DoorDash Clone - Create a Food Delivery App like DoorDash

DoorDash clone App is the white label solution to build a food delivery app like Doordash with features for, Restaurants, Delivery personnel and Users.

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DoorDash Clone App 

DoorDash Clone App is a pre-built solution that lets you create your own customized food delivery app just like the popular platform DoorDash. With this app, Users can easily browse through a wide range of restaurants, check out their menus, and place their orders in just a few taps on your phone. 

DoorDash App Clone has a really user-friendly interface, so you'll have no trouble placing your orders and tracking them in real-time. You'll always know exactly where your food is and when it will arrive. Plus, business owners can use the admin panel to manage orders, revenue, and user accounts with ease. 

You can even customize the app to match your branding and business requirements. The best part? It's a cost-effective and speedy solution for anyone wanting to break into the food delivery market. So why not give it a try and make your food delivery dreams come true?

DoorDash Clone - Create a Food Delivery App Like DoorDash 

Are you looking to build an app like DoorDash? Well, you've come to the right place! Our DoorDash clone is a top-notch software that can help your business achieve lasting success and generate considerable revenue. 

The food delivery industry is booming, and it's not hard to see why. With the growing population, there's a huge demand for online food delivery services. In fact, the market value for this industry is estimated to reach $1.45 trillion by 2027, compared to $0.72 trillion in 2021. By being a part of this market, your business can flourish too!

At Appticz, we understand the need for online food delivery services and have designed an app like DoorDash to help startups and companies meet their demands. Our food ordering script is available on both web and mobile apps, so it can easily cater to every user's requirements. Plus, our business module is tailored to suit every entrepreneur and startup, making our DoorDash clone a perfect fit for your business.

Top Features of the DoorDash Clone App 

These features collectively contribute to the success and efficiency of a DoorDash clone app, providing a user-friendly experience for customers, a streamlined process for delivery personnel, and robust tools for administrators to manage and grow the platform.

Admin Dashboard 

The admin dashboard provides a centralized hub for administrators to monitor and manage the entire platform. It offers real-time analytics, order tracking, and essential insights for informed decision-making.

Easy Registration and Login 

The app prioritizes user convenience with a hassle-free registration process. Users can quickly sign up using minimal information or opt for one-click registration through their social media accounts.

Instant Customer Support 

The app ensures instant customer support with features like live chat and a help center. This allows users to receive quick responses to queries or resolve issues promptly, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Multiple Payment Options 

The DoorDash clone app supports a variety of payment options, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and other online payment methods. This adaptability serves a wide range of users with different preferences. 

Order Tracking 

A robust order tracking system enables users to receive real-time updates on their orders. From confirmation to delivery, customers can monitor the status of their orders for increased transparency and anticipation.

In-App Push Notifications 

In-app push notifications keep users informed about their orders, promotional offers, and important updates. These alerts contribute to a dynamic and engaging user experience, fostering better communication.

Advanced Filter Options 

Advanced filter options, including smart search functionality, enable users to refine their search based on cuisine, dietary preferences, price range, and more. This feature streamlines the ordering process.

Ratings and Review 

The app incorporates a ratings and reviews system that allows users to share their experiences with both restaurants and delivery services. This feedback not only builds trust but also provides valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Multiple Deliveries 

Delivery personnel can handle multiple deliveries in a single route, optimizing efficiency. This feature contributes to quicker delivery times and improved overall service.

Schedule for Later 

Users can schedule orders for a later time or date, catering to those who prefer to plan their meals in advance. This feature increases adaptability and takes a variety of user preferences into account.

Revenue Management 

The app provides comprehensive revenue management tools, offering detailed reports on sales, commissions, and other financial metrics. Admins can make informed decisions based on this data.

Food Items Management

Restaurants have the flexibility to manage their menus efficiently. They can update prices, add new items, and ensure that the information presented to users is accurate and up-to-date.

DoorDash Clone Script

DoorDash Clone Script is a ready made script that helps entrepreneurs to launch a food delivery app similar to Doordash. Restaurant businesses or Food Delivery startups who are planning to launch a food delivery app can make use of this script to build an app with just a few customizations based on their business needs. 

Kickstart your food business with a feature-packed DoorDash clone script. Get 100% customizable and scalable food delivery apps like DoorDash for startups.

How Does DoorDash Clone Script Work?

A DoorDash clone script functions as the engine driving a seamless food delivery ecosystem, mirroring the successful model of the renowned DoorDash service. Let's delve into the intricacies of how this script operates:

User Registration and Onboarding

Users begin their journey by registering on the platform. The process is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing quick onboarding through essential details or even leveraging social media logins for convenience.

Browsing and Menu Exploration

Once registered, users explore a comprehensive catalog of local restaurants. The clone script displays menus, prices, and other pertinent information, empowering users to make informed choices.

Order Placement

Users select their desired items, add them to the cart, and seamlessly proceed to the checkout. The script ensures a smooth and secure transaction process, with support for various payment methods.

Real-Time Order Tracking

A pivotal feature is real-time order tracking. Users can monitor the status of their orders from the moment it is confirmed, through their preparation at the restaurant, to the final leg of the delivery journey.

Delivery Assignment

The clone script automatically assigns a nearby delivery person to pick up the order from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer. This ensures swift and efficient delivery, optimizing the overall user experience.

In-App Push Notifications

Users receive in-app push notifications at key stages of the process, such as order confirmation, estimated delivery times, and when the delivery person is in proximity. These real-time alerts keep users informed and engaged.

