How to Create a Car Rental App That Users Love?

Are you thinking of how to boost revenue for your car rental company? Revolutionize the travel industry with Your Own Car Rental App. Here is the comprehensive guide to developing your car rental app.

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Over the last few years to manage the travel demands the car rental industry has seen significant growth. This aroused many car rental services to become very popular among many places. To enter the car rental industry for renting cars, a dedicated mobile app for the business plays the total role here being successful. If you are interested in car rental app development then this article will guide you through the entire process. Here in this blog we have explained how to create a car rental app for your car rental company. Let's get started,

What is a Car Rental App?

From the public/side renting a car from an agency or a company for a period of time as for the need is car rental. There are so many reasons why people choose to rent a car, the user does not need to take care of the vehicle insurance unless he owns it when they are on a vacation. They all just need to know how to ride the vehicle , without waiting for public transport or a taxi.  Apart from this an user can choose  the ride from anywhere and can terminate it anywhere, without thinking of parking the car in a safe place.

A car rental app helps customers to rent a car for short term or long term based on their needs from their smartphones. The customers can search for various cars listed by the car owners and can rent for a specific period of time. 

Car Rental Statistics

As per statista’s report on car rental worldwide the user penetration is projected to be 7.1% in 2023 and 7.8% by 2027. In the Car Rentals market, 72% of total revenue will be generated through online sales by 2027. So it's time to develop a car rental application for yourself for entering into the car renting business. Considering decade for statistics as by 2017 there are 410 million users for car rentals it has been expected to reach 620 million by 2027.

How does a car rental app work?

For Car Hosters

The hosters can add the images of the car they own, dedicated columns for storing all the details about the car which can be shown as description of the vehicle. They can set the available timings and their location in a custom way according to the availability. They can schedule the available timing as per their ongoing schedule. They can make reviews of the customers. They can able to view the ratings of the upcoming customer profile, similarly they can review the customers/riders. 

For Customers

They can login/signup initially while entering, The users can enroll the capacity of the vehicle they need, as its a geo based search they can view the available vehicles near to them. They can share the destination to the hosters. If the destination is suitable for both the host and rider, then they can move further for making the trip and payment method. While getting the car the user can pick them up where they need for example they can pick the car at the airport exit.

For Car Rental Business Owner

A complete rigid dashboard to access the entire product directly at the home page. Managing the number of hosts,  number of hosts currently active, number of bookings done, number of uncompleted bookings, total number of riders. Queries and requests. Complaints management. Content management in the application, Payment tracking, Real-time geo location of a vehicle.  

Features of Car Rental App 

For Customers

1. Two-factor authentication

2. Instant trip matching algorithm

3. Timing consideration

4. Live vehicle tracking

5. In-built Payment gateway

6. Multi-language support

7. Vehicle model selection

8. Trip timing management

For Car Hosts

1. Dedicated Car listing with details

2. Snoozing car showcasing

3. Pre scheduling vehicle availabilities

4. Editing/Deleting listings

5. Setting Geo borders

6. Live location tracking

7. Trip/Ride management

8. Multi language support

9. Accepting/rejecting ride bookings

For Car Rental Company Owners

1. Powerful interactive dashboard

2. Reporting & Analytics

3. Revenue management

4. Accepting/rejecting user profile enrolment

5. Accepting/rejecting vehicle enrolment

6. Vehicle type management

How to Create a Car Rental App from Scratch?

If you are up to building a car rental app of your own there are certain steps to be considered before building which can make your app to withstand in the market even after years. Some of the do considering ones among the most are as follows,

Conduct Market Research

Making a list about the available car rental business in the market and more importantly considering the extinct ones if any. While considering the extinct ones we can strictly neglect the qualities and methods followed by them.  While considering the latest one we can get to know about the existing features and trends in the market. 

By comparing these two we can come up with an idea of about how the application/ website should be of.  So starting from analyzing the competitors and how far they have grown up in the past years, how about the reviews for them in the market is very important for developing a competitive product. Ensure analyzing all the above about the application/ website services at the region where you are targeting at cent percent.

