How to Create a Video Streaming App like Netflix in 2024?

Want to know how to develop a video streaming app like Netflix? Here is the step by step guide on Netflix like app development, features to add, cost to build netflix like app.

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Video streaming platforms are gaining a lot of potential customers all over the world. The total number of apps for providing video streaming services shows the reach of this kind of platform influence among the people. They change the way of people about consuming the video content.

From before the internet, video programs are playing a vital role in occupying the time while the people get bored or don’t need to be. In that way the video content reach is being differentiated according to the way it gets published based on the length of the stream. Initially in the boom of social media in the internet era video content has got much attraction among the people. 

As we take a decade about the growth of customers for Netflix; In the first quarter of 2013 the customers i.e the subscribers count is 34.24 millions, and the subscribers count in first quarter of the year 2024 is 232.5 millions. This is a solid example of how people are engaged with video streaming platforms.  

Want to know how to start a streaming service like Netflix? Then here we explain it in detail. While in the idea of building up a video streaming platform, there are several important steps to be followed and to be noticed.

Features to Add in Your Netflix-like Video Streaming App

To perform the best in the market is based on the features present in the app, what are all the features added to an app can make it unique from the existing ones. Providing the features which are important to the marketplace is much more important while providing the service.

With the basic features adding up the extra facilities to access the primary usable functionalities is important it can make the app different from other available ones.

User Registration 

Though there are many social media platforms are around the world, very few social media are performing a strong customer base around the world. By adding up the integration of such important social media platforms around the world can make easy registration process. And with Single Sign On - SSO as it improves the app user a user-friendly login.

Search Content

By segregating the content available on the platform user must be able to filter it out according to various options, So by the user can reach similar and related types of content in a single search. 

Payment Gateway

With the various top payment gateway integration to the application a user can make their payment without leaving the app, so longing for other apps for the payment option is reduced for the users.


With various profiles for one account, one can watch from where they left the video content anything it can be of. So the user needs to search for the one they are waiting for. This possibly makes the retention of users to watch the upcoming episodes or sequences in the application itself.

Social Features

Making the users to share what they have watched or their review of the show or any movie to their own social media accounts. This can make the user’s followers and friends to notice about their interaction with the app developed.

Screen Mirroring or Screencasting

With the help of the wifi a user while watching the video on your app it can be viewed in TV or Laptop.

Multi-Language Support

As the app can be used widely all over the world. Providing the user with their local language to access the content can bring the users to use without any hassle.


The app should be able to stream on any kind of device as there are different kinds of platforms like desktops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, available out there.

Free Trial Access

While a subscriber is on a free trial, there should only be access to the free content.

Unlimited Access

For the one who subscribed for the app they should be able to access all the content on the platform.

User Interface 

A Smooth interface with security features to maintain their account. Accessing the downloadable data without any struggle and losing them.


The ability to maintain stability at every extent of user involvement. Withstand capability must be high.

Choosing The Best Monetization Model

While you choose to develop a video streaming app, there are several monetization options available to be considered to provide your service. They are as follows:

TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand)

By paying a one-time amount, a user can watch it live, download or rent a video. 

SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand)

As the name implies providing unlimited access to the content, by charging a recurring fee. This fee can be a monthly renewable one.

AVOD (Ad-supported Video on Demand)

This is the method where you can get funds from advertisers. By providing an advertisement between the video content, app can gain revenue through this.


By this method, if you are willing to combine any of the above methods together you can make it possible. By this, you can choose a business model that suits your plan for launching a video streaming service.

How to Build a Video Streaming App like Netflix?


To compete with the available video streaming apps you need to make an analysis about how far the competitors have reached the people and how they are making their deals. So that you can come to an outline about handling the app. Starting from analyzing

1. How to create content for the users and how to display it effectively.

2. Furtherly what are the regulations to be followed and how to launch the app in the play store and App store and how to monetize it. 

3. As you can list your app all over the world you can make it available in the region you want to be. Later you can expand it wherever you need. In those providing the content based on the region is much more appreciable.

Designing the UI/UX

By the mobile-first approach developing the app design makes the app flexible to all kinds of devices. By this, an user-friendly UI drives the user to access the app in a flow.

Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

In the idea of launching an app like Netflix starting from the MVP is an intelligent way, when the app is developed in an order of web, android applications, ios application it will be able to reach the targeted audience effectively. Later while developing it for smart Tv’s can make much impact on developing it to the next level.


As after the development process is completed moving to the testing process is the next step. In this step, you can come over to the final step of launching the app. Testing the app reduces the bugs and errors completely before the deployment. 


Once the app is completely tested, now the app will be deployed for the users on the google play store and Apple’s App store. The app can be updated periodically for any future updates or versions. 

Developing Netflix like App with Netflix Clone

There are two kinds of development methods for developing a video streaming app. The first method is starting from scratch as explained above, the other method is building with the help of White label solutions. Building with the help of White label Netflix clone will be the best option for instant development.

By developing from a clone script the time for development and the cost for development are totally reduced to the max when compared to scratch-based development. 

Learn more about our White Label Netflix Clone 

How much does it cost to create an app like Netflix?

As explained before, the cost of development depends on the process chosen for development. Developing from scratch is costlier than developing it from a ready made solutions. The cost to build an app like netflix may range between $45,000 and $150,000 for iOS and Android respectively.  The cost to build an app like netflix with ready made netflix clone will range between $5000 to $25,000 for Android and iOS respectively. The more platforms you add, the development cost may be higher.

Netflix like App Development

As you are now in the idea of building a mobile app for your own out there information to be considered to build the app effectively is high. Appticz is the Best mobile app development company in India specialized in building custom app development with both scratch and clone script methods, You will be able to build your own video streaming app in an effective and customized form in every segmentation of the app you provide.


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