Advanced Filter Options

The script incorporates advanced filter options, enabling users to tailor their search based on preferences like cuisine type, dietary restrictions, and price range. This advanced search functionality enhances the overall user experience.

Ratings and Reviews

After delivery, users have the opportunity to rate and review both the restaurant and the delivery service. This feedback loop not only informs other users but also contributes to continuous improvement.

Multiple Deliveries

For delivery personnel, the script supports multiple deliveries in a single route. This efficient batch handling minimizes delivery times, ensuring prompt and reliable service.

Schedule for Later

Users can schedule their orders for a later time or date, catering to those who prefer to plan their meals in advance. This feature adds a layer of convenience and flexibility.

Revenue Management

The admin dashboard provides insights into the platform's performance, including detailed reports on sales, commissions, and revenue. This feature facilitates effective revenue management.

Food Items Management

Restaurants, through a dedicated interface, manage their menus efficiently. They can update prices, add new items, and ensure that the information presented to users is accurate and up-to-date.

Complete Features of DoorDash Clone Script 

These features collectively contribute to a comprehensive DoorDash Clone Script, providing a seamless experience for users, restaurants, administrators, and delivery personnel.

User App Features

1. Easy Registration 

2. Intuitive User Interface 

3. Search and Filters

4. Order Tracking 

5. In-App Messaging 

6. Multiple Payment Options 

7. Ratings and Review 

8. Address Book 

9. Schedule for Later 

10. Favourite Restaurants 

11. Customer Support 

12. Promo Codes and Discounts 

Restaurant App and Panel Features 

1. Menu Management 

2. Order Notification 

3. Easy Onboarding 

4. Order Management 

5. Customizable Profiles

6. Revenue Reports 

7. Customer Feedback 

8. Multi-location Management 

9. Chat System Management 

10. Delivery Radius Control 

11. Inventory Management 

12. Promotion Tools 

Admin Panel Features

1. Comprehensive Dashboard 

2. User and Restaurant Management 

3. Financial Management 

4. Analytics Report 

5. Platform Reviews

6. Customer Support Dashboard 

7. Category Management 

8. Payment Options 

9. Listing Management 

Delivery Personnel App Features

1. Profile Management 

2. Order Acceptance 

3. Real-Time Navigation 

4. Order Pickup Confirmation 

5. Delivery Tracking 

6. Earnings Dashboard 

7. Delivery History 

8. Availability Settings 

9. Performance Metrics 

10. Notification Preferences 

Benefits of DoorDash Clone Script 

A DoorDash clone script is a strategic choice for entrepreneurs seeking rapid and cost-effective entry into the competitive food delivery market by creating an app for restaurant business or their startup. Combining the strengths of a proven business model with customization options offers a shortcut to success. Here are six key benefits.

Rapid Market Entry

Launching a food delivery platform from scratch involves considerable time and resources. A DoorDash clone script accelerates market entry by providing a ready-to-deploy solution. This means you can swiftly establish your presence, capitalize on market demand, and start serving customers without extensive development timelines.

Proven Business Model

It's no secret that DoorDash is a major player in the food delivery market. By opting for a DoorDash clone script, you inherit a proven and successful business model. This includes features such as user-friendly interfaces, real-time order tracking, and a robust payment system. Leveraging a proven model minimizes the risks associated with untested concepts.

Customization for Brand Identity

While a clone script provides a foundational structure, it is highly customizable to reflect your brand identity. You can tailor the app's appearance, logo, color scheme, and promotional strategies to align with your unique brand persona. This ensures that, while benefiting from a successful model, your platform maintains a distinct and recognizable identity.


Developing a food delivery app from scratch involves significant financial investment. A DoorDash clone script offers a cost-effective alternative, saving on both development time and expenses. This affordability is especially advantageous for startups and entrepreneurs looking to enter the food delivery market without breaking the bank.

Enhanced User Trust and Familiarity

Leveraging a DoorDash clone script capitalizes on the existing trust and familiarity users have with the DoorDash brand. Users are more likely to engage with an app that mirrors an established and reputable service, fostering a sense of trust and reliability. 

Time-Saving Development

The clone script significantly reduces development time since the core features and functionalities are pre-built. This allows you to focus on fine-tuning aspects that make your platform unique, such as local partnerships, promotional campaigns, and customer engagement strategies.

What We Offer in Our DoorDash Clone Package

We offer the complete solutions to run your food delivery business without any hassles. Here is the list of solutions we provide on Doordash app clone package

1. 100% Source Code

2. Customer Android App

3. Customer iOS App

4. Delivery Personnel Android App

5. Delivery Personnel iOS App

6. Restaurant Android App

7. Restaurant iOS App

8. Restaurant Web Panel

9. Admin Web Panel

Why Choose Appticz for Food Delivery App Development?

Appticz is a top mobile app development company that stands out as a premier choice for mobile app development. With a dedicated team of developers who specialize in bringing unparalleled expertise and developing advanced on-demand solutions. Whether you are a startup or a well-established company, we offer tailored solutions to match the specific needs of your food delivery business. We craft intuitive and user-friendly food delivery apps like Doordash from scratch and also provide ready-to-deploy scripts for easy integration of new features and updates.  We follow agile development methodologies ensuring timely delivery of your food delivery app without compromising the quality. 

Our Other White Label Food Delivery App Solutions

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2. Instacart Clone App


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