How to Build a Crypto-Friendly Travel Booking Platform Similar to Travala?

Discover the step by step process for developing a successful crypto friendly travel booking platform similar to Travala.

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The revolution of travel accommodations begins with the rise of the travel booking industry. Transforming the way people were seeking their travel experience, emphasizing the personalized experience provided by travel and tourism platforms. The travel booking services stats will provide you a peek into the famous trends in the travel and tourism industry traveler expectations, and the role of travel booking services.

The Rise of Crypto Travel Industry

The historic shifts of two evolving industries that marked up which is cryptocurrencies and the travel industry. The phenomenon heralds a new era of financial freedom for travelers. By leveraging cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and more, travelers gain the limitations imposed by the traditional banking system. Primarily, the rise of the crypto & travel industry opens the doors to creative, profitable business, collaboration, and partnerships within this industry. From hotel booking platforms that accept digital currencies to hotels and airlines providing crypto-friendly travel services. Embracing cryptocurrencies to offer an emerging market where there is a growing ecosystem of businesses.

Travala Business Model & Why It Successful?

Travala is a blockchain-based travel booking services platform that enables users to book accommodations, hotels, and travel experiences with crypto payment methods besides traditional payment methods.  Travala's business model incorporated multiple key elements as follows.

Reservation Platform

It operates as an online travel booking platform where people can search and book a broad range of travel services like hotels, flights, tours, and more activities. The platform gathers inventory from multiple suppliers to provide users with a diverse range of options.

Cryptocurrency Payment Integration

One of the unique parts of Travala's business is the acceptance of multiple cryptocurrencies for payment for every booking. The platform provides a convenient way to use crypto assets for crypto people for their travel expenses.

Crypto Token Utility's native token is AVA token which is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Users can use AVA tokens to receive booking discounts and rewards, get access to exclusive deals, participate in loyalty programs, and grab additional benefits within the crypto-travel ecosystem. Furthermore, the AVA token is used for governance and community engagement.

Smart Contract Technology

Travala. com uses smart contract technology to ensure secure and transparent transactions on its travel booking platform. Smart contracts automatically execute agreements between users and service providers, ensuring that bookings are processed quickly and payments settled securely


Travala partners with numerous travel dealers, such as hotels, tour arrangers, and airlines to expand its inventory and price the exclusive travel selection option. It's for users to get exclusive deals and offers.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

Travel booking Services platform offers rewards, cashback, and loyalty programs for user engagement and retention. Users can earn loyalty points or cashback in the form of AVA tokens by making bookings on the platform. These incentives can increase repeat business and customer loyalty.

The business model of travala. com platform combines traditional travel booking services with cryptocurrency payment integration and blockchain technology to provide an innovative travel experience for their users.

Crypto & Travel Market Trends

The trends in the Crypto Travel Market are reshaping the way we experience the world, from planning to accommodation. In the evolving travel space, cryptocurrencies are making a crucial impact on how people book their travel journeys. Stand out among the crowd with the latest crypto travel industry trends.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has uncovered the potential for transformation the travel and tourism industry which allows business owners are step into the crypto market. It has changed the way of booking and transaction methods. Embrace the crypto market, travelers will experience their journey from planning and booking managing payments. 


Booking tickets will be available in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). You can book hotels, flights, or other activities and receive them in a digital collectible format.NFTs will provide a unique and secure way to manage your travel arrangements, with each token representing a specific booking. 

Digital Transformation

The travel industry is undergoing a digital transformation, with more people using online booking platforms, mobile apps, contactless payments, and virtual experiences. Technology is playing an important role in improving the efficiency, convenience, and security of travel services.


Travel service providers are offering extra flexibility in booking policies, enabling travelers to change their plans with minimal fees.


The key trend for travel companies is leveraging data and advanced technologies to tailor offerings to every individual's preferences and needs.

The above innovative approach ensures transparency and authenticity in the booking process, giving travelers peace of mind knowing their reservations are safe and verifiable on the blockchain network. Start exploring the future of travel booking with the latest trends today!

How is Travala Different from Other Travel Booking Platforms?

