can get to know about the vehicle and its performance and rating by the experienced one before. This makes sure to get a quality and a good performer vehicle for the new users.

Push Notifications

While a rider chooses their vehicle which is showcased at the website/app, they get instant notification about the booking.  With the rider's need applied initially before selecting the vehicle the host gets details about the location and duration of the need while they get into the notification. They can choose to accept or reject them further.  Similarly the riders will be notified about the duration initially and be notified before the last hours.

Revenue Calculator

A feature for the hosts to find how much does they can earn if they rent a car can be calculated when they Provide their car brand and model as the input. For  each and every brand and car there values are provided by the admin before. By this the host can set their expectation of earning via the application even before they list their car in the business.

24/7 Chat Support

While the rider is out with the vehicle in case of emergency by customized shortcuts using the application they reach out roadside assistance anytime - anywhere. By our inbuilt 24/7 chat support you will receive the location of the users at once when they need and you can provide your support to them instantly. In case the riders are out of the time than they registered you will be notified specifically. 

Benefits of Vehicle Rental Script

Time and Cost Efficient

Car rental script is a readily available pre-built solution packed up as a script for building up an app instantly. This script makes the Car rental app development process easier just by customizing the content in it.  This script has entire end-to-end features and functionalities of the app and pre-tested to use it effectively. Hence this app script doesn’t need lots of time for development and testing. 


Our script offers various customization options that allows owners to customize the platform according to the needs of the businesses.  

Advanced Functionalities

Our rent a car script consists of three modules. A separate module for the user who rents the car, A module for the one who hosts the car, and a module for the admin who manages the entire process of the platform. 

Enhanced User Experience

Our user-friendly interface and intuitive booking process enhances the app experience to the users enabling them to rent the car easily without any hassles.

Setting Up and Launching a Car Rental Platform and App

Domain and Hosting 

Buy a domain name that is suitable for your business and choose a reliable hosting service provider to make your car rental app accessible online.

Script Customization 

Customize the Car rental script according to your brand requirements such as adding your logo based on domain name, Adding extra features etc. 

Installation and Configuration

Once the customization is over, upload the script files to the hosting server and configure it based on the instructions provided by the hosting server.  The steps may vary based on the hosting service providers.


Before moving the app live, test it thoroughly on the hosting server to find any bugs or errors and ensure that the app functions correctly without any issues.  Completely check all the configurations and settings of the app to ensure everything is perfect to make it live.

Launch your App

Once everything is perfect it's time to move your app to live and launch your app for your audience. 

How can Appticz Help you?

Appticz is the Best mobile app development company in India helping businesses of all sizes to bring their dream app ideas to reality with top notch mobile app development services. We provide you with the best car rental script for your business. From customizing it to server installation to launching your app we Appticz provide end to end app development support. 

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