Kraken Clone Script - Create your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform and App

Kraken clone script is a ready made crypto exchange solution helping entrepreneurs to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange website and app like Kraken.

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What is Kraken Clone Script?

Kraken clone script is a pre-built crypto exchange solution that allows startups to customize it and launch a crypto exchange under their own branding. It consists of an array of trading futures and tools that helps users to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It comes with robust security features such as Two-factor authentication, Cold storage and Data encryption to provide a secure platform for traders. 

Launch your Crypto Exchange With our Advanced Kraken Clone

We Appticz is one of the leading players in the fintech landscape who has delivered advanced cryptocurrency exchange software solutions where users can buy, sell, and trade tokens, cryptocurrencies. We have developed a Kraken clone to let business owners build an exchange similar to Kraken instantly.  

As Kraken Clone is a ready made crypto exchange script the time to launch into the market and cost to create crypto exchange is very low. Entrepreneurs who are planning to develop a crypto exchange like Kraken can choose this solution and gain utmost benefits. 

See the live working demo of our script and get started with your crypto exchange project. Request a free demo today!

Why Should You Choose Our Kraken Clone Script to Create Crypto Exchange?

10x Faster Development

10x faster your crypto exchange development with our solution as you don't need to build from scratch. Everything was developed and tested. Just a few customizations and launch it live.  

All in One Package

You don't need to worry about building for multiple devices as we provide everything from Powerful admin panel, Website, Kraken clone App for Android, iOS and Web app. 

Ready to Deploy Platform

Launching your own crypto exchange is just a few steps away with our ready made and customizable solution. Just customize the crypto exchange script based on your business requirements and launch the exchange under your brand name. 

Fully Customizable Script

Never worry about the technical knowledge to customize the script. We have built our script with more flexible settings that can be easily customized to suit your business’s needs. 

Reliable Solution

We have created our script with reliable code that can handle millions of trades at a single point of time and works seamlessly without any hassles. 

Easy Integrations

Appticz’s Kraken clone script can be integrated with various APIs to bring in more functionalities and make the platform more easier to use. 

Key Features of Kraken Clone Script

Powerful Matching Engine

Millions of trades can be done by the users within a second without any hassles. We have designed our trading engine in a way that it can handle a large volume of transactions per second (TPS) and runs seamlessly.

User Dashboard

Users can manage their account and trading information such as trade history, watchlist, Crypto funds within a single dashboard.

Wallet Integration

Users can either make use of in builts wallets or connect their own wallets to transfer funds and trade them.

Multiple Order Types

Our script has been designed with multiple order types for spot trading such as market, limit, and stop-limit orders. Users can make use of these order types to gain profits.

KYC/AML Compliance

Our script comes with in-built functionalities such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) to verify customer identification. 

Multi Currency Support 

Users can easily trade using multiple cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH etc and even fiat currencies like USD, EUR etc. 

How Does Kraken Clone Script Work?

User Registration

Users can register through their email or phone number and create an account on the platform. Once the user has been registered he or she needs to verify the account to get the full control of their account. This identity verification helps the platform to secure your account and comply with regulations of the exchange.

Connect Wallet 

Users can either make use of inbuilt crypto wallets or connect their own exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You can either deposit fiat or crypto funds into your wallet to trade cryptos.

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

Once you have added funds in your wallet you can trade on the spot exchange or from other verified users via peer to peer trading. 

Business Benefits of Using Kraken Clone Script

Kraken clones offer huge benefits to the entrepreneurs than the traditional way of building an exchange. Here we list them,

Faster Launch 

Launching your crypto exchange is much easier with a Kraken exchange clone as everything was already built and tested waiting for just a few customizations based on your business requirements and deploying it into the market. 

Lower Development Cost

The cost of developing the crypto exchange is much lower when compared to building it from scratch as there is no cost involved for infrastructure, Developers etc just buy the script and customize it.

Reduced Risk

When building an exchange from scratch you need to do several types of testing in order to ensure that your platform is out of risk but when using a white label exchange solution there is no need for testing as the script has been already tested and certified.  It ensures that your platform is out of malicious attack and technical glitches. 

How to Get Started with Kraken Exchange Clone Script?

Effortlessly launch your crypto exchange 10 times faster than developing from scratch with our white label solutions. 

Business Requirements

Talk to our business analyst and get the complete details, demo of our Kraken clone script. If it matches your business requirements then get started with your project.

Branding and Customization

Now customize the platform based on your branding on your own or with the help of our developers. You can also add additional features or APIs to the platform and launch it into the market. Submit the apps in Google play store and Apple app store.

Start Marketing

Do the best marketing for your exchange to get the users. Promote on various social media channels and run different campaigns about your exchange. 

Maintenance and Support

We provide 24/7 support for your platform incase of any issues and rectify it. We periodically update the software of the platform to match all the versions and devices.

Why Wait? Launch Your Own Crypto Exchange With our Kraken Clone Now! 


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