OKX Clone - Launch a Crypto Exchange Platform and App like OKX

OKX clone script is a ready to deploy crypto exchange platform that has the similar features and functionalities of OKX platform.

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OKX Clone Script

OKX clone script is a pre-built framework that replicates the features and functionalities of the original OKX crypto exchange platform. Entrepreneurs can easily customizable it to fit their desired crypto exchange platform needs with more cost-effectiveness and kickstart their crypto exchange platform quickly. Currently, the OKX clone supports multiple choices of crypto trade pairings for the vast majority of digital assets. 

Why Create a Crypto Exchange like OKX?

Every entrepreneur has created their own crypto exchange platform for many reasons but everybody should know why to choose a crypto exchange business like OKX. Here, we break down the points for many considerations, such as 

1. Faster deployment to enter the market easily.

2. More cost-effectiveness compared to building from scratch.

3. Usually, the OKX crypto exchange platform has not faced any security flaws or any limited feature disruptions.

4. To implement this OKX clone script in your business, you may get the same UI & UX experience for your users. So that ultimately creates more trust and increases your credibility on your platform.

5. It also offers more revenue-generating opportunities, like collecting fees for trading, listing new cryptocurrency, offering premium membership plans, or creating your own native token to incentivize platform usage.

Features of OKX Clone Script

Some of the pivotal features combined with the OKX clone script, such as

User Interface

The user interface is the first impression for your platform visitors because it looks fresh and clean with real-time digital asset data while trading your crypto assets buy and sell.


Our OKX clone app is available without compromising the level of security, like two-factor authentication, encryption, and cold storage for digital assets. This security firewall protects the user's assets and privacy details

Portfolio Management Dashboard

Platform users can track their investments using these features to analyze their portfolio and what’s going on in the market. It helps the users forecast their investment plans and make fruitful decisions.

Spot Trading

With this technique, users can buy or sell their crypto assets at the market's current value instantly.

Derivatives Trading

In this trading method, users can buy or sell their cryptocurrencies using this feature to set a particular value or time to create a contract. Once that contract is successful this option is intruded to assess your work.

P2P Trading

The OKX clone app promotes the decentralization of whoever users can buy or sell their crypto from directly without any interference.

Copy Trading

Copy trading is nothing like that; the platform-expertized trader has publicly offered their crypto strategies that influence the newbie to take action to buy or sell on the platform.

Defi-based Crypto Wallet

The platform supports the DeFi wallet to manage digital assets in crypto exchanges, NFT Marketplace, and the Defi protocol for many purposes like swapping, lending, borrowing, and yield farming. Potentially, use more ways to manage your crypto assets.

OKX Chain or OKTC

Only the OKX clone app uses an EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain built on the Cosmos network. However, handling 6,000 transactions per second has lower transaction costs. Further, the OKX platform has allotted some user-level based on user interaction, such as OKX token holding, and 30-day trading volume, to offer discounts and cost-saving benefits based on the level of platform users.

Staking Support

This platform allows users to earn passive income by staking cryptocurrencies for a certain period and offers two types of categories, flexible and fixed staking.

How Does OKX Clone Script Work?

We clearly explain how the OKX clone script works for your users. Here is a breakdown 

Account Setup

Every platform user's first step is to enter their details, prove their identity, and accept the rules and regulations to sign up for this OKX clone platform.

Wallet Integration

Secondly, the main thing is to set up your crypto wallet. Usually, the OKX platform majorly supports the leading crypto wallets such as MetaMask, Spot Wallet, Multis, ZenGo, UniPass, Mirror World, and their OKX Wallet.

Buy/Sell Cryptos

Then, start your first crypto transactions by buying or selling your cryptocurrencies on this platform. Also, use different trading pairs like BTC/USD, ETH/BTC, or vice versa. 

Advanced Crypto Trading

The OKX clone app supports multiple variants of trading options, such as spot trading, derivatives trading, and peer-to-peer trading. Platform users can buy and sell the latest and most popular crypto assets.

Payment Options

This platform permits users who have purchased their crypto assets using a variety of methods, like debit or credit cards, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, MoonPay, and bank transfers.

Earn passive income in DeFi platforms

However, this crypto exchange offers an “Earn” feature to earn profits through your cryptocurrencies on the DeFi platforms for some purposes like staking, lending, and yield farming.

Benefits of Creating Crypto Exchange with OKX Clone

Faster Market Launch

Most entrepreneurs choose clone scripts to reduce the required development time, testing, and faster deployment, and easily attain the demand trends in the crypto industry. Project their own identity into the market.

Cost Effectiveness

Clone script pre-build concept, so it’s easy to develop your platform. Not much, taking longer days, conservative amount to be used for development. 

Flexible APIs

You can integrate any type of third-party APIs into the OKX clone script, enabling developers to customize and integrate the platform with other systems


Endless opportunities for customization using our OKX clone script. Everything has been customized to your business ideas and desires.

Multi-Sig Security

Our OKX clone script is embedded with multi-sig security, so don’t bother about security flaws to access your funds from unauthorized access.

High Security and Scalability

Always, our working motto is to deliver a higher level of security standards and to follow and use the latest trending technology to build a crypto exchange. So it’s extremely tough to break the platform's security to break the user’s data. 

However, in any level of demand crisis that occurs during peak time, and higher user base accommodation, that’s when our OKX clone app performs well, delivers smoother operations, and gives an excellent user experience.

OKX Clone Script Price

In the crypto market, many young entrepreneurs with expertise have already dived into their businesses in the crypto exchange business. The majority of them are opting for their business, starting with the clone script type of crypto exchange. Cryptocurrency exchange scripts are important for people looking to create their crypto platform. 

Our price chart for the OKX clone app development is split into three variants. The basic level of crypto exchange pricing starts from $8,000 USD to $30,000 USD, the medium level of features and complexity required to develop your crypto exchange pricing starts at around $40,000 to $90,000 USD, and the last complex level pricing starts from more than $90,000 USD It entirely depends on the complex code level basis and more advanced features implemented by your crypto exchange.

Who Choose Appticz as your Crypto Exchange Development Partner?

Undoubtedly, the most convenient and easiest way to build your crypto exchange is to choose the perfect white-label crypto exchange software solution for your desired business. 

For that purpose, Appticz is the right provider for those who are looking to build their business ideas into reality in terms of cost-effectiveness, top-notch quality, and on-time delivery. We have more than a decade of experience in the crypto, NFT, and on-demand mobile app development industries. Present your business needs to our tech nerds, who will lead your business; they will take you to an unexpected level.


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