Notcoin Clone Script

Notcoin clone script is a readymade and white-label tap-to-earn game built with advanced features and functionalities to operate similarly to the Notcoin game.

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Invest in Telegram-based Games Like Notcoin

Investing in Telegram-based games like Notcoin is a promising business opportunity. These games operate within the Telegram app that boasts over 1.5 billion users worldwide. Notcoin is one of the many tap-to-earn games that have become quite popular recently. If you are looking to scale up your gaming business, then develop your own tap-to-earn game. However, developing games like Notcoin from scratch might seem a daunting task. Still, there is a way through which you enter into this profitable gaming venture. You can opt for a Notcoin clone script that allows you to capitalize on the rapidly evolving social gaming and cryptocurrency adoption. 

What is Notcoin Clone Script?

Notcoin clone script is a ready-made software solution designed to mimic the features and functionalities of the popular telegram tap-to-earn game, Notcoin. This game has attracted millions of players worldwide over the past few months. It features a tap-to-earn mechanism that allows players to earn Notcoin tokens through simple taps on the screen. 

Notcoin clone is integrated with blockchain platforms that facilitate seamless transfer and secure storage of in-game tokens. Notcoin clone script helps businesses quickly launch their own telegram tap-to-earn game in just a matter of weeks without a large upfront investment. What makes Notcoin ideal for tap-to-earn game clone scripts is its large user base and innovative features like global leaderboards, power-ups, etc. 

How Does Notcoin Clone Script Work?

The Notcoin clone script works similarly to the original Notcoin game. To begin with the Notcoin clone script, players must register in the Notcoin Telegram bot and start playing by tapping the image of a gold coin. They receive in-game rewards such as Notcoin for every tap. Also, they can complete various tasks and quests to earn extra boosts and prizes. 

This gaming platform integrates with a secure and reliable blockchain platform powered by TON. If players invite their friends and family to join Notcoin, they can boost their earnings and unlock unique features like turbo mode, boosters, power-ups, and more. Most of the basic tasks players get to complete involve following the game's account on Telegram and X. Players can easily withdraw their earnings by connecting a TON wallet and changing them into cryptocurrencies for further use. 

Features Included In Notcoin Game Clone

Incorporating the following features in the Notcoin clone script helps grow your player base and position your game as a compelling choice in the competitive crypto-gaming industry. 

Tap-to-Earn Mechanism 

Notcoin clone script offers a tap-to-earn mechanism that lets players simply tap on the screen to earn Notcoin tokens. They may also complete certain tasks to boost their earnings. 

Boosts and Power-Ups

Notcoin game is known for the boosts and power-ups it provides. Players can utilize them to increase the number of coins they get for each tap and their energy level to continue playing. 

Leaderboards and Quests

Our clone script comes with leaderboards and quests that show the list of players who have earned more tokens. This feature instills a sense of competition among players to play more, advance their positions on leaderboards, and end up with more rewards. 

Reward Levels 

This game clone script has tiered reward level systems such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each reward level unlocks new features and customization options. 

Social Features 

Being integrated with social media platforms like Telegram, this game lets players create their squads, invite friends, compete in leaderboards, and share their rewards with others. 

TON Integration 

TON (Telegram Open Network) integration in our clone provides a unique way of earning tokens. This feature allows players to securely store, transfer, and utilize their earned Notcoin tokens. 

Benefits Of Notcoin Clone Script For Business 

Using the Notcoin clone script provides businesses with a cost-effective way of entering the cryptocurrency gaming market. Here is a list of benefits that support long-term growth and success for your game. 


Developing a tap-to-earn game like Notcoin involves building a robust blockchain infrastructure and token creation algorithms. This is quite impossible for businesses with limited budgets. Instead, they can go for its clone script that costs them less. 

Earning Potential

Businesses can increase their earning potential using the various revenue streams our clone script offers. Along with game sales, they make money through in-app purchases, transaction fees, subscription models, and more. 

Customization Options 

Notcoin clone script is highly customizable and allows businesses to modify it as per their requirements and strategies. They can even add new features and fine-tune user interfaces to make their game unique from others in the market. 

Regular Updates 

If you opt for our tap-to-earn game clone script, you can take advantage of the regular updates we offer. With evolving gaming trends, we upgrade your game through bug fixes, feature improvements, and security patches. 

Large Player Base 

The main reason for choosing Notcoin for tap-to-earn clone scripts is its large user base. This game has more than 35 million users worldwide. It will be easy for you to tap into this growing community, and expand your reach and player base. 

High Scalability 

We design a scalable architecture for the clone script that can handle large volumes of transactions and support millions of users. No matter how many players you will have in the future, your game will perform seamlessly

Revenue Streams Of Notcoin Clone For Business 

Notcoin clone script is not only beneficial for players with its immersive gameplay but also for businesses by offering multiple revenue-generating options. Let's take a look at how one can utilize this script to improve their bottom line. 

Subscription Model 

Implementing a subscription model is one of the potential revenue streams. It involves offering premium services and features for a regular fee paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly. 

In-Game Advertising 

In-game advertising involves putting display ads or rewarded videos on your gaming platform in exchange for the money advertisers pay you based on clicks and leads. 

In-App Purchases 

In-app purchases include exclusive boosts or power-ups that players can unlock only if they purchase them with Notcoin tokens. This way businesses can boost their revenue while offering exclusive services for players. 

Transaction Fees

Tap-to-earn games often involve players trading and transferring their tokens for which businesses can charge a percentage as transaction fees. Based on transaction volume, they can fix the amount of the fee. 

Rewards Programs 

Businesses can partner or collaborate with advertisers or other gaming brands and implement reward programs for players. This helps attract new users to your game and boost your business. 

Why Appticz For Creating Tap-to-Earn Games Like Notcoin?

Appticz is a leading provider of Tap-to-earn games like Notcoin. We offer custom and feature-rich Notcoin clone scripts tailored to specific client needs and project requirements. We use our deep expertise in cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to create a reliable and secure gaming platform for millions of interested gamers worldwide. We not only focus on incorporating innovative features into the game but also implement revenue models that maximize your revenue potential. Being Appticz is a top-tier game development services, you can launch your tap-to-earn game like Notcoin today. Contact Us.

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