How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments - A Step by Step Guide

Learn how to accept a crypto payment for your business? Effortlessly embrace the world of crypto payments and get ready to take your business next level

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This highlights the increasing retail usage of cryptocurrencies in the global market. A report by revealed that global crypto adoption surged by 34% in 2023, rising from 432 million users at the beginning of the year to 580 million users by year-end. This substantial growth indicates a promising future for cryptocurrency adoption, driven by its user-friendly nature, faster payment processing, enhanced security, and the elimination of cross-border payment barriers.

Many businesses haven’t adopted crypto payment acceptance into their business. Grab this trend, acknowledging the entrepreneurs who want to execute their business on a large scale but haven’t an idea when or where to start their journey. Let’s deep dive into a step-by-step guide to how to accept cryptocurrency payments at your business.

Is Accepting Cryptocurrencies Safe?

Accept it - this is good for your business because cryptos are safer to accept payment for your business purposes.

The following reasons are why cryptocurrencies are safer for any kind of business. Usually, famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana are backed up with blockchain technology. The blockchain technology stores all transaction data and verifies all transactions in the network in a public ledger. Anyone can’t override or alter crypto transactions because they're completely transparent and have tamper-proof security. The main purpose of cryptocurrency is to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions without the interference of a central authority like a bank or the central government. This decentralization behavior is more attractive to the public. Also, people believe in this technology, so it has increased crypto usage worldwide.

How can Businesses Benefit from Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments?

There are some promising and beneficial reasons, why entrepreneurs want to accept crypto payments

Transactions With New & International Customers

By adopting crypto transactions, you will be able to collect your payment from international sources without any transaction fee or any service fee. If you incorporate a crypto payment gateway then, easily access a transaction internationally. This way, it encourages your business's global targeted audience and eliminates geographical barriers.

Lower Fees and Faster Payments

When transaction fees are comparatively lower than the traditional payment methods, because it work on a decentralized network, eliminating intermediates and fees. However, crypto payments have settled instantly when comparatively, other foreign payments take time for verifications and security checks. The timely and faster crypto transactions are helpful for e-commerce and online service businesses. Usually, bulk crypto transactions take 2 to 5 minutes, but, with a higher network demand, it will take around 30 minutes.

Reduced Chargebacks and Disputes

In the traditional way of digital payment, banks charge if there are payment disputes, but in crypto transactions, there is no chargeback fee while making your merchant transaction.

Reduce Fraudulent Activities

Decentralized is the blockchain nature which applies to cryptocurrencies that are more secure and reduce fraudulent activities. Hash values of the cryptocurrency transaction are recorded in the public ledger. It's completely transparent and there is no way to engage in suspicious activity.


Crypto payments incorporate many business models, such as e-commerce, online services, and P2P transactions. These diversified and attractive payment options will induce digital currency users to do business with you.

Highly Securable

Conventional payment systems like credit, debit, and net banking typically result in a high volume of theft, data breaches, and money laundering. On the other hand, it is powered by blockchain technology, which ensures that no cryptocurrency transaction has been changed or corrupted in light of recent technological advancements, giving users of cryptocurrency tamper-proof protection. Crypto assets are stored in digital crypto wallets like Metamask, Coinbase, Exodus, etc. These crypto wallets are the only way to access your assets using private keys. 

How to Accept Crypto Payments for Your Business - A Step-By-Step Process

Planning to accept crypto payments for your business right now? You can follow some simple steps to build a crypto payment infrastructure to receive payments. 

Respecting Legal Framework

Crypto regulations may vary depending on the country. If you plan to accept crypto payments or do other crypto-related business, you must know and comply with legal legislation in your region or country because most countries do not authorize crypto in their country. Accordingly, crypto regulations may change periodically. Stay up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations to execute your crypto business plans.

Choose a Crypto Wallet or Payment Gateway

The next important step is to select suitable crypto payment-accepting options. Generally, there are two ways to collect your crypto payment from a crypto wallet or crypto payment gateway. 

Crypto Wallet

If you choose a crypto wallet payment method, you will generate and set up a QR code that links your crypto wallet address with alpha and numeric hash codes to receive your payments. For example, someone scans your QR code, takes it to the crypto payment options page, and gets into the crypto payment section that displays the amount to pay for the merchant, then enters their private keys.
Apart from that, in the backend, your transaction is processed with a public ledger to verify it and make the payment successfully. While the transaction is completed, merchants can convert cryptos into fiat currencies. Create your own cryptocurrency wallet from the best crypto wallet development company. With their extensive experience and excellent services, provide customized solutions tailored to meet your specific needs that ensure a seamless integration and optimal performance.

