KuCoin Clone Script - Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Like KuCoin

Kucoin Clone Script is a ready made white label exchange solution to start your own crypto exchange platform and app like Kucoin with advanced features.

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What is KuCoin Clone Script?

KuCoin clone script is a powerful and feature rich cryptocurrency exchange script that assists you to create and launch your own Crypto exchange platform and app similar to KuCoin. We Appticz provide the complete KuCoin clone script package with all the basic and advanced features enabling the smooth functioning of your crypto exchange platform. As our solution is 100% customizable if you wish you can also add more new features to your Platform which allows you to gain an edge over your competitors. 

Whethere you are an entrepreneur looking to start your own exchange or an existing crypto exchange business planning for an upgrade or a fintech business looking to add crypto related services then our KuCoin clone script is the perfect ready to use solution.

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Why KuCoin Clone?

Headquartered in Seychelles, KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that lets users buy, sell and trade 850+ cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT), Dogecoin (DOGE),  XRP (XRP) etc. Launched in 2017, KuCoin is currently operating in 200 countries with over 30 million users. KuCoin is available both as an online platform and mobile apps for Android, iOS users. 

KuCoin offers low trading fees compared to its peers between the range of 0.005% to 0.1%. In Addition to low trading fees the withdrawal fees are also low. KuCoin has its own token KuCoin Token (KCS) and also offers discounts to users when using KuCoin’s own token. 

Advantages of KuCoin Exchange

1. Offers over 850+ Cryptocurrencies

2. Users can earn interest on Cryptocurrencies

3. Low Trading and withdrawal fees

Thus starting a cryptocurrency exchange platform like KuCoin will surely bring you great return on investment and user base. 

Benefits of Creating a Crypto Exchange Platform with KuCoin Clone

Easy Development

Building a cryptocurrency exchange is now easier than ever with our ready made solution. Launch your platform effortlessly just by customizing our crypto exchange script based on your branding and deploy it into the market.

Fully Customizable Solution

KuCoin clone script can be fully customized to add new features and functionalities as per your choice. Access more functionalities by easily integrating APIs to the platform.

Secured Platform

Our script is implemented with various security protocols that safeguards users data and cryptocurrencies from hacks and theft.

Advanced Trading Engine System

Our script is powered by an advanced trading engine that facilitates trading of all digital assets and works seamlessly without any hassles. It handles millions of traffic and transactions per second. 

Robust Multi Layered Security

Our solution is integrated with multi layers of security to protect users data and cryptocurrencies against theft, unauthorized access and attacks. 

Cost Effective Solution

As you do not need to build your crypto exchange from scratch there is no high development cost involved. As KuCoin clone is a ready made solution which has been already built and no infrastructure involved there is no high cost. 

Key Features of KuCoin Clone

Our KuCoin clone script is equipped with 45+ features that will help your platform stand out in the competition. These are inbuilt features present in our clone. New features can be added based on the needs of the business.

Powerful Admin Panel

Business owner or admin of the platform can manage the entire operations such as user registration, whitelisting, Adding or Deleting Trading pairs, Set trading fees, customize features etc. They can also manage revenue generation reports and user analytics. 

Payment Gateway Integration

Users can add funds to their wallet using various payment options such as Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Stripe etc and buy cryptocurrencies. 

Multiple Currency Support

KuCoin clones support various cryptocurrencies so that users can trade many cryptocurrencies of their choice. Users can select different trading pairs and trade them easily.

User Dashboard

Users can manage their account easily with a user-friendly dashboard. They can view their recent transactions, order history, account details etc.

Powerful Matching Engine

KuCoin clone website and app comes with a powerful matching engine that will match a buyer and seller within seconds without any delay in process. It can handle all types of orders such as Market, Limit, Stop-Limit order etc.

Multi Signature Wallets 

Our solution comes with a multi-sig wallet that provides an added security to the digital assets of the users which requires two or more people to authorize a transaction. This minimizes the theft of crypto assets. 

Integrated Liquidity 

Inorder to maintain high liquidity in the platform we have integrated multiple liquidity providers for major markets such as BTC, ETH etc. This builds trust among users and provides seamless transactions. 

Security Features Integrated to Make Exchange Secure

1. KYC/AML Compliance.

2. Data Encryption.

3. Two Factor Authentication.

4. Cold Storage.

5. IP Whitelisting.

6. DDoS Protection

7. Anti-Phishing Software

How Does the KuCoin Clone Script Work?

Step 1: Users register with an email address or phone number and fill their account information such as Name, Address etc.

Step 2: Now they need to add their own crypto wallet or make use of inbuilt wallets available in the platform

Step 3: Then they can add funds to the wallet from the various payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Credit/Debit card etc.

Step 4: Now choose the preferred cryptocurrency you wish to buy or sell. Select the order type and execute the transaction.

Step 5: The funds will be credited to the user's wallet. 

Where to Get Best KuCoin Clone Script?

As a reputed Crypto exchange development company, We Appticz delivers the best KuCoin clone script built with modular architecture, advanced security that lets entrepreneurs launch their own cryptocurrency exchange within 7 days. 

Leveraging expertise in the blockchain landscape, our developers provide top-notch crypto exchange software development services for fintech start-ups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own crypto exchange. Inaddition to crypto exchange development we provide wide range services such as Cryptocurrency wallet development, Token development, Website and App Development etc.

What We Offer in Our KuCoin Clone Package?

1. Crypto Exchange Website 

2. Mobile App for Android and iOS

3. 100% Source Code

4. Powerful Admin Panel 

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KuCoin Clone Script - Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Like KuCoin

Kucoin Clone Script is a ready made white label exchange solution to start your own crypto exchange platform and app like Kucoin with advanced features.

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