WhiteBIT Clone Script to Start a Centralized Crypto Exchange Platform

Our WhiteBIT Clone Script is a powerful solution to kickstart your own centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform with advanced trading features and security protocols

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WhiteBIT Clone Script

WhiteBIT clone script is a pre-build software solution that resembles the original WhitBIT, crypto exchange platform. WhiteBIT clone is great for business people who are looking to start a cryptocurrency exchange business. The cryptocurrency exchange clone script's easy-to-build nature helps build your WhiteBIT-like crypto exchange platform as branding among the crypto market. The unique trading modules of the WhiteBIT clone include derivative trading, spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading. It melds with tamper-proof security features like anti-money laundering (AML), two-factor authentication, cold storage, distributed denial of service (DDoS), and adherence to legal regulations. That facilitates giving you the safest platform to trade your crypto using our WhiteBIT clone script.

Why Create a Centralized Crypto Exchange Like WhiteBIT?

The crypto exchange market is filled with numerous crypto exchange platforms, including some of the most reputable ones. However, many traders prefer using the WhiteBIT clone due to its constant operation in the market since 2018. WhiteBIT is now recognized as one of the largest Centralized European Exchange Company in the crypto exchange industry. Currently, the WhiteBIT crypto exchange platform is widely trusted by traders who conduct their exchanges and crypto transactions in Spain, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria.

WB Network & WBT Coin

WhiteBIT, a crypto exchange platform has launched its own blockchain WB Network. WB network protocol uses the PoA Proof of Authority consensus algorithm, which means it is stable and secure by trusted nodes.

WhiteBit coin is the native coin of the crypto exchange, WhiteBIT originated as CEX. A lowered trading commission structure is provided for coin owners. WBT owners. Users are entitled to a certain number of free ERC20 and ETH token withdrawals per day, based on the amount of WBT in their holdings.

Why Choose WhiteBIT Clone Script?

Creating a centralized exchange like WhiteBIT is the strategist move driven by the growing demand for financial investment in the crypto market. Derivatives such as futures, options, and swaps provide traders and investors with effective tools for trading, investment, and leveraging positions which allows them to manage their risk of the crypto platform and optimize ROI. However, why do industrialists choose to do crypto exchange business with WhiteBIT clone script? Here we deliberate the breakdown points. 

Complete Customizable Script

We already summed up with this WhiteBIT clone script that your businesses needed crypto exchange features and functionalities, purely customizable solutions that you don’t know the coding language, nevertheless, customize your business needs.

Easy Integration

Our WhiteBIT clone script embraces any third-party plugins and APIs to add more functionalities to your platform with simpler use if you can add any future-proof technology with this WhiteBIT clone script.

Faster Deployment

Take some steps to incorporate your ready-made and customizable crypto exchange platform just because we have an exemplary number of crypto exchange clone scripts available for multiple business requirements. So grab this chance to prove your business by using our crypto exchange clone app.

One-Stop Solution

Rid of your problems by using our WhiteBIT clone to fix all your crypto exchange business needs on multiple platforms including web, and mobile applications for Android and iOS.


WhiteBIT has been operating successfully since 2018 under its current business model. Thus, the WhiteBIT brand acquires a trustworthy and reliable crypto exchange among crypto users worldwide. The entrepreneur uses these beliefs to kickstart their cryptocurrency exchange business using a WhiteBIT clone script.

Scalable Solution

Our WhiteBIT clone script architecture starts from your crypto exchange business transaction at a lower level to a higher level of transactions, which it will be able to handle if the transaction increases.

Key Features of WhiteBIT Clone

WhiteBIT clone script provides a robust and secure trading crypto exchange platform that mimics the features of the popular WhiteBIT exchange. Groundbreaking features and functionalities that empower entrepreneurs to launch their own exchange business quickly. Here are the following key features of the WhiteBIT crypto exchange clone, 

Trading Engine

We delicately designed a trading engine that supports any large volume of transactions per second. With real-time market data integration, the trade engine empowers the traders to execute trade efficiently and effectively..

Security Measures

Our WhiteBIT clone script prioritizes security factors for their crypto exchange platform to their traders. Providing robust security factors such as hot wallet storage, cold wallet storage, (2FA) 2-factor authentication, knowing your customer (KYC), Anti-money Laundering (AML), and DDos Protection.

User-friendly Experience

This WhiteBIT clone script facilitates to access the crypto exchange platform from the beginner to the experienced level of traders. Anyone can easily access it and get a seamless crypto trading experience.

Multiple Trading Pairs

WhiteBIT clone script comes with the in-build features to develop a crypto platform with various trading pair support including BTC-PERP, ETH-PERP, MATIC-PERP, ETC-PERP, SOL-PERP, ACE-PERP, ATOM-PERP as emerging cryptocurrencies.