Crypto Payment Gateway

The other way is to choose a crypto payment gateway, which works more like third-party payment processors. This crypto payment gateway collects crypto and easily converts fiat currency to settle the amount in a merchant bank account. This way, crypto payment method business owners can choose a reliable crypto payment gateway provider for their business. At Appticz, the well-performing crypto payment development company provides a lot of crypto payment gateway clone development, such as Cash app clone, BitPay clone, and Coin Payments clone, and also packed with crypto payment solutions.

Choose your Cryptocurrency 

In the market, a large number of cryptos are available for multiple purposes. Merchants that accept cryptocurrencies are mostly popular such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Binance Coin, Ripple, Tether, Tron, AIgorand, Stellar, and others.

Select Your Crypto Payment Processor

Another way to choose your crypto payment receivable option is to use a crypto payment processor. If you opt for this payment processor, every transaction and percentage of transaction volume are charged by the third-party crypto payment companies. The platform fee for the payment is between 0.5% and 3%. It entirely depends upon the provider and transaction volume. If you face any issues at the time, the payment processor will take direct responsibility for your payment inconvenience. 

In contrast, traditional payment methods like PayPal charge a 1.4% to 3.5% fee, while Stripe, Shopify payments, Square, and HubSpot payments collect 2.9% to 30%. All of these percentages may vary depending on the country and transactions.

However, when choosing a point-of-sale payment processor for your business, here are some things to consider for your crypto payment processor:

Supported Cryptocurrencies

You will choose whether your crypto payment gateway provider supports how many cryptocurrencies for transactions.

Transaction Speed

If you have chosen a crypto payment processor, how much time will it take to complete your transaction? That is to be confirmed.

Collecting Transaction Fee

Every payment processor charges some amount of transaction fee, depending on the transaction volume. So you will know how much the platform charges for every business transaction.


The payment processor's concept is too feasible to avail services for their users. You can choose a crypto payment gateway to ensure compatibility with mobile and desktop devices. Merchants most commonly use QR code scanners to receive payments from their customers merely using smartphones, so compatibility is a must.

User Interface

A clear and user-friendly interface helps to manage your payment amount and track your business growth.


In some cases, the business performs well, and payments are consistently lined up to accumulate in your bank account at that time, making your crypto payment gateway scalable enough to handle peak situations.

Install your Crypto Payment with Accounting Software

All set! Finally, your crypto payment gateway to your platform checkout page complies with accounting software. In this process of installation, your crypto payment provider is told how to make this process easier by making some steps like plugins, APIs, or integrating HTML codes into your crypto wallet. This helps integrate professional accounting software into your crypto transactions 

If Need an Option for Converting Crypto to Fiat

Are you feeling the price fluctuation of cryptos changing periodically and becoming more volatile? In such cases, use a crypto payment gateway to receive your crypto payments within a second and convert them to cash in your registered bank account. This will protect you at a huge price.

Prepare a Crypto Payment Policy

Eventually, protect your business by framing a detailed crypto payment policy, such as refunds, returns, and crypto price fluctuations. That is the reason to prevent misunderstanding about your business from the customer's point of view

Give Training to your Team

After all of that, give proper training to your workers because it covers how your payment processor works in real-time, how to handle troubleshoots, gives ideas about basic issue solvency, and helps the customers navigate the payment process.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Crypto Payments for Your Business?

If you want to build a crypto payment gateway platform like Solana Pay, BitPay, Cash App, and Coin Payments then the white label crypto payment solution cost is around 7000 USD. This is a subjective one for the entrepreneur's needs and features. Usually developing a crypto payment gateway starts from scratch ranging from $30,000 to $1,00,000. These costs may depend on the client's requirements and they want to incorporate the latest technologies, features, and custom options.

How Appticz Helps to Attain Your Crypto Payments For Your Business?

Increasing crypto acceptance in the worldwide crypto market resembles more businesses' need for their business crypto payment processors. For such business needs, Appticz is the best crypto payment solution provider for all customization needs. Our skilled crypto payment developers can provide the finest security and feature-rich crypto payment gateway development services and also we are experts to create a cryptocurrency wallet with power-packed crypto solutions. Take your own time before getting into a business, and book a free consultation demo from our techies. They will provide a well-detailed view of our crypto products and services that confirmly suit your business needs. Contact us.


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How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments - A Step by Step Guide

Learn how to accept a crypto payment for your business? Effortlessly embrace the world of crypto payments and get ready to take your business next level

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