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White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

At present, blockchain is the hot talk of the town that authorizes liquid and non-liquid assets for tokenization. Its potential application includes financial services - fund transfer, settling trades that can be traded over any traders globally. The unique digital depiction of the digital assets surpasses the time-honored financial mechanisms. Such enables people to trade any kind of asset with more liquidity. Cryptocurrencies are expected to beat all the investment options such as stocks, commodities, and other investment options. It emphasizes the importance of an innovative solution that keeps the trade with different kinds of tokenized assets.

Considering the emerging innovations, Appticz comes with the fintech cryptocurrency exchange software which is entirely customizable to foster high-grade security, and execution, and turn the customer's vision into reality. The liquidity-ready solution uplifts people to swiftly initiate their firm and helps to en route their business path. Our main vision is to accomplish the mission of the customers with fintech solutions in a cost-effective way.

Our White Label Crypto Exchange Software Solutions

Multicurrency crypto wallet

Supports 150+ cryptocurrencies, and tokens that can be swapped on the spot from crypto into fiat or vice versa. Also, controls private keys to protect the ownership of digital assets with industry-leading security features.

Scalable solutions

Provides software with enterprise-grade security for all digital assets and keys. Appticz offers scalable solutions to assure a world-class trading experience for users.

Microservice Architecture

The scalable, secure white label bitcoin exchange software is built on a microservice architecture that allows organizations to add new addons and workflows, enabling them to evolve in business

Robust backend platform

The potent backend solution is powered by the core banking system that is designed and developed to support the trading of all liquid and non-liquid digital assets and to build avant-garde fintech products.

Payment gateway

The payment gateway incorporated software solutions that execute crypto payments with credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, e-payments, ACH payment solutions, etc

Military-grade security

Crypto exchange software is well equipped with inherent security qualities including registry lock, multi-factor authentication, biometric authentication, QR code scanning, cold wallet storage, etc.

Business Modules

The core feature of the system applies to the architecture level. Being modular and microservices-based, our platform can be preciously fine-tuned to address each company specific requirements.

Bitcoin Exchange Software
  • Multi-asset exchange - Allows to trade different digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, etc to form more agile and extensively diversified portfolios.

  • Investment platform - Allows platform users to invest in digital assets to get inflation-beating returns reliably and strategically without any hassle.

  • Crypto wallet solution - Self custody crypto wallets assure security and thrive trading operations with unassailable storage of digital assets.

  • Payment Gateway - Allows for seamless trades and rapid payment collection with transaction data encryption to protect against real-world threats.

  • Liquidity offering - Offering wide trading options that simplify asset conversion and enhance the cash flow rate with a wide variety of security.

Crypto Trading Software Features

  • Cold/offline wallet support
  • Seamless swap - fiat to crypto & vice versa
  • Core multi-signature wallets
  • KYC, AML Compliance for user authorization
  • Crypto trading platform
  • Credit card, and debit card integration
  • Liquidity and fund control
  • Intuitive front end interface
  • API connectors
  • Staking module
  • Mobile wallet
  • Multi coin support
  • Unlimited payment gateway
  • Multilingual global access
  • Liquidity API integration
  • Dynamic token adding tool
  • Trading fee management
  • P2P exchange
  • Biometric fingerprint authentication
  • Trade Mode stats
  • The banking system as a back end solution
  • Volume bot

Security Features of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Web Protocol security
  • Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)
  • Hardware Security Modules
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Live chat system
  • Engaging customer support
  • Avant-garde security with encrypted database
  • Launchpad Management
  • Multilevel authentication
  • Flexible and self-healing cloud server system

Our Portfolio

White Label Crypto Exchange

Centralized Exchange

Our prominent centralized Crypto Exchange Script incorporated the most essential features along with the robust trading engine which executes high TPS without any errors.

White Label Crypto Exchange Software

P2P Crypto Exchange

Appticz built a reliable P2P solution that enhances the trading experience of the users with sophisticated features. Our completely secured P2P Crypto Exchange Script gives a smooth experience to the users.

White Label Bitcoin Exchange Software

Decentralized Exchange

Appticz delivers a feature-packed decentralized exchange platform that focuses the user-centric features which conduct seamless trading and give the best ROI within a short period.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company

Appticz is the Best Crypto Exchange Software Development Company that has more than 5+ years of experience in the industry that delivers customized web & mobile software solutions to the targeted audience with a coherent road map to ensure smooth and secure development. The cryptocurrency trading software solutions are flexibly customizable regarding customer requirements. Being the most famous enterprise in the industry, Appticz has strong technical prowess in delivering crypto exchange software solutions to its customers.


1. What is cryptocurrency exchange software?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a software solution that facilitates trade, investment, and stake cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, altcoins, and other assets. Such crypto exchange software solutions are equipped with a set of tools to make the exchange process convenient.

2. How long does it take to build a cryptocurrency exchange solution?

The time frame to complete the development of a cryptocurrency exchange solution will fluctuate based on the requirements and customization that customers expect to integrate into their platform.

3. How will the platform perform if more users are on the platform?

Appticz's white label cryptocurrency exchange software is designed based on the microservices architecture which supports 80000 TPS without any interruption.

4. What is a white label cryptocurrency exchange software?

White label crypto exchange software is an engineered solution that is already built-in, tested, and ready for market launch. With this software, only minimal customization is needed to launch a crypto exchange platform.

5. How much does it cost to deploy a crypto exchange platform?

To develop an exclusive package that carries web along with the mobile application will cost around $10,000 - $1,50,000. It may vary if the customer wants to add addons. But, comparatively white label solutions cost less than scratch-based solutions.

6. What is bitcoin exchange software?

Bitcoin exchange software is an online trading platform that allows users to trade bitcoin via a secured environment that is equipped with features to run the trading process smoothly without any interruption.

7. How many cryptocurrencies & digital assets can be supported on the trading platform?

The platform supports 250+ cryptocurrencies, ERC20 tokens, altcoins, stablecoins, and other digital assets. Also, it allows users to create/add new digital assets on the platform.

8. How to ensure the security of crypto exchange software?

The security of the cryptocurrency exchange software was ensured with a high level of security protocols and met the compliance with industry standards and regulations such as CCPA, PCI, GDPR, and more.

9. What are the advantages of the crypto exchange software platform?

The ultimate benefit of a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform is cited below,

  • Flexible to customize
  • Scalable & Cost-effective
  • Rapid deployment
  • Affordable maintenance cost
  • Integrate with merchant APIs and liquidity providers

10. Is it possible to add features of my choice? Do you handle customizations?

The microservice architecture of our software solution is much more convenient to add many features and add-ons to the platform and it gives an ideal solution that fits your requirements. Moreover, we have a sufficient back-end team to endure all kinds of customization and also have round-the-clock technical support.

11. How to build a cryptocurrency exchange?

Developing a new feature-rich crypto exchange software is a complex task that necessitates extensive technical knowledge in terms of standard compliance, architecture, and other factors. So, do research before entering into the development phase. Find out the best technology partner and shake hands with them and get started on your crypto exchange software.

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