How Much Does it Cost to Create a Food Delivery App like Uber Eats?

Wondering how much does it cost to develop an app like Uber Eats? Read our article to get the complete app development cost.

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The food delivery app is one of the popular on-demand applications as it provides food to people with a single tap from their mobile phones. This is also the main reason behind the huge revenue for the business owners. Even though there are top players like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash in the field, can the top ones be a favorite for each and every one? Some changes with the existing apps and launching a new one that satisfies the customer needs better can bring big attention among the users. Hence there are lots of possibilities for entrepreneurs to enter the food delivery app business.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to enter the food delivery industry or a restaurant business owner looking to boost your business, Building a Food delivery app like Uber Eats can be a great option to get started. 

Wondering how much does it cost to build a Food delivery app like Uber Eats?

Here we explain it in detail.

Benefits of Having a Food Delivery App like Uber Eats

A food delivery app is an instant way for users to order their food, which is showcased by the restaurants around them, and get it delivered to them where they are. As there are a variety of options and according to their flexibility making instant access from nowhere becomes a major cause for using the food delivery app for attaining their food by max people if they aren't meant to choose out from their home food.  Meanwhile, if anyone chooses to order food via the app - area, restaurant, and food kind limits are extended than normal. This extends the border for both the users who order food and the restaurant owners to reach widely. Create a food delivery app like Uber Eats and boost your restaurant business in a short span of time.

Features of Food Delivery App like Uber Eats

While developing an app the features and functionalities present in the application decide whether the app is a primary or complex one. Based on the requirements of the app they are classified. 

A basic food delivery app features for the app holders are as follows,

Customer App Features

1. Sign-up/Login

2. Search Menu

3. Add to Cart

4. Payment Integration/Mode of Payment

5. Order Tracking

6. Rating and review

7. Customer Support

When it comes to a complex app the features it includes are,

1. Creating a Business Account

2. Ordering for Employees of a Company

3. Adding Employees Details for Renewal/withdrawal/hold orders

4. Monthly Payables

5. Auto Detect Amount

6. Calendar Integration

7. Profile Management

8. Adding a third party like Siri for hands-free orders

9. Order by sending a text or a relevant Emoji (for example pizza emoji for ordering pizza)

Restaurant Owners Features

1. Register and Login

2. Timing Management

3. Menu Management

4. Enabling Push Notification

5. Content update

6. Dashboard for Rating and Review

Delivery Person App Features

1. Registration/sign-in

2. Order Management

3. Updating the Order Status

4. Multilingual selection

5. In-app call/Text

6. Delivery History

Admin Features

1. Admin Login

2. Restaurant Management

4. Customer Management

5. Statistical Report 

6. Multilingual selection

7. Payment Management

8. Discount Offers and Coupons

9. Technical Assistance

Components of the Food Delivery App

User Interface

This is where the app directly deals with all the users who enlist their food business, making deliveries, ordering food, and finally manipulating all these processes.

Back End Development

The section provides responsible feedback for the users from the data provided and collected from the mutual source(For ex: customers and the person in charge of the delivery).


The entire data of the apps is stored securely here to recollect whenever needed.

Payment Gateway Integration

Using UPI, Credit/Debit card users can transfer money for their orders.

GPS Integration

By integrating the Global Position System orders can be tracked easily.

Factors Influencing the Cost to Build an App Like Uber Eats

Apart from building an app normally adding some features and functionalities to it causes changes in its cost. Addons like this make the difference in the cost.

While creating an app, basic needs in the customer side application will be login, ordering, and getting delivered. Adding live tracking, enabling in-app call/ text, ordering with just a text message, or just with a relevant emoji, selecting food within app discussion with a friend, etc. By adding this kind of features and functionalities it makes extra charges apart from normal.

Developing Platform

While developing an app considering deeply the way to develop the app for both Android and iOS platform users is important. By this going there are two methods for developing an app native app development and cross-platform app development. As the name implies native app is the one that operates only on the single platform for which they are made.

Design and User Experience

The app must be able to run the complex functionalities with ease, this could be possible by providing a user-friendly interface. A design must be able to navigate and achieve the motive of the user in the app.

Geo Location and Experience of the Food Delivery App Development Company

Choosing the developers based on the regional reflects in the cost sectors, Choosing the developing team from India may lead you to build in a cost-effective way if you go by an experienced team like us, the delivery time is likely to be less this also decreases the cost. 

Development Method

While developing something analyzing all the possible ways is important, While developing a mobile app the options are two obviously starting the development process from scratch and developing from the Uber Eats clone script of an already available application. When comparing these two methods the script-based development method takes less time for development and requires low cost. As going through a clone script optimizing the content is far easier than to create an app from scratch method. 

Uber Eats like App Development Cost

Here’s the complete breakdown of the cost of creating an app like Uber Eats for each component,

UI/UX Design: $3,500 - $5,000

Front-end Development: $3000 - $6000

Back-end Development: $12,000 - $15,000

Database Setup: $1,500 - $4,000

Testing and Quality Assurance: $3,000 - $5,500

Launching and Deployment: $2,500 - $6,000

Basic food delivery app development cost ranges from $20,000 to $45,000, While the cost to build a complex food delivery app ranges from $50,000 to $1,30,000. Overall the cost to build an app like Uber Eats ranges between $20,000 to $1,30,000. The cost may increase as the features and functionalities increase.

How Appticz Helps You in Building an App Like Uber Eats?

We Appticz a mobile app development company with vast experience in mobile app development in various niches, provide the best solution for your startup app ideas and upgrade your enterprises to adapt to current trends. If you are looking to build a food delivery app, get the exact app development cost for your requirements from our experts. 


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