Analyze Your Requirements 

According to the business you need to develop the application. If you are already owning a car rental business  the development process varies at the same time you can grow your business to the next level with this app/website development instantly. In the meantime you are an entrepreneur having an idea of entering into the car rental business you can develop according to it by planning separate interface/sections for hosts and riders. Similarly choosing the platform where the app is being developed is important considering the top two platforms Android and iOS with the windows version i.e. a website surely makes reach of every consumer.

As with the research taken before implementing the top requirements in the application matters here. Make sure about making the users sign up with the registered accounts or mobile numbers, who can lend their car for money. What are the procedures for lending, who ever can rent the cars.  What are the documents required for registering the cars for rent? Similarly for while  for renting.

Hire a Car Rental App Development Company

There are so many advantages of hiring a mobile app development company for developing a car rental mobile app. Initially before planning the development process there will be readily available team members for developing an app and they form a structural development way step by step so there will be possibility of zero error at the initial development. Secondly the crew you chose via company will have the entire detail and experience about the car rental and other app development. 

By choosing the best mobile app development company instead of looking for develop with a freelancer will benefit you in various ways like instant launch, bugfree one, post support, providing updates/upgrades whenever needed, low cost, Scheduled launch on time. Meanwhile choosing a company based on a region the cost for development totally varies. 

Car Rental App Development 

The design of the interface is the one which deals directly with the users i.e. both the riders and  hosters. So it’s the one which is responsible for the user retention. Choosing the right company for providing the best interface will directly reflect on the business  to become a high scale one.

While you heading to a mobile app development company like appticz you are provided with a MVP i.e minimum viable product, by which you can get the results of real time experience of a user while using the application.  This brings you a clear idea of what you are up to and the changes or upgrades if needed in the product. 

Testing the App

After developing the app by the developing team its forwarded to the testing team in the crew they are totally responsible for the app usage at its extreme level. As they are experienced in the bug arising areas they do intense testing. Thus the app get suitable way of being a rigid and prolonged product.

Launching the Car Rental App.

Finally, once again the mobile app development company makes an effective and easy way of launching the app on the platform you need. Because the application is built according to the terms and conditions of the platform. All you need is to make a way of marketing the application in every possible way you can.

How much does it cost to develop a car rental app?

The most complicated one to guess by an entrepreneur who are on for building their own mobile application commonly. In that way a car rental app development cost depends upon how far the complexity of the application goes on, the hourly rate of the developer you chose to build.  While choosing the developers according to the region the hourly rate varies. 

The cost to develop a car rental app varies from $15,000 to $1,50,000 based on the app features and functionalities added. The cost of the app may increase up to $300,000 and more according to the complex features included in it.

How to build a car rental application with a car rental script?

If you are looking to launch a car rental app instantly without creating from scratch then here is the solution - Car rental script

The need of a powerful car rental script for the car rental business is to provide a solution for all the demands effectively. Rather starting from scratch considering this script based development can be most beneficial and will be cost effective for your car rental business.

While developing a car rental application apart from building it from scratch building with a white label solution i.e with a readymade rental script will make the development even more efficient, takes a short period of time, cost effective for the business owners when compared to the scratch development. This white label solution is otherwise known as readymade solution, as the name implies its an instant way for development. So going through a company which has a fully packed product which is customizable and ready to deploy at once when needed. As a total determinantly a  readymade car rental script can cost between $4500 to $15, 000 based on the features and customization it needs.

How Can Appticz Help in Car Rental App Development?

Appticz is the top mobile app development company which has vast experience in building on-demand apps in various sectors. With our developers we can add your customized thoughts in to our mobile app development process as needed, We provide an MVP i.e. Minimum viable product of the app which totally brings on hands-on experience of how your application will be of.

In the development process we follow certain steps which make sure your application to be robust and withstand with the competitors in the field. Starting from analyzing the competitors, their pros and cons, the public opinion about the product, the new needs in the fields if any, to upgrade new features after launching we provide you a complete guide and service to the best.


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