Travala's business stands out among the travel booking market due to several reasons as follows, 

Blockchain Technology

Leverage blockchain technology in travel booking platforms that leads to enhanced transparency, security, and efficiency of the travel booking process. With the help of smart contracts and decentralized storage, the travel business functionality.

Cryptocurrencies Integration

Travelers pay for their accommodation and expenses using cryptocurrencies. The Travala platform is built with blockchain technology to secure transactions and avoid fraudulent activities. This appeals to crypto people who use their digital assets for their travel expenses.

Native Utility Token

AVA token is the native token of the Travala platform, offering a secure, transparent, reward-back system for all travelers. The platform also has its own utility token. The utility token can be used for various purposes within the platform, such as making bookings, accessing exclusive discounts, and participating in loyalty programs. 

Cut-Throat Pricing

Travala platform provides competitive pricing on bookings and other travel services. It aims to offer users access to a broad range of options at competitive prices and diverse preferences and travel styles. Travala's unique factors add an extra layer of convenience and value to the overall travel experience for users.

Travala has distinguished multiple factors including the integration of multiple cryptocurrencies and utility tokenization programs, which enable travelers to pay for their accommodation using cryptocurrencies. So, every entrepreneur wants to start a travel booking business like Travala.

How to Create a Crypto-Friendly Travel Booking Platform Like Travala?

Building online travel and booking services can be a profitable business venture. Before you start a travel booking business, consider research, planning, development, deployment, and execution. Here is the step-by-step process to develop a travel booking platform.

Research a Travel Market

Conduct travel market research to understand the latest travel trends, user preferences, and revenue strategy tips in the travel industry. Know your target audience, their liking, and the domain that you want to start a travel business company.

Make your Travel Business Plan

Build your own detailed travel business plan from scratch. You should draft your outline goals, Current updates on the travel market, travel business competitors, finances, and investors, and employ your business plan. It’ll lead you to the correct path to guide to you a successful launch.

Build your Supplier Relationship

Make collaboration and relationships with travel suppliers and travel-based businesses including airlines, hotels, restaurants, rental agencies, trip operators, and others. Register your travel booking business obtain insurance and comply with consumer protection laws.

Integrate Blockchain Technology

Choose a suitable technology for your travel booking services platform to secure your business. Also, include a cryptocurrency payment system and consider factors including scalability, transaction speed, community support, and robust security.

Integrate Crypto Payment Gateway

Set up a robust secure payment processing system to manage online transactions. Especially, integrate a digital currency payment gateway to allow users to make bookings using digital currencies. Multiple cryptocurrencies for payments to offer to a broader user base.

Design & Develop Your Platform

Design an eye-catching user interface for your travel booking platform that is easy to navigate and showcases your products, services, and business plan. Ensure your platform is mobile-friendly, and responsive. Select a Suitable Technology to build your online travel booking services platform that enhances your business in the travel industry market.

Initiate Security Measures

Employ robust security protocols to shield user data and booking transactions. Utilize encryption techniques to secure primary information and prevent unauthorized access.

API Integration

Implement loyalty rewards and cashback programs, discounts for every user who pays with particular cryptocurrencies for their bookings. Offers incentives to encourage users to use cryptocurrencies for travel booking.

Customer Support

Apart from that, Provide technical support and customer support to help users with any issues that they may encounter. If you’re new to the crypto field, then get a crypto payment solution.


After completing the entire process, identify and resolve any issues. Launch the travel booking platform online and closely monitor its performance. Ensure that all features are functioning properly and that users can navigate the platform easily. Monitor website traffic, user engagement, and any feedback received. Make necessary adjustments and improvements as needed to enhance the user experience.

After the crypto-friendly travel booking platform is launched, promote your platform by using digital marketing strategies. By following those steps, you can create a crypto-friendly travel booking platform successfully. 

Features of Crypto-Based Travel Booking Platform

A cryptocurrency-integrated travel booking service provides exclusive features that distinguish it from traditional travel booking platforms.

Crypto Wallet Integration

Enhance the security of your digital assets and streamline transactions with multi-signature support and biometric authentication. Manage your digital assets and exchange digital currencies within your wallet.

Multiple Cryptocurrency Integration

Effortlessly integrates various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. Provides a seamless experience for users to transact with their preferred cryptocurrencies, making it easy to send and receive payments securely.