User Dashboard Panel

Our WhiteBIT clone script is feature-rich to deliver excellent user management properties such as watchlist, transaction history, and user crypto portfolio database in a single tile.

Trading Type

Every crypto exchange platform offers a lot of trading types for our users. At WhiteBIT clone facilitates trade for users in multiple options, such as 

1. Market Trading

2. Limit Trading

3. Stop Limit Trading

4. Stop Market Trading

5. OCO (One Cancel the Order)

Multiple Order Types

We offer customer-required order types like market orders, instant orders, limit orders, trailing stop orders, and stop orders. Users can capitalize by using different order types to make a transaction, and this also fosters earning profits.

Multifarious Currency support

Platform users can easily trade multiple cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BTC, XRP, SOL, etc. Further, fiat currencies are also used to trade it, such as USD, EUR, etc.

Wallet Integration

Crypto exchange platform integrated multi-currency wallet which acts as a secure storage for multiple digital assets including cryptocurrencies, tokens, coins or else. WhiteBIT platform support coinbase wallet. Storage and Seamless transactions that ensure the safety and convenience of managing digital assets.

How Does WhiteBIT Clone Work?

Registration Process

Every user who can indulge in trading their crypto business must pass the registration process through their phone number, email, or connecting their accounts like Google, Microsoft, and Apple ID. Once the process is completed, the exchange platform will verify if the user complies with the rules and regulations of the exchange platform.

Connect Crypto Wallet

Whether you set up your own third-party crypto wallet or inbuild platform wallet, trader can store their crypto assets using these wallets. Also, our WhiteBIT clone script allows deposits or withdrawals of fiat currencies and crypto funds while trading cryptos.

Start Your Crypto Trading

Once you are all set, you will be ready to trade your digital asset, like buying or selling your cryptos on a spot exchange or transferring your crypto funds from a P2P trading protocol or anything that you want to do.

Business Benefits of WhiteBIT Exchange Clone Script

Appticz offers a WhiteBIT clone script with many business benefits for entrepreneurs. Every crypto entrepreneur must know about the benefits and is looking to build their own crypto exchange business like WhiteBIT.

Faster Launch 

Opting out a WhiteBIT clone script to build your desired crypto exchange business will require some customization depending on your wants. Generally, our crypto exchange clones have been previously tested and passed a lot of security checks. So make some tweaks from your desired perspective, then launch your crypto exchange successfully in the market.

Cost Effectiveness

Choosing a WhiteBIT clone script is an entirely readymade concept, so entrepreneurs should not spend more money on crypto exchange development from scratch and eliminate the developer cost and time. Simply purchase the clone script and customize it on your requirements and demands.

Reduced Security Risk

If you can choose your crypto exchange platform development from scratch, it will have a security glitch and appear to have a lot of bugs after the deployment stage. But by choosing a cryptocurrency exchange clone, you will get a lot of benefits without raising any security issues or anything.

Ready to Build Your WhiteBIT Clone?

We at Appticz specialize in building a cryptocurrency exchange clone with complete custom options that meet your business goals. We have a decade of experience in the crypto field as a cryptocurrency exchange development company that provides a cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange script with end-to-end crypto solutions and delivers tycoon-expected quality and technical support with on-time delivery. Our techies are experts in the cryptocurrency exchange clone development alike the WhiteBIT exchange clone.

Kickstart Your WhiteBIT-Like Crypto Exchange Business 

Without much effort, get your complete crypto exchange platform using our white-label crypto exchange solution


Initially, connect with our tech experts to deliberate on your business ideas and plans. Our team will display our whiteBIT clone script in the demo session. If our clone script meets your requirements, then you can build your platform with more customization.

Customization and Creating a Brand

After that, according to your business requirements, our experts will make customization for your WhiteBIT-like crypto exchange project that meets your needs. Add the necessary APIs and tools that you asked to integrate your exchange platform. If you are all set to pass the security test, then your crypto exchange platform is ready to launch your brand name in the Google Play Store and App Store.

Crypto Marketing

Do partner up with the best crypto marketing agency to promote your products on various digital media channels and run ad campaigns that will impact getting the relevant users to your crypto exchange.

Maintenance and Support

After that sales delivery, we'll provide 24/7 support, correct the issues, and also give software updates if there is any need for your platform to support all the latest versions.

The Right Crypto Exchange Development Partner is Appticz

Appticz is the prominent crypto exchange solution provider for any advanced and complicated business requirements. We have almost all the different variants of crypto exchange clone scripts currently available that are merely ready to use. Connect with our tech consultant who will guide you to which one is best for your crypto business ideas, and then proceed with your business journey with us.


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WhiteBIT Clone Script to Start a Centralized Crypto Exchange Platform

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