Crypto Payment Gateway

Customers can pay for their travel booking by using multiple cryptocurrencies and other supported digital assets that provide scalability, flexibility, and convenience for the crypto people.

Native Token Integration

Encompass native utility token for users to access discounts, rewards, exclusive deals, and participate in governance and community activities.

Smart Contract Integration

Automate your bookings, and travel reservation agreements, assuring flawless transaction execution and removing third-party intermediaries.

​​Security & Privacy

Emphasises user security and privacy by employing. robust security measures, data encryption protocols, and data protection mechanisms to receptive information, and digital assets.

Open Pricing

Delivers transparent pricing with reasonable costs and fee structures, allowing users to compare prices and make wise choices when booking their travel plans. 

Loyalty & Rewards Programmes

Offers rewards programs and rewards to reward user engagement and loyalty, encouraging repeat business and promoting a sense of community among users.

General Features

1. GPS-based Location Services

2. Secure Payment Gateway Integration

3. Filtered Search

4. Fiat Currency Converter

5. Collaborative Schedule

6. Rewards & Cash Back

Benefits of Developing Travala like a Crypto-based Travel Booking Platform?

Crypto-friendly travel booking platform combines the benefits of cryptocurrency & blockchain technology with the ease of traditional travel booking services that provide users with a safe, transparent, and rewarding experience when planning and booking their travel opportunities.

Monetizing Way

There are various ways to generate income through the creation of travel booking platforms for web and mobile applications. These include booking commissions, partnerships, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, travel guides, and more. Launching a crypto-friendly travel booking business like Travala offers dual advantages of entering the on-demand and crypto markets and quickly generating revenue.

Access to the World Market

Cryptocurrencies are not tied to any particular country which allows the platform to reach Cryptocurrencies are used in all countries which enables them to reach a global audience without limitations imposed by traditional banking systems. This creates new market opportunities that attract customers from regions with limited access to traditional financial services.

Reduce Transaction Cost

Cryptocurrencies typically have a lower transaction fee than traditional payment methods such as credit/debit cards and bank transfers. By Embracing digital currencies for flight, and hotel bookings, the platform can lower payment processing costs increasing profit margins.

Competitive Advantage

Accepting cryptocurrency payments allows the platform to stand out from competitors and position itself as an innovative and forward-thinking solution in the travel industry. This has the potential to attract tech-savvy customers who prefer to conduct transactions using cryptocurrencies.

Pioneer Advantages 

As cryptocurrencies continue to be widely accepted, being an early adopter of crypto payments in the travel industry can provide the platform with a competitive advantage and establish it as a market leader.

Revenue Streams of Developing a Travel Booking Platform 

In the dynamic landscape of the travel industry, reshaping the business models that underpin travel booking services platform. Evolves of digitalization continue to redefine the travel experience, and the emergence of the crypto-based travel booking platform creates a great opportunity for innovative revenue streams.

1. Booking Commissions

2. Listing Fee

3. Advertisement

4. Premium Services

5. Token Utility

6. Affiliate Marketing

7. Data Monetization

8. Collaboration 

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Travel Booking Platform like Travala?

Build a travel booking business platform like Travala that involves multiple factors that come up with the overall cost. Get a detailed breakdown of the expenses involved in creating a travel-like booking platform for both web and mobile applications. The final cost is influenced by the client's specific requirements, level of customization, and other factors. The development process will involve creating a user-friendly interface for both web and mobile applications, integrating various APIs for booking flights, accommodations, and activities, implementing a secure payment gateway, and ensuring smooth navigation and functionality. Additional costs may be incurred for features such as real-time booking updates, personalized recommendations, and loyalty programs.It is essential to work closely with the client to determine their specific needs and budget constraints to deliver a high-quality travel booking platform that meets their expectations.

The cost of developing a travel booking platform depends on factors like the technology used, UI & UX design, platform features (iOS, Android & Web), development team, hourly rate, and integration of cryptocurrencies. The estimated cost to build a travel booking platform is 10,000 USD. Estimate the actual cost may vary depending on your specific requirements and customization needs. It's important to discuss your project in detail with a development team to get a more accurate quote.

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